The sanity is there under the madness. Healing and redemption are available now. (Eckhart Tolle)

How to access it? Focus all your attention on the now. Notice your breath. Notice the way your inner-body feels…the energy contained within it. Notice the space you are in…the colors, textures, sounds, and the silence. Pay attention to the space between words and the gaps between breathes.

As you awaken to the now, you may become aware of some stress within you or some negative emotions. Accept this completely. Breathe into the feeling. Just let it be. Make peace with it. Practice full acceptance and you will find that the negative feelings eventually leave you.

You may also notice the voice in your head still fighting for your attention, reminding you of your worries and fears, telling you that you are wasting your time. Smile at your ego but ignore its advice. Know that these are only thoughts and have no inherent value, meaning or truth. The origin of all madness is trusting all thought.

This is the practice of accessing the now, which is easy once you have established your daily spiritual practice that includes teachings and meditation. Now you are shifting your focus and attention into the realm that makes you strong. You are allowing natural abundance and centering yourself in joy and peace. This is the awakened state and the energy you now feel is love.

If there were problems in your life, they will now be resolved. This will not require any action or doing; rather, being. The shift may appear to take a while in time, but in this eternal present moment things are moving along perfectly. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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The ego has an endless list of problems and issues it is apparently trying to solve. You’re working on it, doing your best, just give it some time. To the ego, salvation is always in time.

The problem is always rooted in the past, while the solution is always somewhere in the future. Pay no attention to the fact that the past and future are only collections of thoughts – not real in an absolute sense. This doesn’t seem to bother the ego because the ego is never really looking for a solution. Problems are its identity. The ego needs problems to be kept alive.

The ego does not want a solution to a problem; rather, it feeds off the existence of problems. The real solution to any problem would be the end of the ego. Like any entity, the ego is primary concerned with its survival. For this, it easily sacrifices your joy. Became aware of this trick and you immediately see that you have no need for the ego. Let the ego go. Nobody is going to miss it.

Salvation is always in the present moment. There has never been a moment that was not now. So, if anything is going to change, if any challenges are going to be resolved, it must happen now.

So how do you drop a hot potato? By dropping it. How do you stop yourself from destructive behavior? By stopping the behavior. End your problems now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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You are beyond roles

Normal human interaction is as fictitious as theater. I try to play the role I imagine that you expect me to play: student, customer, employee, adult. You try to play the role that you imagine I would expect you to play: waiter, mother, stranger.

Through the social conditioning of school, the media and other institutions, a version of normal is presented. Each culture has developed a different version of normal, and a majority of its people do their best to copy and to act-out these beliefs, behaviors, gestures, movements, or ways of speaking.

As a result of our conditioning to act in a way that society considers normal and appropriate, too often our authenticity never emerges.

Play your roles well, and your life has no real, original impact. Your relationships are given no room to take natural form. Your original voice never emerges. Nobody knows exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Let go of roles and speak in your real, authentic voice regardless of who you are speaking with. Do your job, function fully, but without all the faking. Follow your intuition regardless of what is normal.

This gives others space to do the same. This is freedom, purpose, meaning snd strength. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? (Rumi)

Prison is belief in ego. Escape from ego is the escape from prison.

There is no freedom unless there is an awakening — which is a deep recognition of what ego is and a remembering that it is not you. 

Go deeper, to the truth within, and set yourself free. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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What are rules for?

The purpose of a rule is to convince you that you are guilty. You are meant to believe that, without the rule, you would do something wrong. But in the absence of rules, it would never occur to us that it would be possible to do anything “bad”.

In our natural state, we only want to be loved and accepted. We want to play, to have fun, and to feel good. We may error at times, but when our errors are lovingly explained we naturally correct them. We do not need rules at all, and certainly not the punishments and rewards that follow.

The deeper purpose of a rule is not to prevent you from doing wrong; rather, to teach you that you are guilty…that something is wrong with you…that you would sin because you are a sinner. This idea of guilt requires extensive teaching, and this is why we are forced to go to school. It is only after you have learned the lessons of guilt that you become a slave.

Authority, of course, does not limit itself by the very rules it makes. Authority, by definition, defines itself as superior…as an exception to the rule it enforces. Rules are, therefore, nothing more than a means to establish domination over others.

Do you think you would do harm, or that you need rules to prevent you from sinning? What if you were taught only love? Perhaps the urge to disobey rules is only the natural response to the very existence of rules.

You are a ray of sun…a piece of God. Know this and you must also know that you cannot be guilty. By nature, you cannot harm others. Any harm you have done is a direct result in your learning the insane lessons of people who have violently enforced their arbitrary rules upon you. We continue in truth tomorrow and each day after that.


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Learn to see people as part of nature.

Believe in ego and you see only ego as real. Believe in good and bad, and you see an outside world that is split. But this split is only perceptible because of your inner belief that a split is possible. You see what you believe.

What you have seen in the outside world is entirely dependent upon what you have decided to see when you have looked inward.

Healing can only happen when you no longer attach meaning to what is happening. Do not judge, or try to control events, or fight back or resist at all.

If something is, then it is. There can be no argument with what is. There can be no judgment. Accept fully and respond accordingly.

When we observe nature, we easily accept everything that happens without resistance or judgment. Learn to see people as part of nature.

Now when you look at your brothers and sisters, see only love or a desperate cry for love. Either way, the correct response is always love. This isn’t complicated. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Your abilities go far beyond anything of this world.

You cannot see your strengths, but you can see the results. Your spirit is invisible, but we know it is there when you produce miraculous results.

The ego would sell your soul to gain the world. But like everything the ego sets out to do, this cannot be done. You can, however, forget your soul – choosing instead a state of suffering, failure, overwhelming anxiety and fear. This is the feeling of a forgotten soul begging to be remembered.

There is nothing to be gained in the world. All gain originates as consciousness producing miraculous results in the world.

All expressions of love are miracles and all miracles are expressions of love. Love is the only force that the world cannot resist, cannot contain, and cannot successfully war against. When all your doing is loving, you have aligned with limitless strength. You have merged perception into the oneness of complete knowledge and further learning is no longer required.

The world teaches fear so that we forget our power. But our power is never lost, it is only dormant. Let go of all fear because it is fictitious and designed by the world’s institutions to enslave you. Know yourself, which is only love. Set yourself free. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Patience is not about waiting, it is about doing.

We may patiently wait for some future event or situation to save us. But this kind of patience is only dreaming. Without the doing, the imagined future never comes.

Be patient, but do not wait. Nothing can be found in time. True patience is the patience of creation. If something is to exist, it must first be created! In true patience, you calmly and naturally create from inspiration. You just keep going – day after day, month after month, year after year. You give your best (not more than your best, just your best). You do not think about the outcome; rather, you just enjoy the process of creating exactly what you were meant to create.

When the ego creates, it is not patient. The ego gets excited by its illusions of grandeur. It sets huge goals, believes happiness is in the future, then makes great sacrifices. Through sheer willpower, you then give all your energy and work as hard as you can for a short while. Invariably, the ego has doubts, loses patience, and burns out. For every peak, there is a deep valley that follows. You lose faith and give up. Then comes the next high. You start again – miscreating nothing of real value, projecting image, concerned about what everyone thinks, caring only about the end result not the process. The ego seeks but cannot find.

Create instead with the unlimited patience of consciousness. In consciousness, you effortlessly create beauty, truth and value. True patience is enjoying the process of doing without the emotional ups and downs. Be patient, because ultimately you get exactly what you give. What you seek is not found in time, but in creation. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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The strong do not attack.

When we attack, it is because we perceive ourselves as weak. Attack is a tragic attempt to project strength while weakening the other. In fact, attack only weakens everyone.

Attack seems normal and natural, until you come to know your invulnerability as love, consciousness, spirit. Identified with your true self, now you cannot attack or be attacked. Attacking consciousness would be like stabbing at empty space or nothingness – it cannot be touched or injured. When you are only love, all attack effortlessly leaves your life and you are left in peace.

But in the unawakened (egoic) state of being, our confused and fearful minds do attack. Thus, we weaken ourselves by generating suffering, depression, exhaustion and illness. Now we do feel weaker than others, so again we attempt to level the playing field by attacking. But in so doing, only conflict ensues and we weaken ourselves further.

To awaken is to know that spirit is real. Love is real. Consciousness is real. You are not your mind; rather, the observer of the mind. To attack is to believe in thoughts, or in physical form, and in the power of negative emotions and pain to teach. In truth, attack teaches nothing real. What have you ever been taught through attack? Let it go. No attack. No defense. No judgement. Just stillness. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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The ego cannot love and, in its frantic search for love, it is seeking what it cannot find. (A Course in Miracles)

You do know love, but the ego does not. Do not ask the ego to find what it is responsible for losing.

A sharp mind is sure it knows what love is and how to get it. It is entirely consistent in its strategies, which consistently fail. Always seeking to get from the other, always blaming the other when this delusional strategy fails, the ego soldiers on incapable of seeing the insanity from within the perspective of insanity.

There is only one way for true love to fill your life — which is the undoing of the ego’s power. Accept what is, fully and unconditionally, and do not take your thoughts seriously.

To believe that your thoughts are you is to generate a drama of emotions such as fear, jealousy and want. But observe your thoughts casually, from the perspective of a deeper knowing, and you create gaps in your stream if thought. Through these gaps, love fills you and becomes your ongoing state of being.

Love only arises from a state of total humility, complete surrender, unconditional trust and acceptance. This is the state of no ego, the state where only perfect love remains not as something you receive, but as what you are and everyone in your life is.

Go deeply into the present moment in peace. Let your meaningless thoughts go. We continue in love tomorrow and each day after that.


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