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You move on more quickly when you bring a “yes” to the present moment. (Eckhart Tolle)

If the world doesn’t ever seem to give us what we want, it is because the world is not here to give us what we want. This is not the world’s function. The world of form is here to challenge us so that we go more deeply into the formless.

We cannot expect the world to give us what it cannot. None of our deepest needs can be satisfied by the world. Those longings, cravings, dreams and desires are there to pull us back to our true identity—the stillness, the nothingness, the formless dimension within. Satisfaction can only be found within.

From this perspective, we see the world differently. Rather than expecting it to give us something, we accept what it is. Now we stop resisting. We say yes to its challenges and notice its simple beauty.

Why say yes to the present moment? Because it is all we can ever have. The present moment is the only place where you can experience anything. This is where everything is, always was, and always will be. The alternative would be to place faith in an endless stream of thought-forms having to do with past and future. This would be an error, and error can be easily corrected.


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Lay the ego aside, it will be gone. (A Course in Miracles)

The ego wants to run your life. For it to succeed, you need only remain unaware that it exists. Continue to believe that you are entirely your thoughts, your body, and your life situation. Believe that sickness and suffering are inevitable, that the ways you have been victimized and oppressed are inescapable. Continue to convince yourself that permanent joy, love and peace are impossible.

Most people believe that some ego is natural and that it is impossible to completely escape the ego. I have found that it is possible, and fully desirable, to abolish this parasite called the ego. Simply look at it. Watch it. Observe. Know what it is and what it does. When you do this, you will no longer want it.

If you are not ready to do this, you can put these teachings aside for some time. Suffer a bit more. Come back when you want perfect love, joy, happiness, freedom and abundance. Perhaps you still believe that there is something of value to be offered by the ego. Has its guidance brought lasting happiness so far? Has it ever delivered to you what it promises? No, it surely hasn’t, and you are free to choose a different thought system which does deliver.

The ego seeks salvation in external form. But even if you get what you believe will make you happy, it doesn’t work for long. There is always a momentary high followed by depression. On to the next thing, and so on and so on. The ego seeks, but it cannot find.

Why not rid yourself of this parasite? You can choose perfect honesty in your life and the ego will not survive. Or go into the present moment. What problem do you have at this moment? Who is the “I” observing the thoughts in your mind? Or can you love yourself from within? Notice the silence, the stillness, and the beauty within you and surrounding you right now and always.
Congratulations if you have already transcended ego. If not, know that you can lay the ego aside when you are ready—and that it will be gone.


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Love, as a continuous state, is as-yet very rare. As rare as conscious human beings. (Eckhart Tolle)

Romantic relationships, on one level, are extremely satisfying. You are in love. You feel alive. Your existence feels meaningful. You feel complete when you are together. The feeling is so intense that it becomes addictive. From a deep sense of neediness comes the fear of abandonment. This clinging is the cause of the negative side of the relationship.

Most romantic relationships oscillate between the positive and the negative every few days, weeks or months. The negative manifests as “possessiveness, jealousy, control, withdrawal and unspoken resentment, the need to be right, insensitivity and self-absorption, emotional demands and manipulation, the urge to argue, criticize, judge, blame or attack, anger, rage and physical violence.” -Eckhart Tolle

“Was it love in the first place, or just an addictive grasping and clinging?”

The romantic love relationship seems to offer relief from the suffering of this life. But without a deeper spiritual awakening, it doesn’t work for long. The positive turns to negative and back again. The relationship spirals downward because so much damage is being done along the way. The ego cannot forgive, so the relationship eventually collapses under its own weight. In time, you come to believe that the other person is not relief from suffering; rather, the cause of it. The feeling is mutual. You can stay together and suffer or leave. Neither option offers much hope.

There is another way. You can end the cycle now. You will not find salvation in the current relationship nor the next one, but you can find it in the present moment. Rather than trying to be in love, you can be love.

Let go of the past, the expectations, and the clinging. Free yourself and your partner from the rules and demands. Love yourself and your partner unconditionally. Practice total honesty, communicating only in the language of love. This is love as a continuous state, where there is no negative and positive—just love. This is easy to do when free of ego, but impossible when identified with it.


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The only true revolution is a consciousness revolution.

Any revolution that does not involve an escape from the ego is no revolution at all.

What about huge protests and uprisings? This type of activism only validates the legitimacy of centralized authority (making it seem more real) and does nothing to undo a system of egoic domination.

How about a violent overthrow? Terrifying, leaves a vacuum of power, and falls short of changing the way people think and behave.

Elections? You mean the ones run by a system of centralized authority designed to maintain power so that they may continue to control and exploit you?

New technology? Possibly. Does it lead to the destruction of ego? Harmonious union? True abundance through creation being unleashed on a massive scale? Alignment with perfect love?

The cancer of the world is ego—a belief in separation, an identification with form which is manifested in attack. The consciousness revolution is the undoing of ego and the decentralization of a society based on the values of love.

The consciousness revolution—the silent revolution of awakening within—is the only revolution that will lead to instant, lasting, fundamental change. It isn’t something we need to fight for. We need only decide that we want it. So far, not many people want it because they have yet to escape ego.


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Being faced with an impossible learning situation is the most depressing thing in the world. (A Course in Miracles)

“This is why the world, itself, is depressing. Whenever the reaction to learning is depression, it is because the true goal of the curriculum has been lost sight of.” -A Course in Miracles.

In a world ruled by ego, we are guided only into confusion and chaos. The result is fear and depression. To awaken is to align with spirit rather than ego. Only free from ego can we love. All joy, bliss, and peace flow instantly and eternally from love.

What is the goal of our learning? What is it for? If the lesson is sacrifice, know that none of our needs can be met through sacrifice. Give everything, but not in sacrifice. Sacrifice, by its own definition, takes you further away from everything you want by sacrificing it!

The ego gives us endless reasons to accept that which we do not want and do not enjoy. Authority has conditioned us to accept that which feels unnatural, uninspiring and depressing. This is, indeed, losing sight of the curriculum. But we can, instead, choose healing as our curriculum.

To heal is to restore the normal function of the mind and body by ignoring the dark voices of authority, looking within, paying attention to the stillness, and following the silent guidance emerging from intuition.

You know you are awakened when you feel good right now and always. This is only possible when you courageously decide to choose deep honesty and truth rather than fear. The freed mind effortlessly communicates in love, connects in oneness, and creates with the purpose of joy. Here all needs are met.

This is our curriculum—our purpose in this life. Use perfect honesty to escape the ego so that you may heal in love.


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What most people call love is not love


Love can only be known after you have learned to escape the ego. What the ego calls love is fearful, prideful, possessive, selfish and jealous. This is ego — the opposite of love — and love cannot be experienced this way.

  • Love is unconditional giving and limitless creating; while the ego merely gives to get. 
  • Love is oneness; while the ego negotiates and defines love through separation.
  • Love is acceptance; while the ego resists and makes rules.
  • Love is forgiveness; while the ego seeks power in blame, shame, judgment, condemnation, and punishment.
  • Love is freedom; while the ego seeks to prove love through sacrifice.
  • Love is eternal; while everything the ego does is temporary.
  • Love is success and abundance; while ego is limiting

The loving response is the right solution to every problem and the perfect response to every challenge. The ego only attacks — causing more problems, further separation, and blocking abundance.

Abundance cannot flow into your life if love is not pouring out. The ego cuts off abundance, miscreates and produces a catastrophic trail of failure. This is how most people live, but a life aligned with love is so much more fun — so easy and blissful.

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Relationships grounded in separation will end in separation.

You meet someone. Souls unite. Life is beautiful. You are filled with passion and feel fully alive. You’re both madly in love and it feels like nothing in the world could tear you apart.

Because you want to hold onto this feeling forever, you start making rules. “Stop communicating with your ex. I don’t like how you look at her. Aren’t I enough? I don’t want to hear about that. I need to know where you are at all times.” This is not love; rather, manipulation that is based on the values of separation and enforced through the violent emotion of jealousy.

The world tells us that if we find the right person, he or she will fulfill all our needs for life. There should be no needs outside of the one relationship. Follow this relationship model and you have become a so-called “serious couple”, properly separated from the world, cut-off, and isolated.

This never works. Too many rules and restrictions limit the natural drive for freedom. People feel good when they feel free—free to express themselves completely, free to explore, free to follow inspiration and intuition.

Ignore this fact and find yourselves arguing, bickering, constantly attempting to control and to manipulate. Next come the little lies, and then eventually the big ones. All the while, you feel alone, isolated, deeply desiring some freedom. Unmet needs turn into fantasies—none of which can be fulfilled or expressed within the relationship. Now you either look outside the relationship or you simply repress it all as you turn into a typical, bickering, miserable couple.

Eventually you might decide to end it. Here again, you act according to the values of separation. You sever all contact and try to move on. Custody battles. Legal proceedings. Misery for everyone.

You meet someone new only to do the same thing with the next partner. Yet despite the painful separation, you still love each other. That original spark of love was real. What’s real is eternal and cannot be made unreal. But rather than trusting that love eternally, you chose separation all along. So much suffering caused only by this one error.

There is another option. It is called love—total union with each other, unconditionally, without exclusion.    


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You are not your thoughts. You are simply aware of your thoughts. (Michael A. Singer)

That voice in your head sounds like your own. Most people believe that this mind-chatter is who they are.

The voice nags you, tells you what to do, who not to trust. It also cares a lot about what people think. It regrets the past, worries about the future, and dwells on problems. The voice in your head constantly lectures, wants to be right, yet is inconsistent and usually wrong. Yet no matter how crazy the thoughts have been, too often you’ve taken them seriously.

Who is it that is listening to the voice? Who is observing the thoughts, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds? You are watching and observing your mind, but you are not your mind.

Are you your body? Which body? The one you had when you were 12 years old? Or the one you have now? Is it not the same you both then and now?

You inhabit the body, but you are not the body. Who is the “your” when I refer to your mind, your body, your problems, your situation, your identity?

You are the observer—the unchanging being who is perceiving through mind and body. Here you are perfect, complete, safe and in peace—watching in silence and stillness from a realm that is beyond the physical. To forget this is to perceive lack, fear, and suffering. To remember is to enjoy life right now and always.


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Attack teaches nothing of value.

We punish, we make sarcastic comments, we argue—telling ourselves that we are “teaching a lesson.” But attack teaches nothing of value.

When you attack others in any way, you teach only fear. They are not comprehending your logic and do not see how you are justified. They see you only as an enemy, a source of fear, which is the opposite of love and the emotion of separation.

Those who fear you in any way will withdraw so that their truths are withheld from you. You may demand honesty and openness, but if you have attacked you will not get it. Attack is your ego projecting separation as a solution. Attack breaks relationships and teaches nothing.

Fear is not the lesson you wish to teach. Always respond lovingly, not with attack. Look beyond the behavior you don’t like in another, see beyond it. As Marshall Rosenberg said, “Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need.” Therefore, even if you are attacked first, the appropriate response is a loving attempt to address the unmet need in the other.

Love seeks resolution not in separation, but in unity. Communicate in the language of love and come together. Teach truth, peace and joy to experience the same.


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My purpose is to create

We were manifested into this world from the void—from nothingness. Why? So that we might watch the news, obey authority, debate politics, be right in our opinions, impress people, chase money or fame?

Consciousness exists in the realm of nothing and, through creation, also expresses itself as form. The human form, having been created, is also perfectly capable of limitless creation of its own. Aware of the supremacy of consciousness, the mind and body are perfectly capable of producing limitless beauty and teaching truth. To allow yourself to create is to fulfill your purpose and, in so doing, to experience endless joy.

A portion of everyone’s day involves doing uncreative things, but joy is only possible when we are also free to love, to connect, and to create. Joy is the feeling of fulfilling our purpose; it is our intuition saying yes. Live here to enjoy life right now and always.


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