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Facebook is not secure. My account was hacked, hundreds of dollars were spent on advertising. Facebook offers no solution.

I need to warn users of Facebook never to link a credit card or PayPal account. Several years ago, I ran an advertisement on Facebook. Two months ago, I was suddenly logged out from Facebook and prompted to sign in. The problem is that my password was changed. I could not login. Furthermore, my email address was changed. I had no way of resetting the password.

One would think that there would be a way to communicate this hacking to Facebook to reset my account. What one finds out in such a situation is that there is no way to contact anyone at Facebook. I spent many hours attempting to either gain access to the account or report the problem. In the end, I am 100% sure that Facebook offers no solution.

I found out much later that whoever hacked into my account--I have good reason to believe it is a Facebook employee--spent $600 of my money to run ads. I have no way to recover this money. PayPal won't do anything about it, nor will Facebook. In the end, I had to close a credit card and submit an issue to PayPal just to block future transactions, but I am still concerned that a very bad person still has access to my Facebook identity and that there is nothing I can do about it.

Lacking any other options, I actually used the process of reporting myself as a deceased person just to get the attention of a human being (if there are any) at Facebook. Lacking a death certificate, what I got back is only a link to the same broken non-solution that fails again and again.

Do not use Facebook, especially for advertising or in any way linking your financial information. This has been the worst experience of fraud, both by the sad person who stole from me and the company who fully enabled it and doesn't care at all. This is a sick company that is robbing us, selling us advertising that never seems to deliver sales, censoring free speech with false "fact-checking" assertions, and could care less about hacking incidents, theft, and fraud. 

How to run your own email server

As anyone selling B2B knows, finding new sales opportunities can be a daunting challenge. You know exactly which prospects you need to talk with; but getting a meeting can be frustratingly difficult.

Cold calling is dead. LinkedIn connect requests are ignored. Advertising is imprecise and expensive. Trade shows are no longer possible. If you need to pitch your products and services to the right decision makers, the best remaining channel of communication is email—but only if you know how to execute!

To start with, you will get zero results unless your message is outstanding. Even then, it is a numbers game. Just as soon as you ramp up a higher-volume email outreach program and start getting results, then hosting providers such as Gmail, Microsoft 365, GoDaddy and others will shut down your account for sending too high of a volume.

To solve this, you may then look to transactional or marketing email providers such as Sendgrid, Sendinblue, or Amazon SES—only to find that the setup process is very complex, delivery is poor, and they will cut you off anyway (even when the volume is very reasonable).

If you are a sales rep employed by a large organization, you are then forced to deal with complex processes and so much indecision that you get nowhere. If you are a startup, you risk your domain getting blacklisted and finding that all your emails are going to the junk / spam folder. But you need new customers. What can you do?

I run a sales agency that arranges meetings for companies selling enterprise technology solutions or services. What makes us different is that, for each project, we set up our own email servers—which very few people know how to do.

We will buy a domain that is similar to yours. The new domain is redirected to your main domain. We then send the optimal volume of outbound email, as an extension of your team, from our SMTP server. The messages get through, meetings start to flow, and we are immune from getting shut down.

Before you work with anyone else, ask them how they are going to overcome these challenges. They won't have a clue. Do you have the knowledge or bandwidth to do all this by yourself, including building lists and executing on all the outreach and follow-up? Probably not. You have deals to close and a business to run.

Our pricing is low and risk-free. After running 100+ successful campaigns over 10 years, I’ve become not only a messaging guru but also something of a sales hacker. We have taken one client from zero to an exit of $100 million in 4 years by arranging 650 on-site, C-level meetings.

If you need help growing the sales pipeline, my team is in place to execute on an ongoing, successful Inside Sales On-demand program. Contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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This I Am by Infobeing thing might still happen

A few years ago, we started a wildly ambitious project to create a decentralized application that delivers the possibility of true freedom and unleashes human potential. It was a vision to create a “people economy” where we are connected based on matching wants and needs, where we communicate freely, and we buy and sell goods and services using a virtual currency.

It has been our belief that, in many ways, centralization and corporatism stifle human potential. Perhaps the greatest untapped source of value on this planet is human potential, and in the old economy, we were limited and restricted.

What if we could create a movement that allows every person to reach their highest potential? A virtual economy, with its own currency, that works even better than capitalism. What would be the potential value of this currency, which is used by real people to create real value for one another?

So, as a first step, a few true believers spent too much of our hard-earned money to create a fully functional mobile app called “I Am by Infobeing”. This was meant prove the concept, and then was to be followed by the creation of an unstoppable, decentralized application that would be blockchain-based like Bitcoin and Ethereum—but include the ability to meet exactly the right people, communicate, and pay each other in IAM. Rather than using blockchain technology only for financial speculation (BTC, ETH), our mission is to create a people economy that delivers some of the essential services and products we need—and creates open, authentic human relationships—in a decentralized way.

So we launched the mobile app on a shoestring budget. It was not perfect, but it worked. What we soon learned is that very few people cared for or understood this vision. Perhaps people didn’t feel much need to change anything about their lives. Maybe nobody had the time. Maybe we failed to market it correctly. Yet still, even in the past few months, we have spontaneously seen the community grow by more than 100 people.

This is going to sound quite unconventional, but we are living in times that truth can be said nonetheless. This vision has yet to take off because the world has been dominated by the ego. The ego is all about separation, distrust of strangers, and fear. The ego does not want freedom; rather, it wants to depend upon centralized authority. No app, alone, was going to change the basic functioning of ego. The world needed to change first, and now it did.

The I Am by Infobeing community is designed for spiritually awakened people—those with open hearts and minds, willing to love themselves and extend that love and generosity to others. We are not afraid of other people; rather, we recognize that our function as human beings is to connect with one another, to serve, and to create value. While there may have been millions of awakened people in the world for some time now (debatable), perhaps after this crisis there will be many more. Is now the right time for I Am?

At this moment, we face a dilemma. There are a few problems with the app: 1) iOS (iPhone) users cannot use messaging, and 2) new users cannot sign up with an email address (only by logging in with Facebook or Google). To fix these problems will cost $600. We have put a lot of our own money into this over the past few years, and we feel the need to seek external validation before investing further. We need to find out whether anybody truly cares about this project and vision enough to join us in bringing it to life.

We are asking you to consider contributing whatever you can afford in return for a very generous amount of IAM currency and perhaps even a position on the I Am by Infobeing Foundation Board of Directors. If you cannot afford to contribute financially, we also need marketing people or those capable of building local communities. Longer term, we will need blockchain developers. If you believe that the time is right for I Am to come to life—first by fixing the mobile app, growing the community, validating the concept, and then building the decentralized app—then please get in touch with me.

If you would like to understand more about the vision, please read the original whitepaper or read my free eBook The Switch. Chapter 10 explains the purpose of this project and goes through the features. Also, please download and play with the mobile app if you have not done so.

To speak very plainly, the economy is now at a standstill. Centralized institutions are failing. Personal liberty has been taken away. Most people have succumbed to fear and helplessness. The world awaits a new vision, a new value system, maybe even an alternate economic system and a new way to guarantee freedom and human dignity.

If you want to move forward into the next era now, let us join together and get started. Things are not going back to normal and positive change is not going to happen in the future unless we start making it happen now. In these dynamic and uncertain times, there is a massive opportunity for visionaries, for those who solve real problems and deliver true leadership to a world badly in need. It is not up to me to say whether this is the right vision; only to offer it as the mission God has given me to share.

The purpose of my life is to create this global community of awakened people enjoying life and experiencing perfect health and abundance in all areas of life. The truth about us is divine. We are eternally free within. Together, we can break free from the world’s darkness. If you feel inspired and your heart agrees with this message, I look forward to getting to know you.

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Abscondo Podcast #79: We are going through a process.

The world is forcing us to look in the mirror, to reflect upon our lives, to undo everything that was never real to begin with. This is a process of real change and there is no going back.

Listen here or wherever you normally download podcasts.

Here's a technology that can help you navigate the new reality

Guys, I have a piece of technology that will help us navigate the new reality. I spent way too much money designing and building this for a world that didn't exist yet. Now it does.

Use it to state any need and you will match with the right person to fulfill it. As time goes on, we are going to have needs. Because businesses are being shut down, we will need to work with other people to get things done. By the way, the app also has a currency that can be used to buy and sell favors or things.

The app isn't perfect, but it works. The only problem with it now is that iPhone users can't use the messaging feature. Everything else works. For now, use your email address as your user name and people can write to you that way.

Download "I Am by Infobeing". Please like this post so I continue to reach people and do everything you can to get the word out. Corporate platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren't going to be enough. This free app is run by a charitable foundation, not a business.

This is only going to work if we get the word out because you'll need lots of users in your community to create a real people economy. My mission is to lead the effort, but success is up to you. Please share this wherever you can and let me know what I can do to support you.

You can read in-depth about this app and the purpose of it in chapter 10 of my free eBook "The Switch".

Links to the app.

I love coming into the office


Back in Seattle, where I spent more than 10 years in various corporate jobs, I never could have imagined how enjoyable it can be to go to work. I was depressed, tired, and uninspired. I spent my days waiting for the weekend, the next vacation, or thinking about some fantasy or future event. The pay was good, I was supposedly secure, but I simply couldn’t go on playing it safe in a normal life. I knew that I needed to risk everything by changing everything. 


8 years ago, by then already living in Slovakia for several years, I transformed my job into a business. Now, instead of having one employer and one source of income, I have many clients. Sure, it isn’t easy. I need to make difficult decisions all the time, I take on a lot of risk, and many people depend upon me to get it right. At first, running my own business was stressful. Eventually, I learned that if I always did my best and treated people right, enough money would always come.

These days, I love coming into the office. This is a sanctuary of silence where I can focus all my attention on serving companies through outbound prospecting / lead gen campaigns. Because the routine work is outsourced, I also have plenty of free time to write every day, to make music, to podcast, and even more importantly than that—to frequently spend the entire morning with my kids.

If you ever feel inspired to start a business, or to turn your job into an outsourced process or service, then do it. The early months are hard because your entire attitude toward work needs to shift. On top of that, you don’t really know what you’re doing. But, if you can stay true to a spiritual practice that aligns you away from fear and toward love, if you meditate daily, and if you have enough patience, you will get the hang of it and you will be very grateful for the life situation you have created.  


The collapse of the publishing, entertainment and advertising industries

While it has taken decades to play out, the Internet has brought collapse across industries and has fundamentally changed everything about how the world used to work. With the massive shift away from centralized control over things and toward decentralization, we need to be more honest with ourselves about the implications.

More than 25 years after the large-scale introduction of the Internet, most of us are still stuck in mental models of how the world was before. On some level, we still believe there is some value, prestige, or even competence to be found in what is clearly becoming an obsolete world order.

Let’s get real. Today, do music labels have any power to make a new artist successful? Are book publishers capable of or interested in making a new author famous? Does anyone even read the newspapers and magazines? Does advertising work?

Most of the documentaries on Netflix, for example, are stories that happened during the previous world order. The fictional movies we watch also reference these obsolete ideas and values. The people who we admire and want to be like—they became successful and famous under an entirely different system. Their lessons are no longer relevant. But because there are so few fresh voices getting through, this is what we are left with and the obsolete mental models are perpetuated.

The result is that we are constantly failing. Now there is an entire industry selling us books and motivational content promising that we can succeed—that we can somehow become like our heroes, even though the conventional definition of success is no longer attainable. The world is entirely different from how it was when our heroes succeeded. The problem is not our lack of talent and not our lack of ability to innovate. The problem is that we are defining success in a way that is now impossible to achieve.

Companies and creative people continue to invest in PR and advertising because we still believe that 1) people can be persuaded by such mediums, and 2) this is the way to reach a huge audience. Anyone who has tried this knows that, no matter how much money you throw at this, it doesn’t work anymore.

For the most part, it seems that only previously established entertainers, artists, writers, and companies seem capable of maintaining a huge following. How is anything new and innovative supposed to gain a following or reach a substantial audience? Does anyone know what we are supposed to do?

To start with, perhaps we need a different definition of success. Success can no longer mean becoming huge, being in the media, instantly gaining millions of customers or followers. It doesn’t work that way anymore. These types of breakthroughs just don’t happen and, even if they could, nobody is paying attention to the traditional media anyway.

Perhaps success, these days, means living in freedom, making enough money not to worry, having a happy relationship, and making a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to be known by millions of people. Maybe it is enough to mean a lot to a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand. We may not be able to change the world, but we can start a company that creates excellent value for a few loyal customers.

Furthermore, we can celebrate what is great about this massive democratization / decentralization movement. Now we can record our own music, publish our own books, produce our own videos and films, start a global business from our bedrooms—and we can do all of this from anywhere in the world. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past dozen years, and I’m tired of thinking that my “real success” is somewhere in the future. I’m declaring my life a success now because I will no longer define success by that which has become essentially impossible in this new world order.

Now that we are free from the grip of centralized media, what’s left is our person-to-person connections. Rather than trying to appeal to a system that is supposed to make us successful, we can learn the art of human relationships. We can learn to shed ego, to serve one another, to join in harmonious union, to figure out ways to build trust and closeness while also inventing ways to scale our reach in this new world order.

The world is becoming decentralized, and it is time that our thinking catches-up. This isn’t good or bad; it just is. Let’s start there. Let’s be honest. Let's appreciate one another for what's great about us even if we aren't famous. We can enjoy what’s happening now and let’s create what happens next.

Defining success

Treetops (2018) Documentary Film


While filmed during the summer of 2018, Treetops documents a lifestyle and way of thinking that is highly relevant in the new world of 2020. Simplifying your life is no sacrifice at all; rather, an opportunity to end your suffering and experience life in a joyful new way. 

Watch the film on Amazon Prime.

The full film is also available for free on YouTube:

What is the Consciousness Revolution?

I searched Instagram for the following Tags and found 38,314,627 posts: #spiritual #spirituality #consciousness #awakening #meditation #enlightenment.

Something is happening here. More people than ever in human history are living in a state of spiritual awakening. This is a new phenomenon and the world is about to change in a profound way.

While consciousness is an inner state available to anyone who wants it in an instant, the Consciousness Revolution is a massive transformation of society. Today, we’re mostly just reading, talking, and starting to get to know each other—but the revolution happens when we form loving, harmonious relationships with the intention of doing things together. We will naturally create the tools, technologies, systems and infrastructure to facilitate and support this state of freedom and abundance we have discovered.

Humans, today, are not the final product. The Consciousness Revolution is the next stage of human evolution. Today, we obey a world ruled by the ego. While we have learned to live in an awakened state even in this world, our lives will be much more fulfilling and enjoyable after consciousness goes mainstream and social structures begin to reflect our awakened state. As of now, the world is still ruled by centralized systems and institutions. Humans continue to be conditioned, manipulated, and systematically exploited through the centralized power of the state and its legal system, corporations, schools, the media, churches. But a crack in this miserable world order has opened and the light is about to shine through.

The Consciousness Revolution involves the creation of decentralized systems connecting people—ending separation and setting us free to live in freedom and abundance on our own terms. These decentralized technologies are already being developed and used. The wide scale usage of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have shown that decentralization is possible. Many related startups, open source projects, and other collaborations are showing promise. One such example is the work of this author: a mobile app called “I am” by Infobeing ( which integrates all the infrastructure and tools needed to live in a decentralized state of freedom and abundance. The “I am” mobile app will be launched later this year. Who knows, it might even overtake Facebook.

Let’s enjoy this flowering of consciousness. Browsing these millions of inspired posts, connecting with beautiful people who are aligned in oneness—already perfect and complete. We know that it doesn’t really matter what happens in the world because the world isn’t real. Consciousness is what matters, not a revolution. We are not actually trying to change the world—or trying to do anything in particular. It’s just that, through us, heaven on Earth is about to emerge. We can just be ourselves, which is loving and creative. We are awake, we are fully-alive, and there is nothing to fear. We continue tomorrow and the day after that.

Paper Art by Zuzana Jurekova