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Abscondo Podcast #82: This is the rapture, the so-called "second-coming" of Jesus Christ, and this is how to survive the end-times.

We are witnessing the death of the ego. To understand the implications, everyone needs to understand the meaning behind the story of the rapture. Those who do not awaken will not survive.

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Here's a technology that can help you navigate the new reality

Guys, I have a piece of technology that will help us navigate the new reality. I spent way too much money designing and building this for a world that didn't exist yet. Now it does.

Use it to state any need and you will match with the right person to fulfill it. As time goes on, we are going to have needs. Because businesses are being shut down, we will need to work with other people to get things done. By the way, the app also has a currency that can be used to buy and sell favors or things.

The app isn't perfect, but it works. The only problem with it now is that iPhone users can't use the messaging feature. Everything else works. For now, use your email address as your user name and people can write to you that way.

Download "I Am by Infobeing". Please like this post so I continue to reach people and do everything you can to get the word out. Corporate platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren't going to be enough. This free app is run by a charitable foundation, not a business.

This is only going to work if we get the word out because you'll need lots of users in your community to create a real people economy. My mission is to lead the effort, but success is up to you. Please share this wherever you can and let me know what I can do to support you.

You can read in-depth about this app and the purpose of it in chapter 10 of my free eBook "The Switch".

Links to the app.

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Day 1 in Slovakia's state of emergency (Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


My first day of the official "state of emergency" declared by the Slovak government is no different from any other of my days over the past 15 years. When everything non-essential is banned, we may then enjoy the essential. Because I've banned the non-essential from my life long ago, there's nothing I want to do today that I can't still do.

It's a rainy day, so I skipped the usual long morning walk pushing my son around town in the stroller. However, as usual, I started the day with a meditation. I don't eat breakfast because I do intermittent fasting every day. So then I did my 5 Tibetans exercise routine followed by yoga.


Next, I played with my son on the floor for a while.


I also played guitar and, for whatever reason, found myself exuberantly joyful despite the so-called catastrophe compounding in the news.


I haven't really watched the news for years, but over the past few days I did check the headlines. For business reasons, I felt I needed to know what is going on. Watching the news, however, is a terrible mistake. I found myself feeling so much fear, worrying about everything, carrying all this stress and unease within. I just wasn't myself at all. Is this how people who watch the news regularly feel?

It is because of the media that people are overwhelmed with fear. For this reason, business is now at a stand-still only because of a pretty bad flu? No, the real virus is the crisis which the media first imposed upon us. Those who are paying attention to the news are overwhelmed by fear and therefore lost to ourselves.

Joy is impossible if we allow panic and fear in our lives. You must turn it off to allow joy to naturally flow from within. When you feel good again, please extend that joy and this information to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Joy is how we heal from all disease and illness so that we may never experience it again.

Now I'll finish my daily spiritual readings and put out the daily post. Next I'll make lunch, do another meditation, and then check my email to deal with business issues. I'll also write to or call more friends and family because I need to spread all this pure joy I feel within! Somewhere between all that, I'll try to write a song or at least practice guitar.

Later we'll make dinner, spend some time together as a family, put our little guy to bed, and then my partner and I will drink some wine and enjoy the evening as a perfectly happy couple does. Sometimes we also have good friends come over in the evening for fun while the baby sleeps, but probably not tonight.

As of today, I've made a firm re-commitment to stop watching the media altogether. Because of this decision, I am so exuberant with joy and I will spread it as far and wide as possible in this eternal present moment. I don't need to travel, to attend a sporting event, to go to the mall, or to a restaurant or bar. Everything I want and need is right here within me and all around me.

Forget about what's in the media. Things will be wonderful if you tune it out completely. If you can just pay attention to the real life around you, this could be the best time of your life and even an awakening to a new life that you enjoy every single day.


"[When people] dearly love their homes, they aren't interested in travel. There may be a few wagons and boats, but these don't go anywhere." Lao Tzu

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Rules—while justified by the story that we are guilty—are only a means to enslave us.

The purpose of a rule is not to prevent you from doing wrong; this could be done more effectively. The purpose is to teach that you are bad and guilty—that something is inherently wrong with you.

Because it is untrue, this idea of guilt requires extensive teaching. That’s what the church, the media, and school is for. Learn the lesson that people are bad and, more importantly, that we need authority to keep us in check.

Authority, of course, does not limit itself by the very rules it makes. Authority defines itself as supreme. Unlike the rest of us, the government does harm, kill, threaten, rob, and print money to enrich themselves and so on. It is centralized authority that is to be feared, not people.

Would you do harm? Do you need rules to protect others from your evil nature? What if everyone was taught meditation, present moment awareness, spiritual principles and the thought system of love? What if the error of violence was corrected through love and not punishment?

Imagine a decentralized government whose job is only to help people and correct error with love. If any violence remained in such a society, a dangerous person could be isolated—but under the conditions of help, not punishment. If anyone were to steal or attack, the entire community could come together to help the person understand the error, to provide the love that was obviously lacking, to forgive and to heal.

In our natural state, we want to feel safe, free, and to be loved and accepted. We want to play, to have fun, and to feel good. We do not need rules at all, and certainly not the punishments and rewards and ongoing fear that follows. Let us look clearly at what we have been taught not to question so that we may expose this massive lie for what it is.


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Has there ever been a widespread spiritual awakening? Or is it happening now?

My answer to both questions is absolutely not. First, I will describe what I mean by spiritual awakening; which can also be called by countless other terms like salvation, atonement, moksha, nirvana, or being saved.

People who claim to have spiritually awakened describe the experience as an all-encompassing freedom whereby our problems end. An awareness of spirit identity emerges as the whole truth, bringing with it a feeling of uninterrupted inner peace and joy. Spiritual awakening means the abolishment of fear, a sense of limitless love for oneself and for all creatures, a life of righteous truth, and an ongoing awareness of the present moment. Guilt from the past is relinquished and worries about the future end. This state is very real (if also subtle), and it is the ultimate experience of being. 

I do experience the state of spiritual awakening almost daily, but never quite as a continuous state. People, like me, who have experienced a spiritual awakening even once instantly recognize it as the only solution to the world's problems. Upon this recognition, we are naturally called upon to share what we have teach others so that they, too, may heal. Unfortunately, no matter how we try to share it, no one is really interested in healing. Why is this?

Even in rare instances when people do open up enough to experience spiritual awakening, we stop short of going all the way. Through various teachings, millions of people have succeeded in awakening on the individual level, but salvation cannot endure as only an individual experience. Any awakening that requires solitude or carefully-constructed protection is not an awakening; only a vacation from the world.

To live continuously in truth, we would need to face the world while not yielding to it. We would need a perfect, unshakable collective faith in our spiritual enlightenment that is so strong that nothing in the world would ever tempt us to step away from our deep knowing of God's love. To do this as an individual might get you hung on the cross; but to do it collectively would finally end the 4,000+ year grip that the ego (the anti-Christ) has had on humanity.

To maintain perfect faith (i.e. the state of ongoing spiritual awakening) means that we cannot act in ways that directly oppose what we believe. It means living eternal truths and withdrawing from anything related to the tragic errors of the world. The lies, the attacks, the corruption, the injustice, the violent institutions of the world and the fiat currencies we are meant to worship as our idols must be called by their proper name if spiritual awakening is ever going to be widespread and continuous for any of us.

So far, in response to any major challenges to our faith, we always become fearful. We just back down every time and everyone just complies with what is normal because we are afraid. Despite our best intentions, the result is that we try to serve two masters and, by doing so, we always slip from nirvana. Nothing ever changes because we don't come together to make a different choice. What we see as impossible (the healing of the world) is only so because we choose for it to be so.

There can be no true collective spiritual awakening or consciousness revolution unless we are willing to fully join together in truth to embrace only that which is real. The violent systems and the people who serve them would surely mock us and then try to terrify us with threats and punishments. Yet, because the truth is beyond threat, if a massive number of people decided to live in this superior state of being and really meant it, then things would change. 

It isn't that the consciousness revolution is impossible or that no one knows the way. A very real alternative is presented in the eBook The Switch and with the I Am by Infobeing mobile app. This is just one clear path toward a consciousness revolution and there are countless others. Yet, no real shift has ever happened throughout history and I don't expect it to happen now. The ego's grip on everyone is far too strong.

I don't know anyone who would even agree with this post; yet I know this to be true and so I continue in perfect love and openness anyway.

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The only true revolution is a consciousness revolution.

Any revolution that does not involve an escape from the ego is no revolution at all.

What about huge protests and uprisings? This type of activism only validates the legitimacy of centralized authority (making it seem more real) and does nothing to undo a system of egoic domination.

How about a violent overthrow? Terrifying, leaves a vacuum of power, and falls short of changing the way people think and behave.

Elections? You mean the ones run by a system of centralized authority designed to maintain power so that they may continue to control and exploit you?

New technology? Possibly. Does it lead to the destruction of ego? Harmonious union? True abundance through creation being unleashed on a massive scale? Alignment with perfect love?

The cancer of the world is ego—a belief in separation, an identification with form which is manifested in attack. The consciousness revolution is the undoing of ego and the decentralization of a society based on the values of love.

The consciousness revolution—the silent revolution of awakening within—is the only revolution that will lead to instant, lasting, fundamental change. It isn’t something we need to fight for. We need only decide that we want it. So far, not many people want it because they have yet to escape ego.


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I am love.


All religions, belief systems, philosophies, economic systems, and lifestyles either teach love or the opposite; which is fear.

Love is truth, beauty, wisdom, health, abundance, happiness, and all that is in alignment with life.

Fear is suffering, sickness, insanity, lack, violence and all that is in alignment with death.

Any religion, belief system, philosophy, economic system, or relationship style that teaches fear is designed to enslave you. That which teaches love sets you free.

Love is the energy of life itself, accessible only in the present moment, in the state of unconditional acceptance. Anything that pulls you away from this place is false and can easily be ignored. You know this is true because you look within and know what you are. You are love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Marianne Williamson for President!

I consider Marianne the only interesting candidate for President of the United States. My support of her campaign is total, complete, and comes without any hesitation. Finally, there is a political candidate who fully represents me.

To understand Marianne Williamson, one need look no further than the spiritual text A Course in Miracles. In my experience, this great work is one of the most effective portals into true and total spiritual enlightenment. Using Christian terminology, The Course teaches the thought system of perfect love. To truly study the course requires an open mind; and the result can be nothing other than a total and complete spiritual awakening. 

If it hadn’t been for her decades of talking about and teaching A Course in Miracles, this work might have remained obscure. More than any other person alive, she brought it to life. In so doing, she’s already changed the lives of millions (mine included). I study, write about and speak about A Course in Miracles almost daily and am on my third reading over the past three years.

Marianna Williamson’s progressive political positions are identical to mine, but what’s interesting about her is not the politics. Centered within the thought system of perfect love, she speaks from a place that transcends politics. Politics are the workings of ego; an endless game of strategy with no heart, focused entirely on getting, winning, and gaining power. 

Like many of her followers, I was highly skeptical when I heard that she was running for President. At one point in my life, I was a political junkie who could debate every policy point with the best of them. But my spiritual awakening revealed that our human needs are only fulfilled in a realm that transcends ego—the dimension beyond physical form. Love, feeling good, happiness, creative inspiration, human connection, health—none of this is tangible, measurable or material. A positive state of being arises only from the empty nothingness of the spiritual dimension within.

But to spiritually awaken cannot mean that you withdraw from the world. Becoming a ray of light brings a responsibility to illuminate the darkness. Love is not to be protected and made private; for this would be an impotent kind of love. Love, the energy of all truth and power, is to be extended far and wide. This is done through openly teaching, creating, serving and caring for others and for the world. From this position of strength, Marianne Williamson is running for President. This is why millions of enlightened people are supporting her and why she will be the most popular candidate.

I do not, however, believe she will become President. Even if she does, she will not be able to overturn the centralized systems of violence, fear and destruction. The system cannot and will not allow this from within. However, what she is doing, and what we can do, is to speak the truth clearly and loudly so that all the lies, corruption, and destruction perpetuated by a system incapable of doing anything else is exposed. I support that and I join my sister in this mission.

Regardless of the outcome, this historic attempt to bring spiritual truth to the world through politics will be a massive success—something beyond the scale of what Bernie Sanders accomplished last time. But an immovable problem remains; centralization cannot deliver truth, love and peace. Maybe people don’t understand this yet, but my mission is to lead this conversation after her run for the Presidency comes to a conclusion.

The spiritual revolution will not be brought to us through any form of centralization—not through government, not through religion, not via the corporate media, and not through schools.  Love can only exist in freedom. Centralization always opposes freedom. That’s what it does—systems put limits on us. They control, manipulate and exploit. Religion is centralized, while true spirituality is free and decentralized. Groups set rules, while one-on-one relationships set us free. Governments regulate human interaction through fear (laws), while perfect relationships are rooted in love and can have no boundaries.

The only system worth fighting for is a system of freedom that is beyond the reach of the violent arms of government. When we learn to identify with our perfect completeness within, and extend that to all the world in freedom, the revolution that Marianne is talking about will have already happened. We don’t need to win anything. We just need to declare ourselves free and then act that way. We need to love ourselves and then connect with other free, loving souls.

I’m glad Marianne Williamson is running for President. She may be a modern-day Jesus—perhaps capable of inspiring a massive awakening. But we must remember that whether she wins or not is not so important. The revolution is already ours when we decide that we want it.

My life’s work is to create a decentralized system of love. My foundation has built a social media platform that connects people in love. This community is also built upon a decentralized cryptocurrency called IAM, which is used for transactions between the members of this community. You can download the free, Beta (not yet decentralized) version of I Am by Infobeing from the App Store or Google Play (just search for it). We’re just getting started, but you can join now because it already works. We can choose to live in a different world now. We can use technology to spread and share our love, peace and happiness.

I commit my life to working alongside Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and so many other true leaders to galvanize a movement of perfect love that goes beyond speaking and writing and even beyond politics. Thank you, Marianne, for inspiring us all in love.


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Ego is the only problem

We start movements, join causes, and we try to change the world. Yet even on those rare occasions when a battle is won, nothing ever seems to change.

Throughout history, there have been countless revolutions. At first, the cause seems noble and promising. In time, the new leaders and their new systems end up just as oppressive and corrupt as the previous ones. Is real change even possible? Can there be a real revolution that fundamentally changes the world by solving the core problem?

The core problem that needs to be solved goes by a name: ego. Any revolution that stops short of transcending ego is no revolution at all.

The ego is violent. Egoic institutions are violent and the people in the grip of the ego are also violent. Within the ego, there is no possibility of real love, no compassion, no understanding, no acceptance, and no trust. Everyone is treated as a criminal and our thought system is based on fear, suspicion, and belief in force and punishment as a way of dealing with challenges and organizing society.

In the grip of ego, people are badly suffering. The conditioned voice in the head is torturing us. The system is telling us to be afraid and then exploiting our fear. This creates so much stress that illness is normal and suffering profitable. Consumption is falsely offered as the remedy. So, we thoughtlessly sacrifice our own lives and the planet in pursuit of a happiness that never comes. Yet without ego, joy is our normal state.

For thousands of years, civilization has attempted to solve our existential crisis on the level of the external. We cling to false identities—fighting for our special causes, defending our ideas, and claiming that we are right and that others are wrong. Here there is no love—only more ego and endless war and conflict.

Any movement that arises from ego—religion included—fails to solve the core problem and only creates different manifestations of the problem. We continue to reinforce our belief in the material world and continue trying to solve existential issues on the level of form. This cannot work because the material realm is temporary and unstable. Here there can be no lasting truth. The history of civilization may be interesting, but so far it is only the predictable history of ego failure.

What would a true revolution look like? First—on the personal, inner level—this consciousness revolution is a massive shift away from fear and toward the thought system of perfect love. In love, we accept everyone unconditionally. All solutions to all problems are loving and never violent.

In love, we effortlessly give. We serve our brothers and sisters because that’s what love naturally does. We are honest and open with our neighbors because we know we are accepted. We create true value and abundance by working and creating consciously (lovingly). We instantly forgive and offer compassion. We solve problems rather than perpetuating them. We do whatever excites us (as long as it is loving) and it is okay.

If someone goes off course, we see it as a cry for love and we respond accordingly. We believe in one another because, on the level of spirit or consciousness, we are all the same and we are one. 

Now let’s look at this new society on the level of form. This, the only real revolution, would be decentralized. If there is no ego, then there can be no centralized authority that has any right to threaten or use violence against anyone. Legal rights, property rights, and the way we organize the functioning of our society would be fully democratized through decentralized systems.

If there is law enforcement and courts, it is by consent of all parties. They are setup not to punish but to offer the help needed to correct the problems lovingly. No entity has authority over anyone else and prisons are replaced with retreats to help us overcome any challenges related to ego. All problems arise from ego and all solutions are found in love. There is no sin, only error. Perfect love is the only correction to error.

Recent movements like the blockchain revolution have shown great potential to promote the shift toward decentralization—but most people are not yet ready for decentralization on a spiritual level. Freedom is decentralization. However, before people are ready for freedom, they will need to escape the violent thought system of ego.

Many Christians talk of the end of times—a Satan or devil that rules the world until Jesus returns. This devil is just a metaphor for ego (which, of course, does rule the world) and the “second coming” is not a battle—just a massive awakening from this nightmare. The “end of times” is, quite simply, awakening to the now (where time isn’t perceived as real). Unfortunately, the people waiting for the second coming are waiting for the man in the sky to appear. They are missing the metaphor.

It is not possible to serve two masters. Attempt to make some ego real and we continue to serve ego. Fortunately, more and more of us are choosing true purification—undoing all fear, all negative emotion, all greed, violence, and selfishness…not through willpower but through awakening from ego.

The only real revolution is a spiritual awakening. There are many different words, concepts, and paths toward awakening—but they all point to the same truth. When most people have aligned with the thought system of perfect love, then the real and only revolution will have already happened without a fight. The ego, and its systems, will have no power over us and we are free. Until then, let’s not hope for any real change. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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To undo the disastrous effects of tyranny, we need only awaken to being and recondition the mind to love.

We have fought the system for centuries and have been ignored. We have engaged in our so-called democracies only to watch government corruption and oppression increase while the faces change. We’ve tried to ignore it. We’ve complained about it. We know the truth about it. Still nothing changes.

But there is something we haven’t tried yet: a consciousness revolution. It is the only true and lasting revolution because it is the only loving one. If the problem is a system based on fear, then the solution is a movement based on love.

Each person who awakens—there are already millions of us around the world and growing—becomes a revolutionary without any risk or effort at all. We cannot be manipulated because we are not fearful. We cannot be lied to because anything that is not love is easily ignored. We don’t respond to threat and intimidation because we are perfectly peaceful and cause no harm. We don’t engage much with the institutions because external form doesn’t really matter. Perfect health and happiness is already present within, so the cycle of additions are broken and destructive consumption decreases.

The only problem in this world is ego. To doubt this is to believe in the system. All centralized institutions are egoic in their functioning. To engage with them is to engage in ego. No change and no victory can be found here.

Freedom is decentralized. Authority comes from within. The solutions come from us—but only when we escape our egos and ignore ego anywhere and everywhere it exists. Only our light can change the world—not through doing; rather, through being. Spread the word. Teach.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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