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Unconditional happiness

In the normal, mind-identified, egoic state, it is the mind that pulls us away from happiness. The mind is like a computer that never shuts off—constantly feeding us thoughts. A good portion of those thoughts are judgements about what is good and what is bad.

The mind tells you that you can only be happy if specific conditions are met (i.e. good things happen or nothing bad happens). The problem is that those conditions we strive for are sometimes unrealistic, out of reach or out of our control. The other problem is that, even when all sorts of good things do happen, the mind almost immediately shifts the goal by finding a new problem—a new reason why you should worry or become frustrated. Thus, the ego’s conditions for happiness never result in happiness. Remember, the ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find”.

The mind doesn’t know anything about happiness because the mind cannot feel, only think. Happiness is only possible when you get outside the mind, and this requires no conditions other than a decision to do so.

The practice of unconditional happiness is one of the highest forms of spirituality. Much like unconditional love, it is a decision that comes from the heart. Happiness is a state of being in which you feel good and you are overflowing with positive energy and inspiration. No external conditions need be met before you can go there. Simply open your heart, stop believing your thoughts mean anything, and allow your inner love to connect with the present moment. Now it is possible to be truly and deeply happy, and to stay there tomorrow and each day after that.  


To grow is to lose your fear of union

Unawake, we seek safety and protection by cutting ourselves off from everything disturbing. This is belief in separation—the idea that we are separate from other people and even from the universe itself. We believe we are special, tragically misunderstood, so we hide in dark prisons made of imaginary walls. Overcome by so much fear, we retreat and become little.

Growth is expansion. Expansion is opening your heart and mind to make others part of you and you part of them. Love is the energy of growth. It is only in love that we can unite with our brothers and sisters in harmony and reach beyond our littleness.

Our minds have been conditioned with so many boundaries—all of which are entirely fictitious. Awakened—fully in the present moment, open to what is and aligned with love—you learn to fearlessly walk right through these boundaries. You serve your brothers and sisters, you open your heart and mind to the joy and bliss of union, you create from the heart—all the while you are growing, expanding, making the entire universe one with you because there is only this oneness.

Look beyond the imagined walls, the meaningless differences in the world of form, to see the oneness—which is truth, which is the realm of everything you want and value. We are not just capable of growth; rather, we are limitless because we are the oneness. We continue to undo the illusion of separation so that we may join together in perfect union tomorrow and each day after that.


It is impossible to make real what is untrue.

You do have the power to choose between eternal truth and the countless dreams of illusion, but no strategy or tactic could ever make fantasy real.

What is true needs nothing from you, therefore there is nothing to be figured out or done. Awareness of truth, therefore, requires only the undoing of illusion, the correction of error, the opening of the heart and mind.

If ego is only illusion, which it is, then you need not fight against it or defend yourself from it. Let the errors of illusion come, as they always do in an insane world, but let these things pass right through you as you stay wide open to the vast oneness.

You are consciousness, pure awareness beyond the mind and body. You are the energy of love, the spark of creation, the miracle of life. No illusion is convincing enough to dim your light. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


New possibilities are only found on the other side of the pain

Growth requires that you go beyond your boundaries. You know that you are approaching your boundaries when you begin to feel pain or discomfort. This is where most people retreat, and to retreat is to remain in a sort of cage.

But if you keep walking directly into the pain, if you accept and embrace it without retreating, and then if you take just one more step forward—you will be be set free.

Walk through the pain to find that you are capable of infinite possibilities. Each time you confront a limitation or fear with acceptance, your heart is first overtaken with the emotion. But if you stand firm and do not retreat, then something else happens. The discomfort begins to dissolve. New possibilities are only found on the other side of the pain.

Most of us wait in vain for opportunities and change, never realizing that we are limited only by our own boundaries. Our minds create a labyrinth of likes and dislikes. Then we attempt to manipulate reality accordingly. The problem is that our minds have very little control over a reality that is shared with billions of other people in a universe so complex, so vast in both a bigness and smallness that is beyond our perception or comprehension.

Humbly walk into, and then through the pain—through your self-imposed boundaries into a universe of infinite possibilities. There is no other possibility for progress. This takes bravery and practice, but is so much better than the alternative. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Pleasures of the ego are no pleasures at all

To be in the grip of the ego is to be completely identified with your mind and its constant stream of thoughts. Here you are not a whole, complete person because your reality is limited and restricted.

The mind cannot experience well-being, nor love, nor joy and bliss, nor excitement. In truth, the mind cannot feel anything. Live here and exist not as a human, but as something like a cold, malfunctioning computer that never turns off.

Better to become a whole person by opening your heart to love. Love brings emotions, uncontrollable passions, and allows us even the ecstatic gift of sex. What you want is to feel, and it is only in the body that we feel.

Negative feelings are what happens when your mind is in full control—feeding your body toxic thoughts that close your chakras and block your energy. But learn not to take insane thoughts seriously, to not believe them, then your body functions exactly as it was designed to. Now everything feels good—and what you want more than anything else is to feel good. But the ego will never ever ever allow you to feel good—not now and not in a million years. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Openness is not something you can practice on your own

Those who attempt to manipulate and use you do so by convincing you to close your heart and mind. If you agree with their authority over you—if you do react to their violence by closing your heart and mind—then you have surrendered and have been made a slave.

But if you master the art of always opening your heart and mind, you become free no matter what your external circumstances. You transcend the limitations of the world to shine a light filled with love, inspiration, healing energy and beauty.

Do not close yourself in fear or the natural energy within you will dim and ultimately sputter out. Open your heart and mind in your relationships, your work, your play, your life.

Practice faith by forming eternal spiritual connections with the intention of opening your hearts and set no limits or boundaries. Openness is not something you can practice on your own! We continue to feel the energy build tomorrow and each day after that.


Don’t close

You may be surprised to find out that what you truly want is not the perfect relationship, accomplishment, car, house, wealth, or anything external. What you most deeply want is to feel good inside.

You may have believed that the way to finally feel good is to get your life aligned perfectly. Until then, you remain closed to all the things you don’t like, struggling toward the things you do, but without much inner fire or energy.

The problem is, life is not designed in a way that you can get everything you want and you certainly can’t avoid the challenges. Even if you could, it wouldn’t make you happy unless you were open.

What you most deeply want is only possible with an open heart and mind. When you are wide open to everything life brings — all the people, all the situations — then your energy increases, you are filled with love and inspiration, everything looks and feels beautiful. This state is what you want, and this is your natural state of being.

The only thing you have to do is to not close. Simply practice not closing your heart and mind. Embrace what comes, accept it, stay open completely and say yes even to what you normally avoid, even if at first it feels unnatural.

Now you are instantly unblocked and you have everything you want without struggling to change the world around you. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Fear is the cause of all problems

Fear is what happens when you hold onto something, when you fail to let go. This closes your heart and mind, which blocks the natural energy within you from flowing.

In the healthy state of being, everything happening to you and around you passes right through your mind and heart. It comes and goes, so you can enjoy life and you don’t hold on to any emotional baggage.

In this state, you are at your best, you are filled with excitement each moment, your life is a total success.

You don’t need life to be a certain way to achieve perfect and lasting happiness—you need only remove the blocks and open your heart and mind. How? By opening your heart and mind.

Make it a habit to accept what comes fully and then let go completely. Always say yes to love, knowing to your core that love is the opposite of fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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The more you learn to stay open, the more energy can flow into you. (Michael A. Singer)

A few related quotes from Untethered Soul:

“If you like energy, and you do, then don’t ever close.”

“If you want, you can learn to stay open no matter what happens in this world. You simply decide not to close.”

“Closing your heart does not really protect you from anything; it just cuts you off from your source of energy.”

We are conditioned to resist and to reject people, situations, or opportunities that feel unfamiliar. But nothing comes into your life by accident. Open yourself to what comes your way or else you get stuck – which is a dreadful state of little progress and low energy.

It doesn’t matter whether you like the person, situation or experience. The important thing is to stay open – but to do so on your terms. Staying open doesn’t mean allowing others to manipulate you or take advantage. It simply means saying yes, and then as you move forward following your intuition. This is a beautiful, thrilling, fun, exciting journey inward.

Say yes, but never to anything that would limit your soul from being free. Be honest and up-front about this and always act on your freedom to be open. Those who would attempt to limit you will be repelled, while those who will truly enrich your life will be attracted.

The people in this world whose lives are happy, filled with energy, success and abundance are the people whose hearts and minds are wide open. Whatever comes your way, just allow universal intelligence to work in your life by accepting it.

In 2019 and beyond, no more resistance, no more fear, no more rejecting and closing yourself off. Come alive and feel the energy! We continue tomorrow and each day after that.