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How to cope (January 22nd, 2021 | Podcast #94)

Whatever side you are on, the problem is that we are waiting for the future. Find out how to change this way of thinking. Unblock yourself to live fully and in perfect joy, no matter the events of the world.

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Abscondo Podcast 94


Abscondo Podcast #93: Q, the Great Awakening, and what is happening now

Those who are suffering from the Biden inauguration will feel much better after listening to this podcast. This is a new, concrete theory about what is happening in the world right now. Were the conspiracy theories real? Why didn't it go down the way we expected? This outcome may be far better than we hoped (revealed at around the 15:00 mark).

More importantly, we talk about overcoming the emotionally damaging experience we have been through and becoming your our best selves regardless of world events. Let us consider what "awakening" really is, and how it has nothing to do with past or future. Hope and fear have led us astray, but we have also been shown the truth. At the end of this podcast, you will feel better and will see things very differently. Enjoy! 

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Abscondo Podcast 93

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Abscondo Podcast #92: Coping with world events

We all want this dark time to end, but how can we stay strong in the process?

Abscondo Podcast #91: What happens after the Great Awakening?

With all this talk of the Great Awakening, the threat of COVID and the Great Reset, election fraud, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, MAGA, MEGA, and so on...I wanted to offer the perspective of a person who has gone through his own Great Awakening almost 20 years ago. What is life like? What comes next? What other steps are required for happiness?

Abscondo Podcast #90: Love, spiritual awakening, and world events with Prasad Paul Duffy

Today's podcast is available in video only. Prasad is a Writer, Producer and Director who has worked in Hollywood for many years.

For the past 35 years, he has also been active in the spiritual community and has become a true friend and even guru to countless people around the world. Join us for a spirited conversation about love, relationships, writing, and toward the end we even get into our views on COVID-19 and the Great Reset.

Enjoy our conversation and read more about Prasad at

Abscondo Podcast #89: How to end violence now

If you going to listen to or read just one thing I've written or said, make it this podcast episode. 

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Abscondo Podcast #88: Do we believe yet?

There is still just that one solution to every problem, the only response to everything, the only possibility of salvation, the only way to change the world. Do we believe yet?

Abscondo Podcast 88

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Abscondo Podcast #87: How to end racism, police brutality and oppression

Here's a controversial and unorthodox solution to solve the problem rather than continually escalating it with more attack and counterattack.

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Abscondo Podcast #86: The Consciousness Revolution and the New Earth

As the world's insanity escalates and systems begin to fail, what is already emerging is the Consciousness Revolution. This is the only viable response to today's challenges, a total release of fiction and error, an awakening to a beautiful new world and a healing of ourselves and the planet. Enjoy the video podcast or find it wherever you normally listen to podcasts. 

Abscondo Podcast #85: Welcome to the post-ego era

This podcast includes an in-depth analysis to help you understand the so-called Covid-19 crisis, the reason it happened, the implications in your life, and the path forward.

Abscondo Podcast 85