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The collapse of the publishing, entertainment and advertising industries

While it has taken decades to play out, the Internet has brought collapse across industries and has fundamentally changed everything about how the world used to work. With the massive shift away from centralized control over things and toward decentralization, we need to be more honest with ourselves about the implications.

More than 25 years after the large-scale introduction of the Internet, most of us are still stuck in mental models of how the world was before. On some level, we still believe there is some value, prestige, or even competence to be found in what is clearly becoming an obsolete world order.

Let’s get real. Today, do music labels have any power to make a new artist successful? Are book publishers capable of or interested in making a new author famous? Does anyone even read the newspapers and magazines? Does advertising work?

Most of the documentaries on Netflix, for example, are stories that happened during the previous world order. The fictional movies we watch also reference these obsolete ideas and values. The people who we admire and want to be like—they became successful and famous under an entirely different system. Their lessons are no longer relevant. But because there are so few fresh voices getting through, this is what we are left with and the obsolete mental models are perpetuated.

The result is that we are constantly failing. Now there is an entire industry selling us books and motivational content promising that we can succeed—that we can somehow become like our heroes, even though the conventional definition of success is no longer attainable. The world is entirely different from how it was when our heroes succeeded. The problem is not our lack of talent and not our lack of ability to innovate. The problem is that we are defining success in a way that is now impossible to achieve.

Companies and creative people continue to invest in PR and advertising because we still believe that 1) people can be persuaded by such mediums, and 2) this is the way to reach a huge audience. Anyone who has tried this knows that, no matter how much money you throw at this, it doesn’t work anymore.

For the most part, it seems that only previously established entertainers, artists, writers, and companies seem capable of maintaining a huge following. How is anything new and innovative supposed to gain a following or reach a substantial audience? Does anyone know what we are supposed to do?

To start with, perhaps we need a different definition of success. Success can no longer mean becoming huge, being in the media, instantly gaining millions of customers or followers. It doesn’t work that way anymore. These types of breakthroughs just don’t happen and, even if they could, nobody is paying attention to the traditional media anyway.

Perhaps success, these days, means living in freedom, making enough money not to worry, having a happy relationship, and making a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to be known by millions of people. Maybe it is enough to mean a lot to a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand. We may not be able to change the world, but we can start a company that creates excellent value for a few loyal customers.

Furthermore, we can celebrate what is great about this massive democratization / decentralization movement. Now we can record our own music, publish our own books, produce our own videos and films, start a global business from our bedrooms—and we can do all of this from anywhere in the world. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past dozen years, and I’m tired of thinking that my “real success” is somewhere in the future. I’m declaring my life a success now because I will no longer define success by that which has become essentially impossible in this new world order.

Now that we are free from the grip of centralized media, what’s left is our person-to-person connections. Rather than trying to appeal to a system that is supposed to make us successful, we can learn the art of human relationships. We can learn to shed ego, to serve one another, to join in harmonious union, to figure out ways to build trust and closeness while also inventing ways to scale our reach in this new world order.

The world is becoming decentralized, and it is time that our thinking catches-up. This isn’t good or bad; it just is. Let’s start there. Let’s be honest. Let's appreciate one another for what's great about us even if we aren't famous. We can enjoy what’s happening now and let’s create what happens next.

Defining success

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Treetops (2018) Documentary Film

Treetops Cover 16 9

Treetops is a spiritual documentary about one summer in the life of a man who has placed all his faith in love. Is love all you need? What is really holding us back from perfect freedom and happiness? Abscondo teaches how to live in peace, abundance and safety despite an increasingly chaotic world. The decentralized, consciousness revolution is a shift from fear to love.

Watch the film on Amazon Prime.

The full film is also available for free on YouTube for a limited time:

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What is the Consciousness Revolution?

I searched Instagram for the following Tags and found 38,314,627 posts: #spiritual #spirituality #consciousness #awakening #meditation #enlightenment.

Something is happening here. More people than ever in human history are living in a state of spiritual awakening. This is a new phenomenon and the world is about to change in a profound way.

While consciousness is an inner state available to anyone who wants it in an instant, the Consciousness Revolution is a massive transformation of society. Today, we’re mostly just reading, talking, and starting to get to know each other—but the revolution happens when we form loving, harmonious relationships with the intention of doing things together. We will naturally create the tools, technologies, systems and infrastructure to facilitate and support this state of freedom and abundance we have discovered.

Humans, today, are not the final product. The Consciousness Revolution is the next stage of human evolution. Today, we obey a world ruled by the ego. While we have learned to live in an awakened state even in this world, our lives will be much more fulfilling and enjoyable after consciousness goes mainstream and social structures begin to reflect our awakened state. As of now, the world is still ruled by centralized systems and institutions. Humans continue to be conditioned, manipulated, and systematically exploited through the centralized power of the state and its legal system, corporations, schools, the media, churches. But a crack in this miserable world order has opened and the light is about to shine through.

The Consciousness Revolution involves the creation of decentralized systems connecting people—ending separation and setting us free to live in freedom and abundance on our own terms. These decentralized technologies are already being developed and used. The wide scale usage of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have shown that decentralization is possible. Many related startups, open source projects, and other collaborations are showing promise. One such example is the work of this author: a mobile app called “I am” by Infobeing ( which integrates all the infrastructure and tools needed to live in a decentralized state of freedom and abundance. The “I am” mobile app will be launched later this year. Who knows, it might even overtake Facebook.

Let’s enjoy this flowering of consciousness. Browsing these millions of inspired posts, connecting with beautiful people who are aligned in oneness—already perfect and complete. We know that it doesn’t really matter what happens in the world because the world isn’t real. Consciousness is what matters, not a revolution. We are not actually trying to change the world—or trying to do anything in particular. It’s just that, through us, heaven on Earth is about to emerge. We can just be ourselves, which is loving and creative. We are awake, we are fully-alive, and there is nothing to fear. We continue tomorrow and the day after that.

Paper Art by Zuzana Jurekova

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No more waiting in line

Back when I grew up, Americans were taught the perils of Soviet Communism. We were outraged that people were forced to stand in line for hours due to shortages. Long lines are, indeed, an excellent symbol of a failing, centralized system. These days, the queues seem to be getting longer.

Centralization is the organization of society so that people must interact primarily with large organizations for survival. Today, we depend almost entirely upon institutions to earn a living, to buy what we need and want, for education, for entertainment, essentially for everything. When we do connect with other people, we do so through platforms controlled by large corporations who spy on us just as they advertise to us. At its best, centralization is a single point of failure, a bottleneck, a cause of scarcity, or a source of frustration. At its worst, centralization becomes an inhuman force to be feared.

The Blockchain Revolution, starting with Bitcoin and taken further with Ethereum and other decentralized technologies, is the breakthrough idea that centralization is no longer the only way to organize society. By removing a centralized server than can be breached or shut down, Blockchain technology is beyond the reach of centralized institutions. This changes everything.

We now have an opportunity to shift away from the centralization of power toward a model of decentralization—the organization of society so that people are at the center. How might a decentralized future look? Consider the idea behind a blockchain startup called “I am” by Infobeing, an Ethereum-based Decentralized Social App (DApp) for the mass-market. 

A true shift toward decentralization requires an efficient, systematic way of connecting people directly. This will be done on “I am” by describing who you are, what you want, and what you are doing in the form of structured sentences called “I am” Statements. Statements are stored in a decentralized database as follows:

I am [Verb] [Description] [Location] [Price].

Compatible Statements are matched. Users effortlessly meet the right people, form new relationships and business connections, they can even buy and sell stuff using cryptocurrency. “I am” reduces the need for people to rely so much on institutions. No matter what you want or what you are trying to do, you can do it by connecting directly with other people.

Decentralized platforms like “I am” have the potential to unlock human potential by creating a reality in which people are at the center. Institutions that survive will have to adapt to serving us (and not the other way around). If all goes well, this might mean the end of standing in line.

On November 23rd, 2017, the IAM Token will be introduced as the first cryptocurrency deriving its value directly from the unleashing of human potential. Find out more at


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