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Nobody gets away with anything


When we see that someone has done something wrong—perhaps something that harms others or violates us in some way—then the ego tells us that we need to get revenge. We demand justice. We want to make sure that the wrongdoer doesn’t get away with it. Response to wrong action, however, is unwise and unnecessary. Any sin carries its own immediate and certain punishment.

The original meaning of the word “sin” is “to miss the mark”. To sin is to act without love. The common error is the belief that your happiness and satisfaction come from the external (more money, more possessions, higher status, recognition). These errors often manifest as greed, attempting to take something from others, or attempting to control the behavior of others so that you can be happy. These errors miss the mark of love and carry intrinsic consequences.

Is there something that can be obtained in the external world that is more important than the inner state? Any attempt to manipulate the external world requires dishonesty. To live in untruth is imprisonment. You may attack or murder, but in doing so you will never escape the overwhelming guilt and fear that follows. If someone is willing to sacrifice their inner state of peace and joy, if he or she is willing to turn away from love and seek money, fame, status, or power at all costs, do you not realize that this person is already living in a sort of hell?

Nobody ever wakes up one day and says, “I’m sure glad I stole all that money and killed those people. Look how happy we are, dear, with our amazing lifestyle.” Not a chance, because nobody gets away with anything and cheaters never win. Foolish behavior brings its own immediate punishment in the form of stress, fear, misery, and isolation one’s own hell on earth.

Our job is not to punish others, nor to blame others, nor to shame others, nor or to get revenge. Our job is to accept what is, to lovingly attempt to correct error, and to forgive unconditionally. Anything done not from love is sin, and sin is nothing other than error. Error can be corrected and that is your job. The correction to error is not punishment; it is love. We must love those who have errored.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.     

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Belief in sin justifies attack; while attack reinforces belief in sin. All violence is born of these two illusions.

Attack seems like the right response only if you first believe that sin is real. For sin to be made real, it is necessary to believe that it is something other than error—that there are bad people who wish us harm and who understand only attack. So we attack to teach a lesson. But, by this logic, doesn’t our attack make us that bad person who also deserves attack?

Belief in sin and attack is the cause of all violence. The sane among us see not sin; rather error. The error is to act without love. We respond to all error with love. Attack has no place because it teaches nothing other than that sin is real and that violence is justified.

Oftentimes we are attacked, even by those who claim to love us. If we believe attack is ever justified, we must also believe that we have sinned—that we are guilty. This fills us with shame and self-loathing—making it seem as though our errors were sinful and deserving of attack. You might have made a mistake, but you are not guilty and attack is not justified.

Undo these two illusions and your life is renewed. Attack is never reasonable, nor effective, nor justified. Attack is an error. Sin is never anything other than error. The error is lack of love and the correction to lack of love is always perfect love. The thought system of perfect love is complete knowledge. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


If you think that you need more time, you will get more time—and more pain. Time and pain are inseparable. (Eckhart Tolle)

Time for what? Time to realize what can only be found in the absence of time?

They say that time heals. This is only true to the extent that we use time to become more present—to forget about that mind stuff by becoming fully consumed with the reality in the present moment. The healing is, therefore, not taking place in time; rather, in our release from it.

To wait for something in time is to be here while wanting to be there. This causes suffering. To push into the future what could be dealt with today is resistance. This adds weight and complexity to your life and causes stress.

Nothing you want is found in time. If your future is going to be better, the path is through the present moment. Whatever steps need to be taken are steps that can only be taken in this eternal present moment. Nothing has ever happened in the past, nor in the future. If it is to be, then it is to be now.

Patience is not waiting; rather, knowing that there are steps to be taken. The highest tower is made one brick at a time. So we do our best—no more than our best and no less, just our best—to meet reality here, and to calmly respond now. This awakening from time is release from suffering. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


When you have died this death, you realize that there is no death, and that there is nothing to fear. Only the ego dies. (Eckhart Tolle)

To spiritually awaken is to allow your ego to die. To only look at the ego, to honestly observe its insanity, is to kill it. The ego cannot survive in your conscious presence. It cannot survive your decision for perfect love. It cannot survive without the illusion of time—in the awareness of this eternal now. To learn to let thoughts go is to let the ego go. At some point, it becomes only a memory.

When the ego dies, you realize that your problems have vanished. Finally, your life begins to flow. There is this silent background of peace. Negative emotions don’t arise. Drama is no longer understandable. Fear only an occasional thought that has no ground to stand on. Your conscious presence, your perfect love, your awareness of this eternal now effortlessly dissolves ego wherever it tries to creep back into your life.

Yet at times, I must admit, there is a sort of loneliness to this peace. There is a desire for others to also leave their egos behind so that they may join you in this heaven—this dimension of inner spaciousness. You wait for their presence. You try to share this light. But ego remains caught up in the world’s dream of darkness—this mad search for treasure in special relationships, in riches, or in other momentary experiences or false symbols of happiness. Having died to this world, you calmly and unemotionally observe. You see the truth in others behind their otherness and, occasionally, there is that shared moment of attention—that union, that highest experience of being alive.

So this is the experience of awakening while continuing to live in this world. There is no death and nothing to fear. Nothing of any value will be lost. Within the peaceful silence of the eternal now, there is so much beauty. Within the thought system of perfect love, there is bliss and no room for doubt or confusion. Within the mere memory of ego, there is total forgiveness of all that is not love and means nothing. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


When there is no way out, there is still always a way through. (Eckhart Tolle)

It is natural to want to avoid our fears and anxieties. If only we could just forget about our problems – if there were some way to escape.

When a life situation seems unbearable – a challenge feels insurmountable or a suffering becomes too great -- we’ll try anything and everything to cope. We may distract ourselves, we may avoid the situation or pretend it isn’t there, but nothing really seems to work.

Whatever is happening in your life is your life curriculum. Much of what happens is beyond your control, and still there is no way out. The only way is through. You are not meant to avoid challenges; rather, to accept them with loving presence and deal with them.

Surrender to the situation as it is. Greet the situation with acceptance and love. If you can’t accept the external situation, start by accepting your internal feelings. Let everything be as it is and slowly expand this acceptance until it encompasses the whole problem. This is the arising of your strength. Now respond from this place and you will move right through it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Those who offer peace to everyone have found a peace in heaven the world cannot destroy. (A Course in Miracles)

What do we seek in life if not a heaven that the world cannot destroy? We have, at times, known momentary escape and shelter. Yet, even within its supposed comfort we remain tortured by our own minds. We have fought hard and defended what we think will bring us peace, yet we have also felt seeming perfection slip away every time. There is only one heaven that the world cannot destroy. Seek elsewhere and it cannot be found.

To offer peace is to offer perfect love. No longer is there any confusion because it is perfectly understood that perfect love is the whole truth. Within this truth, there is never a time for attack. Never a time to cut ourselves off. Never a time to judge, to prosecute, to punish, or even to defend ourselves. Only love offers total strength and complete wisdom.

Offering peace to everyone means to never respond in any way that isn’t loving. This doesn’t mean you are manipulated, that you sacrifice, or that you ever do anything other than what you want. It only means that the only response to anyone, anytime, is peaceful and loving (even yourself). To understand love, to awaken to the dimension of heaven, is to stop wanting anything other than this.

This is what our spiritual practice is for. It is a simple choice to enter a heaven the world cannot destroy. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Something inside us feels unworthy of having too much fun. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

The world has taught you through an endless series of rewards and punishments. You have been domesticated, indoctrinated, trained by those who would attempt to control you for their own agendas. The promise of reward and threat of punishment has taught to pretend and to lie. Now you feel guilty, shameful, and inadequate for even having fun. You tell yourself that you don’t deserve to feel good; that first you should get something done or accomplish something great.

The world has taught its lessons well. That voice in your head sounds like your voice, but its words are only echoes of what you have been taught. See how the rewards promised haven’t made you happy. See how the threats and punishments have scared you, but they have never meant anything. Today you lose faith in fear.

You were born as perfect love, limitless joy, endless peace. Nothing can change this. For a long time, you believed it was lost somewhere in your past. Now you are awakening and rediscovering who you are. The right path is to follow that place inside that wants to feel good and wants to have fun. This is the energy of life guiding you. Trust it.

Your first priority today and every day is to feel good. If you’re tired, go lie down or meditate. If you feel stuck in a routine, do something different. Go for a walk in the woods. Meet someone new. Create something. Play, experiment, tell the truth, sing, dance, have sex, do whatever excites you with anyone who you want to do it with.

We all have work and we all have responsibilities, but the priority is to have fun and feel good. Live from that place and everything you do will be effortless and effective. You may even find the power to inspire others, lead others, and stand out from the crowd.

Today you can let go of the guilt, the shame, the to-do list of things that don’t matter. Forgive yourself and don’t take seriously the opinions of others. You know who you are and you don’t need permission to be it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Something inside feels unworthy of having too much fun.

Real love doesn’t make you suffer. (Eckhart Tolle)

Seeking love, joy and peace outside of yourself leads one to experience a roller-coaster of up and down emotions. One day, your lover may bring you flowers and do everything right. You feel happy and “in love”. The next day, you find him chatting online with an attractive woman. Now you feel heartbroken, as though your love has never existed. You tell yourself it was all a lie. You begin to distrust and resent your partner. You demand that he does something to restore your love. This is not love.


That which is real is unchanging. True love is therefore unconditional because it would be impossible for any situation or event to threaten it.

To find this kind of love, you must begin with self-love. Real love can only be found within your being. By allowing your inner-stillness to emerge, you discover your true identity. You recognize that love is not something you seek; rather something you are. You then begin to experience love, joy and peace from the center of the wheel. There are no more good days and bad days. Love emerges as your state of being. It emanates out from you without concern for conditions. You feel good essentially all the time.

Even after you have found this state, your ego may occasionally try to take over. When this happens, you simply return to your meditation and your daily spiritual practice. We continue tomorrow and the day after that.

Real love doesn’t make you suffer. How could it? It doesn’t suddenly turn into hate, nor does real joy turn to pain.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Paper art by Zuzana Jurekova.

You see what you believe is there, and you believe it is there because you want it there. Perception has no other law than this. (A Course in Miracles)

Perception is seeing only that which you want to be true. It is to first adopt an opinion or mental position, and then to interpret the world through it.  

Vision, on the other hand, is seeing only what is real. In vision, there are no mental positions or opinions. There is no labeling of good and bad, no judgment, no guilt, no naming, no debating.

Perception is identification with the mind. Vision is awakening to consciousness.

The thought system of perception is built upon separation, observing differences, determining who is right and wrong, who is guilty and innocent. The perceiver attempts to establish truth by convincing others through indoctrination, debate, or punishment and reward. The real result of perception is never of much concern. Suffering and destruction is tolerated as long as the perception is upheld.

Vision rests on logic beyond thought. It cannot be possessed, cannot be grasped, cannot be debated or proven. It is the knowing of the universe which manifests itself in the balance of all things. It is beyond time, beyond form, utterly beyond our control. It was true before the world exists and it needs nothing from us to remain true. In comparison, perceptions are of no concern one way or the other.

In human perception is struggle, chaos, endless war. In vision is the peace of God. We let go of perception and release our troubled mind to vision. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.