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How to defeat Communism in Cuba and everywhere it exists

Corrupt, oppressive governments—like the one in Cuba and also now in essentially every country in the world—have no authority over us other than our consent. We give consent because we fear them. If fear loses its power over us, oppression and slavery cannot occur. In other words, freedom is the absence of fear.

What most people do not understand is that there is only one way to totally abolish fear, and it is through perfect love. Perfect love forgives all error, embraces the full truth about everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and effortlessly provides the strength and wisdom to do and say what is right and good. This is freedom, and no outside authority is ever required for freedom to be granted instantly and totally.

If you love yourself fully, you cannot allow yourself to be abused or enslaved—just as you could never harm others. You will no longer tolerate manipulation and lies. So look within. Turn all the love you ever felt toward yourself. You are perfectly good, your intuition is always correct, your negative feelings are only a response to the world’s abuse—and that abuse is always fear-mongering in some form.

Love is the opposite of fear. If there is any fear in you, then perfect love cannot also exist. The choice is absolute. If there is any stress or fear about your life situation or about world events, you are not placing your faith in the true reality—which is the force of life, experienced as the energy of love, and is eternally real. When you know that this is who you are, and what you are, then the sick, lost souls trying to enslave you have zero power. To end fear is to defeat Communism, the fake media, and all forms of totalitarianism.


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Unlearn the lies. Truth is within. (Majestic 12)

We are now in the most crucial stages of a 90-year operation to disclose the truth to humanity. This is the end of the dark reign of the Cabal—a death cult that has enslaved humanity while systematically torturing and murdering children for 6,000 years.

The Cabal first had to be be defeated and destroyed so that greater reality can be revealed and so that a thousand-year leap in technological advancement can occur without bringing about the destruction of the world by falling into the wrong hands.

The truth is, primarily, that of the supremacy of consciousness. Reality is within. External reality is secondary and is created through creative expressions of free will.

Additionally, extra-terrestrial life does exist, and the first encounter occurred in 1947. Following the completion of the Q-team’s Military Tribunals and the Great Awakening, humanity will experience a First Contact with ET beings. In addition, we will begin to benefit from their knowledge and technology (Quantum Computing, Med Beds, Magnetic Motors, etc.)—so advanced that materialism will be unnecessary. Lacking nothing, we will be able to live in peace and abundance.

Post World War II history has been the battle between Majestic 12 and the Cabal. Society is a matrix—an ancient, natural one created by God as well as a man-made one we call society. To awaken is to perceive the dimension of truth beyond the matrix, and it can only be experienced in perfect love.

Centralized authority is being dismantled. Nothing is as it seems. Only the awakened are prepared for what is coming, and nothing can stop what is coming. If you consider yourself ready and would like to learn all about Majestic 12, please watch this astounding video.

While I have no formal evidence, I believe spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, A Course in Miracles and several others are creations of Majestic 12. Time is an illusion. Do not wait until the shocking events occur to escape the matrix by awakening. Awaken from the dream and prepare for reality. That is what we are doing here.

“Consciousness is something to be experienced only in pure love.” Majestic 12

Times they are a-changing (May 5th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #103)

Wow, we are living in Biblically historic times. Today I talk about the new mindset for a new world. Enjoy the video podcast!

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Abscondo Podcast 103

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Arizona audit preliminary results!

From Simon Parkes:

"Preliminary audit showed Trump ahead by 250,000.
Now as it nears completion nearly 950,000 ballots are declared illegal.
Nearly all for Biden.
Biden's victory in AZ was 10,200."

Oh, and the Quantum Financial System (QFS) apparently went live today. The end of the cabal.

What we believe about illness becomes our experience with illness

There have long been religious and spiritual traditions that reject modern medicine. From the perspective of those who are unaware of true spiritual faith, “faith healing” seems misguided, dangerous, and absurd. Non-believers imagine countless people needlessly suffering and dying by naively depriving themselves of medical care. I get it. That was my opinion prior to my spiritual awakening.

Though I am not religious, the Christian Scientists, Religious Scientists, Amish, and likely many other churches share my belief in faith healing. A Course in Miracles teaches that illness is caused by an unhealed mind—that it is impossible to get sick if you are in a state of right-mindedness. Spiritual teachers like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra also cover this in depth, as does Eckhart Tolle. I would go as far as to say that a person who is truly spiritually awakened (otherwise called atonement, salvation, etc.) understands and accepts the non-conventional, higher truth about illness.

While religions may put it in different terms, the idea is basically that illness is caused by ego. To spiritual awaken is to undo the harmful effects of ego, such as fear, panic, stress, and drama—all of which continuously weaken the immune system and divert vital energy away from the maintenance of perfect health and healing. To place genuine faith—even beyond “faith” to what might be called “knowing”—in God or Love is to overcome the ego and undo this fundamental problem with the functioning of the body.

Like most people, I used to get sick every month or two. I believed that I was powerless against germs and infection. Because we believed it, my family and I experience illness as our reality. Then around 6-7 years ago, I came to understand this relationship between ego and illness. Since then, illness has no longer been real in my life.

On a few occasions, I did start to feel a scratchy throat. I then immediately recognize that, in fact, I had been stressing more than usual—that I had slipped from my awakened state and was suffering from some egoic thoughts. On those few occasions when this did happen, I spent the day meditating many times. In each case, the illness was then reversed, and I was literally healed within one day.

I have not been to a doctor for 20 years and do not take any medication because I do not trust the corporate healthcare system. I do not believe that putting toxic substances into your body is the path toward healing. If it works for some, it is because they believe it works. They can do as they please. I, on the other hand, am not afraid of germs or illness in any form. It is purely a matter of spiritual faith that has been proven as reality.

The truth is, anyone who places full faith in this message—beyond any doubt—experiences the same reality as I have with respect to illness. Furthermore, this is a foundation of religious and spiritual freedom.

Any attempt by the state, media, or anyone to universally impose a “healthcare system-based reality” upon us is a direct attack on our spiritual and religious faith. It is fundamentally wrong to mandate masks or vaccines. It is an authoritarian, tyrannical attempt to force those who know the truth about God to publicly deny what we know. We resist because spiritual truth is primary. Any censorship against this message, or any punishment at all, is just as bigoted and wrong as racism.

Imagine how misguided it is—this attempt to brutally impose an untrue thought system upon a minority who knows better and does not believe in it. I would invite any honest, scientific-minded person to study people like me. What you will find is that the truth is self-evident: what we believe about illness becomes our experience with illness.

People often argue, “But Coronavirus is real. I had it and I have never been sicker. It was terrible.” To that, I say yes, of course. This is what you believe. When I believed as you, I also experienced illness the same way. Like millions of people across religious and spiritual traditions, I now know the truth about illness. I would like to please ask that you respect us even though we are different from you. It is a question of decency, tolerance, and basic human rights.  

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How to live mask-free and sane in a crazy world (April 2nd, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #102)

If you are against lock-downs and against mandatory masks, today's podcast will better prepare you to cope with the challenges and overcome the common obstacles.

I'm proud to say that YouTube banned the video, but you can listen on Bitchute

Or listen to the mp3 version of the podcast here:

Abscondo Podcast 102

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The world’s crisis is not mine and does not threaten me

The world is now openly insane. Yet the sane minority remain calm and without fear because we know what is real and unreal. We know that illnesses, attacks, threats, punishments, and lies are unreal to the point that they do not even exist. These are all just fear-based concepts of the ego—which is always wrong, confused about everything, and totally impotent.

Only what is real exists. What is true must be eternal, unchanging, and beyond threat (otherwise it isn’t real). There are certain laws to reality, and if we align with and obey these laws, we remain in perfect joy and peace. Here we cannot be threatened by the external violence and fear-based insanity around us.

In the simplest terms, reality is unconditional love and perfect honesty. We might call this the foundation of morality. Each of the Bible’s Ten Commandments, for example, relate to love and honesty. From this foundation, we can ask profound questions about what love is and what love does. What is it not and what does it not do? We can notice what happens when we think and act in a way that is not loving. We can also look at the inescapable consequences of dishonesty.

Belief in idols is the opposite of faith in reality. Belief in idols means belief that something unreal has power (status, wealth, a government, a healthcare system, a vaccine, etc.). In perfect love and perfect honesty, we are complete and perfect. Nothing can be added to complete and perfect—so there is no reason to seek or care about anything else. Everything we need in the world effortlessly flows to us when we shrug off idols and place all faith in reality.

This is no sacrifice and is not even difficult because nothing else but love and honesty are desirable. When you put all your faith here—when this becomes your reality—then that which is unreal does not even impact you. As the energy of love and honesty, you cannot be attacked. If someone tries, it will not affect your emotions and your loving response will diffuse the situation. All the fear mongering in the news, the endless threats of sickness, death, and violence against us—this is their attempt to make us believe in idols. Their idols are not any cure and their illness is not a reality.

There is only one way to end this crisis. We must want the truth—the good, bad, and the ugly. We must then learn what God’s perfect love is and what it does. We must understand what the ego is and does—and slay this serpent forever. The ego is that fear within you, that stress, that anger and desperation. It is also the collective ego that is driving all this madness everywhere. Fortunately, this crisis has finally exposed the ego’s insanity and ugliness—which has been living beneath the surface for thousands of years. Now that the insanity is exposed, there is no going back to a world where the ego can appear normal and functional. We are at ego’s end and God wins.

The only way forward, as individuals and as a society, is through unconditional love and perfect honesty. Our job is to learn to love ourselves, to humble ourselves and surrender to the Source, to find the bravery to speak the truth and want the truth—and then to extend that perfect love and truth-telling to a world of lost souls who need healing. To doubt this message is to decide against healing and joy and for suffering and crisis. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


A decentralized economy for the awakened world (Feb. 25th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #100)

As the good guys win and a new world order emerges, we need new systems and technologies to support our new way of life. Today I discuss the "I am" decentralized / quantum communications platform, currency, and social connecter. This concept is fully-developed and I am open to working with anyone who feels inspired.

You can also listen to the audio only version of the podcast here:

Abscondo Podcast 100