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The mask is about to be torn off


For 1,000s of years, humanity has accepted the unacceptable. We were told it was human nature, but there is nothing natural about it. Violence, deception, domination of the many by the very few.

And what kind of people would do such a thing? Was there not a point at which their material wealth, comfort, and fame was enough? Could they not have respected us, allowed us freedom and the pursuit of happiness? What is this sickness that has gradually overtaken the world until it became so impossible that decent people finally fought back?

It is only a matter of days or weeks before the mask is torn off. When it is, the answers will be revealed with perfect clarity. When we are shown the unspeakably ugly truth, we will recognize that the problems of the world are not a result of human nature. We will know because we will not recognize ourselves in these ruthless, dark, corrupting forces that have been in control. We will see that we are good and loveable. We will realize that our confusion was painstakingly taught to us through the insane thought system of ego.

Abundance will emerge in all areas of our lives. There will be a new recognition of beauty and truth. Stress and fear will be forgotten. Our hearts and minds will open. Each moment, we will be grateful to be alive now, just as we wonder how we could have ever accepted things as they were before.

This is the Great Awakening. We undertake it now, tomorrow, and each day after that.

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What conditions are necessary before people are ready to awaken or change? (part 2 of 2)

(Continuation from part 1)

“Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].”
“Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate].”

My spiritual salvation, my awakening, came at the darkest moment. My life was falling apart, I was losing everything, and I could no longer bear the suffering. We do not fully embrace fundamental transformation until we are at the precipice—the cliff, the end of the road, the moment of apparent destruction. Then, if we humble ourselves completely and make one simple choice, all the problems vanish forever.

I have seen overwhelming evidence that there are coordinated forces in the world who are on the verge of rolling out wonderful changes that are so significant, so transformative, so beautiful and good. This will be a dramatically different world from what we are used to. To make this transformation, all must be ready and willing to look at the full truth and see the unspeakable evil and ugliness that has been happening in the world for a very long time.

Certain thought patterns—such as ego, blind trust in authority, commercialism, superficiality, attack, and violence—must be unlearned. For anything fundamental to change, humanity must awaken. This can only occur after things seem so wrong, so dark, so hopeless—only then do we switch over to the awakened state.

In the awakened state, we recognize that it is all an illusion. False authority has no power. We don’t believe in or trust the government, the mainstream media, or the healthcare system. We do not comply to their orders or fear their false information. We know that it is a show, and the reason for this show is to teach this very lesson.

When the lesson has been learned by enough people, the good guys can move forward, we can remove the cancer, and the truth about us—our goodness, our beauty, our love, our creativity, our kindness—can reign. For the first time ever, society will be ruled by fairness, goodness, and we will live in total abundance of everything that has any value.

Those who have already awakened are already okay. We are unafraid and do not agree to what is wrong. We know that it is only a matter of time and we are doing our best to help others come along. All is as it must be. There can be no other way.

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We do not trust, nor do we believe the mainstream media, nor the government, nor the healthcare system. (part 1 of 2)

This is a statement far more powerful than anyone seems to realize. The state of this world—the global sickness and darkness human society has been plunged into by these very institutions—will never change until most people come to a point where we can say these words openly, repeatedly, and without shame.

The lesson to be learned in this past year cannot be that we should wait for any institution to save us. Our trust and belief in false authority, and in self-serving institutions, is the problem—the reason we tragically sacrificed our liberty and our human rights. There can be no justification for this. Basic freedom and liberty are non-negotiable. This is a moral truth and the core human right.

Now, as we look at this mess, the burden is not upon the people to scientifically or empirically prove anything about what is happening in the world. Instead, the burden is on the institutions to earn our trust and faith. Instead, they continue to openly undermine freedom, harm our health, bankrupt our businesses—destroying our livelihoods, our countries, and our relationships with no end in sight.

When false authority fails or becomes destructive, the people need only state that we no longer trust or believe them. This is how we remove their power and create space for healing, for truth, for beauty, love, and abundance. Their propaganda and lies only have power when we pay attention, when we agree, when we repeat it, and when we comply.

This decision whether to trust a liar and believe in an abuser is entirely yours and mine. The decision about whether to remain silent or speak out…whether to comply with orders that are dangerous and wrong or to ignore them…whether to endanger our health or to trust nature instead…these are our self-evident, God-given rights, responsibilities, and duties.

From the perspective of anyone paying any attention over these past decades, these institutions (and others) have failed to earn our trust and respect. We have been made to feel as though it is naïve or childish to make such a statement. We have been called conspiracy theorists, been laughed at, and have been made fools of because some of the theories are, indeed, absurd. But, in the end, the burden is not on us to prove anything or to convince anyone of anything; rather, to make that personal decision about whether or not to trust or believe.

Obviously, the irrational or illogical conspiracy theorists (they do exist) do not speak for all truth-tellers. We all get it wrong from time to time…which teaches us the necessary lesson of humility. When I am wrong about something, I can admit it, humble myself, and change my opinion without shame. Truth-seeking is a process and, at times, it gets confusing.

But there is one thing I am not wrong about, and I know it with all my heart and mind: right now, I do not trust or believe in these institutions. Too much is too insane, and it is only getting worse. This, I believe, is by design—and I will write about this in part two of this post.

I don’t believe these institutions, nor the people who participate in them, nor the people who repeat their misinformation. When I encounter it, I can easy state that I don’t trust it or believe it; nothing more. Herein lies our power. Only when more of us do the same, when the majority makes this simple statement openly, will it be possible for the world to change. Until then, it will get darker and darker. Understand why by reading part two.

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The fundamental problem is that we have been unwilling to look at the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was spiritual awakened through the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and people like Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer. But deep down I questioned their emphasis on being—to the point that doing is seen as almost irrelevant. Isn’t this exactly the kind of passivity that has caused many awakened people to bury their heads in the sand and to care nothing about what is happening in the world?

Many have become so absorbed in their spiritual identity that they are unwilling to consider the full truth—the good, the bad, and the ugly. When good people withdraw attention from ugly truth and do nothing, then evil has the darkness and secrecy it needs to flourish.

Now they are coming for us. Humanity is overtaken by tyranny and we are at the brink of genocide. Even still, most of the so-called spiritually awakened are unwilling to look at the most obvious, self-evident truths.

Organized religion—Christianity in particular—also has its problems. Followers often identify so firmly with the particular words, stories, and rituals that they start to take it as a sort of magic. There is a divine order to how reality works, but it has nothing to do with magic.

The stories of the Bible were meant to teach us wisdom. Many teachings are not literal; rather, to be taken as metaphor. Truth cannot be fully possessed by a religion or fully contained in words and concepts. Words and concepts, at best, can only point us to spiritual truth.

Organized religion is also passive and limiting. Followers wait for heaven or for the rapture, but the future cannot be literally foretold. What is real and true is all here, in this present moment, where everything that has ever happened has always been happening. When has it not been now? If the future is going to be different, it is a result what we are doing now. This now. Here.

To awaken is to take truth-seeking all the way. Find out the truth about everything. Tell it. Do something about it. Mountain-top experiences are beautiful and uplifting, and part of the process of awakening. But we are here on earth to take part in the whole experience.

Now question everything. Because of some very good people who are, right now, freeing the world—everything you thought you knew is about to change. You will be shocked to discover that criminality, anger, and fear is not human nature—just what we have come to see as normal because we have been ruled by people who have been engaged in evil deeds.  Despite what I thought, not every institution is evil—just the ones that have been in control. Behind the scenes, right now, there is one very large institution that is saving us.

Despite what it seems right now, life is not going to suck. But we have to be willing to look at the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This has been the fundamental problem with humanity. Break free from a thought system of fear and separation. Open your heart. Open your mind. Embrace what is here.


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This is no time for despair!

The following text from A Course in Miracles caught my attention today:

T-30.V.9. “An ancient hate is passing from the world. And with it goes all hatred and all fear. Look back no longer, for what lies ahead is all you ever wanted in your heart. Give up the world! But not to sacrifice. You never wanted it. What happiness have you sought here that did not bring you pain? What moment of content has not been bought at fearful price in coins of suffering? Joy has no cost. It is your sacred right, and what you pay for is not happiness. Be speeded on your way by honesty…”

Exposed, the normal thought system of the world (ego) is indeed dying right now. The cause of its passing is our honesty. We are no longer fooled by the false promises of materialism and have decided against it. When we are being honest, we know that the thought system of ego pulls us away from joy and brings only pain, suffering, and crisis.

Millions of us have given up the world, which is no sacrifice at all. We have awakened to the spiritual dimension. By remembering the pure, infinite love in our hearts, we have effortlessly found all that we ever wanted. Joy has become our reality while fear and hatred have been left behind.

Millions of others, who have not yet awakened, have also lost faith in the empty promises of ego and materialism. Disillusioned, they have sunk into despair and cynicism. They are unable to express themselves, unable to create or provide anything of value, and they live in a sad state of paralysis.

The elite—those who control the government, schools, media, and other institutions—have lost control of the population. Their false promises no longer motivate us, which is why they have turned to fear. The Plandemic, the lockdowns, the terrifying mandatory vaccinations, the fraudulent elections, the Communist Great Reset—this is the final, desperate act to maintain control over a world that has recognized their illusions and is no longer playing along. This dark era cannot last because they will never offer us anything we want. The entire system—all the news and entertainment, the lessons, the conventional wisdom, this final global coupe attempt—the awakened know that it is a heap of lies upon lies.

We who have awakened can now look beyond the desperate illusion of the world, turning our attention to the disillusioned—those who have correctly shattered the old illusions but who are buying into the new ones. May we find a way to inspire and support them, for this is no time for despair!


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Just because something is happening doesn’t mean it is real

I know that the battle is raging, yet I am not afraid. My eyes see the insanity, my mind understands it, yet I know that none of it is real. Reality is not today’s news, nor the opinions, nor the endless threats made against all that is good. Reality has to do with God’s permanent order, which is beyond threat.

These wars over resources, bodies and minds, and territories are the doomed conquests of those who have forgotten that all physical form changes. Those who battle in this dimension sacrifice everything for temporary illusions of grandeur at best. The outcome is always defeat, and it is always only a question of how long it takes the people to awaken.

The world’s purpose is to make us believe that the illusions made to control us are real. If we first believe that something has real power, we immediately become fearful. Only under the spell of fear are we conquered and enslaved. Our reality is entirely up to us.

We are divine spirit / consciousness—not physical bodies and minds to be conquered. When we withdraw attention from man-made illusions, when we recognize the entire realm of physical form as meaningless—then we remember joy as our natural state, love as everything, and safety as eternal.

That which is unreal has no power over me. Any fearful reaction offers me no protection; rather, is the only problem. My power and safety is in truth. To stand firm in joy and love, I forgive those who know not what they do. I rest safely in a position of strength while the enemy is destroyed by chasing their own illusions.


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You are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth

The Greek word for “truth” is aletheia, which literally means to “un-hide” or “hiding nothing.” (source) “Truth” means telling it like it is, or openness, transparency, and honesty.

In this moment, the world is engaged in a war of information and ideas. All that we perceive as evil, scary, and wrong is that which is hidden. This is a war between not only two—but three powerful forces. As of now, only one side is fundamentally committed to the truth.

We know that there are the Globalists, the Cabal, the Chinese Communist Party, Antifa, the “Deep State” alliance of corruption who are willing to do anything to maintain their grip on power. This side is built entirely upon the shifting sand of countless, shameless lies. Their bold deceit is spun endlessly in the media that they own, told by the government officials they have corrupted, and echoed through all their institutions.

Their purpose is to exploit all resources for their own material benefit. This includes the Earth’s resources as well as the most valuable resource of all: human life. This group has dominated the world for thousands of years, but recently they have gone too far and have been meet with massive resistance.

The second force is the Patriot movement—MAGA, MEGA, Trump and their allies. They are practicing the Art of War to defeat the previously mentioned group. Their intention is to purify the world’s centralized institutions and bring about greater honestly, decency, and transparency. Their ultimate goal is to expose the darkest truths, reveal the sick corruption, and reform the world by re-establishing the rule of law through strength and force if necessary.

It is important to notice that even this group is not committed to truth. They are carrying out a master strategy to soundly defeat the enemy for the good of the people—restoring integrity, human rights, freedom, and opportunity. People like me are in full support of their efforts but are often frustrated by their lack of transparency. We don’t know what is really going on. We are being asked to trust and to decode their messages, but because of the lack of honesty and openness, the process weighs heavily on morale.

The third group is the awakened people. Our faith is in love, in God, in truth and goodness. We do not trust any centralized institution and are at least a little skeptical about whether the MAGA / MEGA / NESARA / GESARA plan can work. Even if they catch the bad guys, can a government, institution, even a religion be free from corruption when the very nature of centralization breeds secrecy and makes corruption inevitable? The goal they are seeking has probably never been attained yet in the history of the world.

We want the truth—the full truth—because we know that this is the only way to heal. By revealing the world’s lies and illusions, what remains is the truth of love. Love is the response to every challenge and contains the total, complete thought system of wisdom. Learn what perfect, unconditional love is and what it does—then put it into practice—and you will have walked the one and only path of salvation. Destroy ego. Trust only in your own, divine authority. Speak and want only the truth. Love unconditionally and accept reality.

We, the millions taking part in this Great Awakening, are the only authority and the only force of good. We are called upon to create and live the reality of truth—of decentralization and freedom now. Trump / MAGA is, at best, our ally (not our savior). We, as individuals and together, must walk in spiritual truth now and never back down. We must join in full and complete union, reveal every lie, speak every word of honesty, connect with our inner inspiration, and live it.

As you undergo this shift, you enable those with institutional power to become a force that might fight corruption and purify institutions. But in the end, you are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth.


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Now is the time to look within, just as you look plainly on the ugliest of external truths

Those of us following the real current events know that things are slowly starting to go kinetic. My role is not to make predictions or to report on current events. But as the war between the Great Reset forces and the Great Awakening forces intensifies (as shit gets real in the coming days and weeks), my intention is to provide emotional and spiritual support.

None of this is about past or future. Furthermore, there is nothing to be afraid of. If we place our full faith in love as the answer to any challenge and the response to any situation…if we want the truth and accept reality…we can remain calm and safe even during the storm.

For current updates on world events during this time, I recommend looking to sources like and other discussion forums where you can find Patriots. It is important to know what is happening out there, but we cannot become obsessed with external events as the source of our internal joy, safety, and calm. You are safe in eternity and, aligned with love, you will also experience safety and abundance in this life.

If the Internet will be working during the storm, I will be doing more posts, talks, and podcasts. The best place to find me is at I will also be regularly going live on any platform that is operational.

Now is the time to look within, just as you look plainly on the ugliest of external truths. Allow illusions to be shattered, darkness to be revealed, and light to heal the world. It is a process of undoing ego that is unfolding now and will continue into the foreseeable future. It is a beautiful time to be alive and I hope to join you on this journey.

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Who is Trump and the Make America Great Again movement really fighting against?

Who is really pulling the strings and controlling world events? Who is corrupting the media and the government around the world? Is it really the Chinese Communist Party? Is that who is attempting to steal the US election? On some level, perhaps. But this cannot be the whole story.

Look honestly at what is happening. We can start by looking at COVID-19. Truth-seekers know that this is no pandemic. It is nothing other than the flu. There are no excess deaths in 2020 beyond any other year. The purpose of this article is not to debate the pandemic. I am writing to those who already know.

The question is, who perpetuated this massive catastrophe called Coronavirus? Well, the corporate media, the healthcare system, and cooperative politicians did. Who controls these organizations?

To understand who pulls the strings in the world, look at who attends the Davos World Economic Summit and who is a member of the Bilderberg Group. Who runs the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank? Who runs the largest banks, corporations, and Big Tech? Are these not the very people who run the world and are controlling events?

The Leftist Progressives used to understand that these people are not their friends. For decades, the elite had control over all political parties. Their dominance was untouchable. Then Trump came along and emerged as a threat. He had the dirt and showed them. He tried to conquer the elite. This happened in 2017.

But the people who run the world did not take it lying down. They fought back. Their response was to align with the Left. They made a rapid shift toward socialist economics, the green movement, and they aligned with minority rights—not because they care about any of this; rather, because it was their best plan to defeat Trump. The Left bought into it and their integrity was severely compromised as a result.

The CCP is also involved, as is the Catholic Church, as is the British Royal Family and so many other parties. This is no conspiracy. They are open about it in Davos each year. We know where the power is: Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Wall Street, Health Care, Big Pharma, Big Media and other massive economic forces. Are these not the very players that carried out the COVID-19 coupe on the world? Yes.

Outside of Trump, the governments of the world are at the mercy of these forces. Worse yet, many politicians were compromised, bribed, or otherwise corrupted through favors and access. We now know that they also used the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software to rig elections in the US and around the world. All they needed were a few key players in government to play along. They almost got away with it again.

But this time Trump and the patriots were one step ahead. They knew that the people would not support a war directly against the corporate powers and the elite. The Radical Left and Right were ranting about the ruling elite for years, but up against the onslaught of corporate propaganda, the message didn't resonate with people and few were inspired to join with those movements. 

Trump knew that the only war the people would support is against a foreign country—particularly a Communist-led country compromising our elections. He would need to make the case that the Communists corrupted everyone, and that anyone who collaborated with them is also a Traitor. Now the military can get involved and perhaps even take out the ruling elite, who have always been above the law. Brilliant plan and it may work.

This is the story about how the people of the world were shown the truth in 2020. Progressive activists and Libertarians—those on the fringes—have known about and resisted this world order for decades. Now they have either become corrupted or have joined with the Trump movement. Millions more, who know nothing about any of this, are in the process of being shown—shown who runs the world, what their evil agenda is, what their unimaginable crimes against humanity are, and why everything must change.

This is not really about China. This is not about the Great Reset or Communism. It is much bigger than that. This is a direct attack on the Ruling Elite by the government and maybe even the military, with the support of the people, for the first time in generations.  


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