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If it is not direct communication, then I don’t understand anything

Some people expect others to understand them even without directly communicating what they are trying to say. They use gestures and facial expressions instead of words. They verbally attack verbally, or withhold response, cut communication, withhold intimacy, or pout—expecting others to wonder why, to care, and to guess correctly about the message being sent and responding accordingly.

Childish communication communicates nothing at all. If you want to be understood, say it. Explain how you feel. Reveal your true self through your deepest honesty. If your tone is sensitive and loving, others will respond with more patience, love, and understanding. Direct communication isn’t going to hurt!

Of course, those who avoid direct communication are not really trying to be understood. They are resisting true human connection for the purpose of protecting the ego.

Thankfully, there is a new kind of human being emerging. Through directness, openness, and a total commitment to honesty, we so easily live our truth—replacing confusion with perfect knowledge, isolation with union, fear with love, lack with abundance.

This is only possible after a decision to shatter the ego, to transcend it, to laugh at its destruction and place all faith in what is real, true, and honest.


The only thing that is required for healing is a lack of fear. (A Course in Miracles)

“Don’t worry!” It sounds easy, right? But to achieve fearlessness is to reach the highest level of success in life.

From fear flows illness, suffering, grumpiness, anger, hate, jealousy, and all negative emotions. It is only one thing, though appears to take many forms. The only antidote to fear is love. When aligned with love—in love with yourself and all of life—fear is absent. Only fear pulls you away from love, and it is impossible to feel and to experience both love and fear at the same time. You can’t serve two masters.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of fear, your impulse is to control everything. You fight everything. You attack and do whatever it takes to shape the world because you believe it will end suffering and stress. Has this worked so far? No, because it is impossible. The world is too complex to be controlled and too far outside of our control.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of love, you find that love is truth. You learn that wanting this truth requires openness, honesty, and acceptance. Your role, as love, is to dissolve conflict, to create, and to serve. You can effortlessly bring positive energy and a cooler head to all situations. You can allow people and events to take their own course and respond lovingly, without trying to control.

But how? Not by trying to delude yourself. Not by establishing boundaries. Not through wishful thinking. This is all very fragile and is of the ego because it is separation. Separation is a choice for the values of death, and ultimately leads to more fear.

The answer: through faith. Faith in the power of love now, which is the divine force of life. Aligned with love, there is no stress. Therefore, no illness. Love allows you to ask real questions and receive real answers. As love, you have the power to look upon anything and transform it from dark to light by simply revealing its reality. Your relationships are unbreakable, your value clear, your eternal life built upon a foundation which is beyond threat. As love, there is nothing to fear.

This isn’t easy as an ongoing state, but even a holy instant spent aligned with perfect love is the miracle. Perfect love is a daily practice—a spiritual practice. This is what we are doing here.  


Abscondo Podcast #70: Union

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