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We are what is sometimes call the "second coming" of Jesus Christ

Some are waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ—the man worshiped as spirit made flesh. But what can they possibly be waiting for?

Jesus was a man who recognized his formless soul as his eternal identity. Millions of us around the world have also recognized the same truth he taught. I believe that this collective awakening we are experiencing is the second coming and that the word “antichrist” or “devil” is just another word for ego. The “second coming” happens when the majority of people transcend ego and live in truth.

Eckhart Tolle writes, “If Christ were to return tomorrow in some externalized form, what could he or she possibly say to you other than this: I am the truth, divine presence, eternal life within you, here and now.”

I Am is the most powerful, profound religious or spiritual statement because it removes time and conditions—recognizing the eternal and formless as what is real. “I am” is awareness of the eternal soul within you here and now.

Eternity does not mean that time goes on forever. It means that time isn’t real—that only the now is. What humans call time is only the movement of form in the eternal present. All form is unstable, impermanent, ultimately meaningless and unreal. Now we sense that which is real—the realm where words and perception fall short.

In John 8:58, Jesus declared, “Before Abraham was born, I am!” We are the soul, the timeless essence. There is something invisible within us that is life, that makes us human, that connects us with all other forms of life and removes all differences. The energy of this realm is love. In love, you are divine, and you are eternal.

Today we can celebrate the second coming that is us.  


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Outer success flows from inner abundance.

So much of our attention is usually focused on what we think we are lacking. Minds racing and bodies stressed, we wonder “How will I ever get there? Why is it taking so long? What’s wrong with me? Why is the world against me?”

Ambitions are wonderful. We naturally want to strive toward our full potential in life and of course this includes external success. But this urge can no longer overshadow the fact that everything real is already ours and, to access it, we need only look within.

The longing, the striving, the sacrificing, the sickness and fear inside—it only exists when we get ahead of ourselves. We strive for external success before becoming aware of the perfectly complete internal dimension.

Everything we most deeply desire is experienced within: a feeling, happiness, love, beauty, bliss, safety, wisdom, peace, inspiration, excitement, and fun. Other people and particular life situations can help you get there, but the source of these energies is always within.
The ultimate destination you seek is what you already have inside. This can be accessed now by undoing perspectives and thought systems that have blocked it. This requires an unshakable desire for truth and honesty as well as a bit of practice.

Perhaps the priorities have been all wrong. Rather than seeking externally as the source of what we desire internally, now we learn to access it all internally and then effortlessly extend it externally. Outer success flows from inner abundance.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

Go more deeply into the now by going more deeply into the inner-body. (Eckhart Tolle)

Today’s lesson may seem unexciting to the mind, but to your state of being it is everything. To remain conscious of the inner body is to remain spiritually rooted. Like a strong tree with deep roots, “no matter what happens on the outside, nothing can shake you anymore.” To use another common metaphor; you remain at the center of the wheel. The spokes go around and around, but right at the center you are still.

With attention on the inner body, your consciousness no longer gets lost to the drama of the mind and to the chaos of the external world. You remain in peace, calm, content. You feel good even if waiting in line, or sitting in traffic, or dealing with a challenging situation.

Eckhart Tolle explains, “Do not give all your attention away to the mind or to the outer world.” If you can keep some attention on the inner body, you will experience “permanent connectedness with being.”

Furthermore, “There is infinitely more intelligence in being than in the mind.” The body is where you access the realm of inspiration and intuition. Go within to experience the energy of love. Here, you are guided by a higher intelligence. Here, you are fully-present and anchored in the now—in being.

Negative emotions only arise when your attention leaves the inner body. All negative emotions are rooted in fear. Perhaps this fear, this agony and discontent, is your soul screaming out for attention—calling you away from the thought-dominated state and back to inner body awareness. Go within—to where you can enjoy life right now and always.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

Men have learned to so easily back away from our truths



Men have been convinced to hide our truths about our wants, needs, and desires. We withhold honesty all the time because we are told that our truths are somehow wrong.

This makes it impossible for us to enjoy life. Rather than openly being who we are, we choose to suppress it. When this fails, we lie, we cheat, we do whatever it takes to be who we truly are and to fulfill our real needs in secret.

The problem is that secrets and lies are always eventually exposed. Dishonesty is the cause of crisis, because crisis is exactly what happens when the truth exposes a lie.
There is nothing wrong with us to begin with and nothing we need to hide. Every person has a right to be who he or she is. If you feel this message, check out my eBook called The Switch.
The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

Love the person, not the role.

When two people decide to get married or live together, a common problem often emerges. By assigning the title of partner, wife, or husband to a person—we begin to see our beloved not as the person; rather, as the title or role.

Looking at each other from the perspective of a role, peace and harmony in the relationship now depends upon how well the role is played. This is not love and it is also no fun. Now you both fake a role at work, then come home and fake another one. Life has now become a chore.

Human beings have needs beyond our roles. It is for this reason that we lie and deceive—which is only a desperate attempt to create a little space to be real. But dishonesty never brings lasting happiness nor enjoyment of life.

When two people come together to form a family and run a household together, it is best to ignore the roles completely—just agree to love and accept each other unconditionally. Why agree to a lifetime with a person who won't agree to this?

The problem with roles also arises in parenting. When our children are young, we love them unconditionally and accept them for who they are. Then, when they go to school, many parents become primarily concerned with school performance and other forms of achievement. This is how parents break the relationship with their kids—turning on them by teaching that doing and achieving is all that matters rather than love.

Taking the side of the external world over a loved one breaks the trust and destroys the relationship. The world will beat up on your loved ones enough, you don’t need to join in.

We fail our kids, our beloved, and everyone in our lives when we care more about the role than the person. This is conditional love, which of course isn’t love at all. Offer unconditional love to enjoy life right now and always.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

A person who is afraid of love does not know what love is.

People say they are afraid of love because they might get hurt. All fear of love is identification with ego and allegiance to it. It is only the ego that fears love, and only to protect itself.

A person afraid of love does want someone nearby—a partner to control, manipulate, and use for practical purposes. This person wants to be able to argue, attack, correct, punish, blame, shame and make wrong. Apologies and occasional acts of kindness are offered as a last resort—used only so that you stay around for the cycle of more drama, more attack, more diminishment and more misery.

This is what the world calls love. When someone claims to be afraid to love you, the fear is only that you won’t forever play your assigned role in their tragic drama. This, the normal state of marriage, is the ego’s playground. Here, true love is resisted and not desired because it would be the destruction of ego. This is known as "resentment".

To know love is to know that it gives you everything. When you have everything, then something different would be less. Identified with love, ego becomes unnecessary and wholly undesirable. True love is the total undoing of ego.

Only after ego has been undone are you able to love. As they say, love yourself first—which is only possible after the escape from ego. Now you can connect with other beautiful spirits in love. Now there is nothing to be afraid of because, through love, you are already perfect and complete. Now you can actually enjoy life right now and always.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

We are more than body and mind.

There is a dimension of our being that is beyond physical form and yet more real than anything observable. This is the self that cannot be seen, nor understood, nor possessed.

We can study our biology—observing the heartbeat and measuring mind activity—yet will this ever help us understand what exactly is life? Where is life? Is it a thing that can be physically seen? Held? Observed? Understood by the mind? Where does it come from? Why does some matter possess this thing called life and other matter does not?

We can observe everything that life does, but it is impossible to observe what life is. We are alive, and so the same can be said of us: we can observe everything that we do, but we cannot observe what we are.

This simple awareness of what we are frees us from what is unreal and changes everything. To know, each moment, what we are is to place the mind and body in service to complete truth and knowledge—the source of all consciousness, creation and power.

Now we move beyond words like “spiritual”, “God”, “soul”, or even “love”. This is an experience of true enjoyment.


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

Truth is the opposite of what the ego has learned.

This statement contains two words that are an immediate turn-off for most people: “truth” & “ego”. There are two reasons for this: 1) the ego is threatened when it becomes aware of itself, and 2) the ego wants to invent its own truths—which are always limited to that which is impermanent and therefore cannot be true.

The ego’s basic doctrine is, “Seek but do not find.” The ego deceives you by promising happiness, then leads you down a path in which only short-term pleasure or satisfaction is possible. Following ego, you are led away from the place of truth where you were already perfectly happy and complete—and into the chaos of constant sacrifice aimed at delivering only short-term highs followed by painful and depressing lows.

From a very young age, you have been taught there is no other way. The real truth has been called naïve, impossible—and you have been convinced that there is no alternative to what the ego calls “normal”. In a world dominated by ego, truth is always the opposite of normal.

The truth is that you do not need the ego. You need only tell the truth and want only truth. Here, your knowledge is complete and there is no confusion.

Now your life is aligned with reality. Your abilities are limitless, your happiness is constant, you are free, and your life is abundant. 


The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

Let go of the past and begin every day at a higher level of love. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

The romantic realm is love’s playground. Here you learn to serve love, you teach love, you play, you grow and have fun. “Love is what makes you happy, and if you become the servant of love, and your partner becomes the servant of love, you can just imagine all the possibilities.

To serve love is your highest ideal—your goal at home, at work, in every aspect of life. In the confused mind, there were times when you did not know this. You therefore must first forgive yourself and everyone else who does not know this. Forgiveness, or unconditional acceptance, is a powerful letting go of everything that is not love—a seeing of only love and a shrugging-off of all else.

“The day will come when you can be with your partner with no guilt and no blame, no anger and no sadness.” Let go of the past and forgive so that there is no resentment, you can be yourself, and you can have fun.

“You are there to serve your love to your lover, to be each other’s servant. In every kiss, in every touch, you feel you are each there to please the one you love, without expecting anything back.” In this type of relationship, “Sex becomes a complete surrendering, a dance, an art, a supreme expression of beauty.”

“It’s no longer a war of control; it’s about service.” This is true enjoyment.

-Quotes from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz


-Quotes from Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.

When you are in love...


What most people don’t know is that the feeling of love is what happens whenever you are open. Open your mind and heart completely to experience the natural energy—the force of life—that comes from within. 

The wonderful feeling of love—the ultimate experience of being alive—wasn’t something given to you by the person you were in love with; rather, it was a feeling that happened inside you because you were wide open to another being. You were perfectly honest, open, and accepting of yourself and the other. You felt how someone really gets you. You felt understood. Well, yes, you were understood because you were honest and open. And it was bliss.

The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook about using the power of honesty to enjoy life and avoid crisis.