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Escape the ego to destroy the pain body.

Eckhart Tolle refers to the emotional side of ego as the pain body. The pain body is the out-of-control emotional energy that sometimes arises within us during conflict, stress, or times of great fear. It takes over the body and mind and makes us react in ways that we later recognize as insane.

“I don’t know what came over me.” That’s the pain body. He compares it to a vicious animal within us. Like any life form, as long it lives it is fighting for survival. It needs to feed every few days in some or every few weeks in others. Its food is negative energy and drama. If this doesn’t come from an external source, the pain body creates it by starting conflict or by focusing on negative thoughts.

As long as the ego is alive, the pain body is alive. The only way to avoid getting drawn into a pain body episode—which threatens to ruin relationships and cause irreversible problems—is to destroy the ego.

Eckhart Tolle teaches that present moment awareness and inner-body awareness are the best portals into consciousness—the best way to escape the ego and thus eliminate the pain body. While this is effective, I have found an even more effective way to destroy the ego: choosing perfect love.

The ego’s value system is based on separation and fear. Love is union (the opposite of separation) and the antidote to fear. If we condition ourselves to always align with the values of love, to always choose the loving response, then the ego cannot survive and nor can the pain body. More on this in future teachings. This is what I practice and I don’t recall having a pain body episode for several years now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


People are more than a means to an end

To see another person as only a means to get something is to commit a tragic error—to choose lack rather than abundance.

We want abundance in love, friendship, and enjoyable moments with someone. We want to be respected and understood. We want financial security. We want to be close with a person who is reliable and there for us no matter what.

What prevents us from being this for each other is the decision to treat each other as merely a means to an end. When this happens, we are quick to judge and to reject each other.

It isn’t right to try to fit a person into your box—imagining what you need them to be for you and then judging whether they measure up. This is the sure path to failure because you’re looking only for a role, not a complete person.

Instead, just accept unconditionally and then practice total honesty. If two people can do this, you both create the most powerful, limitless union. This relationship delivers total abundance because it transcends the tragic limitations of ego and exists in the eternal light of consciousness.

Nothing is more powerful than two souls joining together in perfect harmony. The only limit to this is lack of acceptance and lack of honesty—which is, in truth, lack of love. Place all your faith in limitless love because nothing else is worth a damn. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Love knows no guilt

What we perceived as guilt is anything done without love. By projecting guilt, we take a loveless act and attempt to create an identity from it. So, rather than correcting lovelessness, guilt only attempts to assure its continuation.

Guilt, which is rooted in fear, is a strange concept of the ego designed only to make ego real. Any decision to make guilt real is a decision against love. 

If you wish to correct lovelessness, then you can only do so by shining love. Guilt-making teaches nothing helpful and serves no useful purpose. Be love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Every miracle is but the end of an illusion. (A Course in Miracles)

“In the goal of truth, which you accepted, must all illusions end.”

An illusion is any belief that there is value in something other than love. Faith in anything that is not love is error. The correction of error and the end of illusion is always an expression of love. A miracle is any expression of love. Miracles are easy because love is your natural state.

To express love is to maintain an open mind and open heart. Love gives and creates in a way that is truly helpful and requires no sacrifice. Love sees past ego, instantly forgives, and gently corrects error without any doing. Love is accepting, patient, eternal and unconditional. Love is entirely within you and is only lacking if illusion remains.

There is nothing other than love that you want. The energy of love, which flows abundantly from within you in the absence of illusion, is your identity. Love is what you are. Nothing else about you, your life, your story, or your situation means anything. Be love and you are complete. Your job is only to dispel illusions of the mind wherever they exist. Be love.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I am.


Consciousness is eternal, which does not mean endless time; rather, no time. All of the universe is here now, where it has always been and always will be.
Movement and change, expansion and contraction is only a playful dance that is taking place in the eternal now. There is joy and pain, birth and death, struggle and triumph, gains and losses, and I am attached to none of it because none of it means anything.

We evolve to the next level as we dis-identify with thought form become aware of ourselves as the conscious observer behind the mind. Here we are one, we are invulnerable, we are at peace, we are the source of energy, the source of love, and we are eternal.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Too often, we project unreal images of ourselves and then we get frustrated when people fail to understand us. On social media, we show only our most fabulous selves—images that aren’t totally honest because there are deeper truths and needs which remain unexpressed and unfulfilled. We have grown accustom to showing only our surface selves while our true selves remain hidden, undervalued, never even seen.

Let’s try something different. My nonprofit foundation created a free mobile app that makes meeting the right person easier than fate. Just download “I am by Infobeing” on App Store or Google Play and sign in. Then enter statements describing who you want to meet and the app matches you.

“I am by Infobeing” is conscious social media without ads and without ego. Come with an open heart and mind—willing to extend your love and to trust. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

What is left when illusion ends? (Eckhart Tolle)

Our interpretation of reality is always relative and never absolute. Humans experience the world from the vantage point of our humanness, while other beings perceive the world entirely differently. Even across the human population, our perceptions vary dramatically depending upon our individual vantage point.

There is nothing absolute about the perceptions of our senses. Certainly, the mind’s interpretations of reality result in nothing that can be considered absolute. We can, therefore, consider this entire realm of perception and interpretation the realm of illusion. There can no absolute truth in the realm of physical form because everything is relative, unstable, and impermanent.

To end illusion means that, while we continue to allow our senses to perceive and our minds to interpret, we no longer take any of it seriously. As A Course in Miracle states in lesson one of the workbook, “Nothing I see means anything.” Indeed, relative to the absolute truth of consciousness, the entire universe of form is an illusion.

So what is left when illusion ends? You continue as before, but this time without taking everything so seriously. Now there is less fear, stress, conflict and suffering. You begin to function optimally, while you simultaneously rest in truth because you know that you are consciousness and nothing of this world means anything. This is what is meant by salvation, liberation, consciousness, love, presence, and God—all words for what is left when illusion ends. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You cannot love an ego, nor love from the ego.

Minds cannot feel and minds cannot experience love. A person who is not in love is a person who is dominated by the mind. Love is only experienced from the heart, not from the mind.    

The ego, utterly incapable of love, is perfectly capable of finding reasons not to love. Rather than seeking blissful union, what the ego does instead is to reject, judge, and attack the other—always pushing real love away only to fantasize about it in the future. Simply observe the severity of this delusion honestly and you instantly undo the ego’s grip on you. If you are stuck and confused about the most important aspects of life, it is only because of the ego. What most people don’t know is that the ego can be completely undone.

Just as a spiritually unconscious person cannot experience love, it is also very difficult for others to fall in love with them. Why? Falling in love is a union of two hearts, two souls. This requires an open mind and an open heart. A mind-dominated person is closed and never allows the language of the heart to enter into the relationship. Here there can be no spiritual “soulmate” connection because the mind blocks all possibility. The mind cannot love a heart and a heart cannot love a mind. Love is heart-to-heart.

If you want love, you must destroy the ego. Love is what happens when two people live from the heart and learn to perceive each other on this level. Love is a decision of the heart, and decisions of the heart are never confused; rather, they are final, eternal, and unconditional. That’s what love is. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


To grow is to lose your fear of union

Unawake, we seek safety and protection by cutting ourselves off from everything disturbing. This is belief in separation—the idea that we are separate from other people and even from the universe itself. We believe we are special, tragically misunderstood, so we hide in dark prisons made of imaginary walls. Overcome by so much fear, we retreat and become little.

Growth is expansion. Expansion is opening your heart and mind to make others part of you and you part of them. Love is the energy of growth. It is only in love that we can unite with our brothers and sisters in harmony and reach beyond our littleness.

Our minds have been conditioned with so many boundaries—all of which are entirely fictitious. Awakened—fully in the present moment, open to what is and aligned with love—you learn to fearlessly walk right through these boundaries. You serve your brothers and sisters, you open your heart and mind to the joy and bliss of union, you create from the heart—all the while you are growing, expanding, making the entire universe one with you because there is only this oneness.

Look beyond the imagined walls, the meaningless differences in the world of form, to see the oneness—which is truth, which is the realm of everything you want and value. We are not just capable of growth; rather, we are limitless because we are the oneness. We continue to undo the illusion of separation so that we may join together in perfect union tomorrow and each day after that.


It is impossible to make real what is untrue.

You do have the power to choose between eternal truth and the countless dreams of illusion, but no strategy or tactic could ever make fantasy real.

What is true needs nothing from you, therefore there is nothing to be figured out or done. Awareness of truth, therefore, requires only the undoing of illusion, the correction of error, the opening of the heart and mind.

If ego is only illusion, which it is, then you need not fight against it or defend yourself from it. Let the errors of illusion come, as they always do in an insane world, but let these things pass right through you as you stay wide open to the vast oneness.

You are consciousness, pure awareness beyond the mind and body. You are the energy of love, the spark of creation, the miracle of life. No illusion is convincing enough to dim your light. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.