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Has there ever been a widespread spiritual awakening? Or is it happening now?

My answer to both questions is absolutely not. First, I will describe what I mean by spiritual awakening; which can also be called by countless other terms like salvation, atonement, moksha, nirvana, or being saved.

People who claim to have spiritually awakened describe the experience as an all-encompassing freedom whereby our problems end. An awareness of spirit identity emerges as the whole truth, bringing with it a feeling of uninterrupted inner peace and joy. Spiritual awakening means the abolishment of fear, a sense of limitless love for oneself and for all creatures, a life of righteous truth, and an ongoing awareness of the present moment. Guilt from the past is relinquished and worries about the future end. This state is very real (if also subtle), and it is the ultimate experience of being. 

I do experience the state of spiritual awakening almost daily, but never quite as a continuous state. People, like me, who have experienced a spiritual awakening even once instantly recognize it as the only solution to the world's problems. Upon this recognition, we are naturally called upon to share what we have teach others so that they, too, may heal. Unfortunately, no matter how we try to share it, no one is really interested in healing. Why is this?

Even in rare instances when people do open up enough to experience spiritual awakening, we stop short of going all the way. Through various teachings, millions of people have succeeded in awakening on the individual level, but salvation cannot endure as only an individual experience. Any awakening that requires solitude or carefully-constructed protection is not an awakening; only a vacation from the world.

To live continuously in truth, we would need to face the world while not yielding to it. We would need a perfect, unshakable collective faith in our spiritual enlightenment that is so strong that nothing in the world would ever tempt us to step away from our deep knowing of God's love. To do this as an individual might get you hung on the cross; but to do it collectively would finally end the 4,000+ year grip that the ego (the anti-Christ) has had on humanity.

To maintain perfect faith (i.e. the state of ongoing spiritual awakening) means that we cannot act in ways that directly oppose what we believe. It means living eternal truths and withdrawing from anything related to the tragic errors of the world. The lies, the attacks, the corruption, the injustice, the violent institutions of the world and the fiat currencies we are meant to worship as our idols must be called by their proper name if spiritual awakening is ever going to be widespread and continuous for any of us.

So far, in response to any major challenges to our faith, we always become fearful. We just back down every time and everyone just complies with what is normal because we are afraid. Despite our best intentions, the result is that we try to serve two masters and, by doing so, we always slip from nirvana. Nothing ever changes because we don't come together to make a different choice. What we see as impossible (the healing of the world) is only so because we choose for it to be so.

There can be no true collective spiritual awakening or consciousness revolution unless we are willing to fully join together in truth to embrace only that which is real. The violent systems and the people who serve them would surely mock us and then try to terrify us with threats and punishments. Yet, because the truth is beyond threat, if a massive number of people decided to live in this superior state of being and really meant it, then things would change. 

It isn't that the consciousness revolution is impossible or that no one knows the way. A very real alternative is presented in the eBook The Switch and with the I Am by Infobeing mobile app. This is just one clear path toward a consciousness revolution and there are countless others. Yet, no real shift has ever happened throughout history and I don't expect it to happen now. The ego's grip on everyone is far too strong.

I don't know anyone who would even agree with this post; yet I know this to be true and so I continue in perfect love and openness anyway.

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Forgiveness is an empty gesture unless it entails correction. (A Course in Miracles)

Forgiveness is not a judgment; rather, a decision to look past error to see the truth in oneself and in others. It is also a decision to correct the error, which is to heal.

The miracle is love, and what is love but forgiveness? To love oneself is to properly forgive oneself. Proper forgiveness is not making a sin real and then trying to make it "who you are" and accept it. To make sin real at all would be a judgment, and forgiveness involves no judgment. Absent of judgment, there can be no guilt, no shame, and no consideration of punishment in forgiveness. Forgiveness is only concerned with seeing an error where it exists and then correcting it so that we may heal.

When I say that you are not guilty, I mean that your identity is never your error; rather, the truth of your innocence beyond it. To heal is to correct all that is not real about you, leaving only the innocence, only the love as your only intention. A Course in Miracles states, "Sin is where love is not." To sin only means you acted without love, and the correction for this is to act with love. Once error has been corrected, what is there to be held guilty for or ashamed about?

True love is, indeed, true forgiveness and forgiveness is love. You know that you are loved by someone else when you know that you are accepted completely, seen and trusted for the good in you, and not judged or held guilty of anything. This is the holy relationship, rooted only in truth and free from all the errors of ego. The ego cannot survive true love because the holy relationship, absent of any negativity or drama, gently works to expose it and correct it. The result is pure, lasting bliss. When this has been experienced, then ego is no longer wanted.

Forgiveness is not saying "you're a sinner but that's okay." Here there is no love, no relationship at all, only apathy and despair. Forgiveness is only concerned with healing, whereby we instantly see all error as unreal and we correct it by making real the truth of what we are. 


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I hope that the 2020s come to be known as the decade of self-love

Today, most people loath themselves. We obsess over our flaws, worry endlessly about our problems, and carry an enormous amount of guilt and shame. Yesterday, I wrote that your innocence needs no defense; but most people don't believe it.

To feel guilt and shame is to not see the truth about our errors. Our supposed sins could only have been reactions to fear. People do desperate things because we are afraid.

At our core, we crave that feeling of enjoyment, happiness, safety, peace, and bliss. We want that good feeling more than anything else. The need is so strong that we are tempted to do almost anything to have it. How ironic is it that the need to feel good is the supposed justification for all the harm we do to one another, while we only feel lousy because of all the harm we do to one another? The world teaches that this insanity is necessary, and we learn to believe it even as we learn to hate ourselves.

In fear, we have all made so many tragic errors. The insanity is this: fear is the cause of everything we fear. Fear isn't a reaction to a problem; rather, the cause. Because of fear, we lie and deceive. This causes ongoing suffering and then all-out crisis when the lies are exposed. We also seek personal gain by taking from or diminishing others. We even make others feel bad only so that we might feel better. The result; nobody is really happy and we end up hating ourselves.

To love yourself is to find out that you already have the capacity for perfect love, enjoyment, happiness, safety, peace and bliss within. Now having learned this, you can then forgive yourself for all those desperate errors of fear. There's nothing wrong with you, it's just that you've been following the insane paths of the world. All the world's paths can only lead to suffering and death. There is no difference between any of them.

There is only one path which is different, and it is the path of self-love. When all your actions are loving, all your words are true, and you are also willing to create value by serving others, then all your needs will be met and you will have nothing to fear. Now your self-love can be extended to the world so that your inner and outer reality come into alignment with your purest needs. My hope for the next decade is that your self-love transforms your life and the whole world.


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Unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty – can relationships be this simple?

Yes. Relationships are this simple. If you can do this, then you have completely removed ego from the relationship so that it is a love relationship. Whatever happens now happens in love.

Give unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty. Act as though you have already been given the same from your partner. Explain what you are doing and be consistent. It is best not to even negotiate this or ask for permission. If you are truly loving, then it is your divine right to live in truth. Aligned with love, you can know with perfect certainty that here is nothing wrong with what you want, need, or desire.  

What happens next in this type of relationship? Very quickly, you will either grow much closer together in loving bliss or you will calmly separate in loving understanding. One path offers pure joy, the other is temporarily very painful. It is up to your partner to decide whether to join you in the state of bliss that is your eternal right, your identity. Whatever happens, love and truth ultimately become the foundation of your life. This, you do want. 

Love is the energy of life, but it is an energy that can only flow through relationships that are based on unconditional acceptance and total honesty about everything. The thought system of perfect love enables you to easily accept everything and hide nothing. If you can do this, then you have transcended ego. Whether you call it enlightenment, awakening, or salvation, what is required is a total escape from ego.

Any person who decides they want it can easily learn how to transform their life by reading my books, following the teachings on the Abscondo blog, or starting some other true spiritual practice that extends to the dimension within and goes beyond the form-based, egoic structures of conventional religion.


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The ego is capable of suspiciousness at best, and viciousness at worst. That is its range. (A Course in Miracles)

Taking the ego seriously is the cause of our problems. The ego is an inherently flawed thought system; whereby its full range varies only between suspiciousness and viciousness. Where is there any possibility here for love, joy, peace, certainty and trust?

The ego is that voice in the head beating you up all the time, causing problems, making you emotional, fearful, willing to hide from reality or to attack. That’s not you, that’s your ego. It merely disguises itself as you by using your human form. Also, when other people act this way, that’s not them. That’s their ego tricking them. All egos share the same dysfunctional and insane thought system. The thought system of perfect love is the anti-ego, but transcendence of ego is never easy.

“The ego is particularly likely to attack you when you react lovingly, because it has evaluated you as unloving and you are going against its judgment. The ego will attack your motives as soon as they become clearly out of accord with its perception of you. This is when it will shift abruptly from suspiciousness to viciousness. Yet it is surely pointless to attack in return.”

“You cannot evaluate an insane belief system from within it. Its range precludes this. You can only go beyond it. Look back from a point where sanity exists and see the contrast.”

To attempt to change anything about your life from within the ego is pointless, impossible, and absolutely will not work. If you want anything about you or your life to change, you must be willing to escape the ego’s grip. The ego is undone when you become perfectly honest, vulnerable, trusting, accepting, open and giving—in other words, loving. Of course, the voice in the head will give you many reasons why you can’t do this. The ego is cunning.


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The future is what you make of the present.

“Eternity is one time. Its only dimension being always.” -A Course in Miracles

Eternity is the ongoing present moment. Time, which is nothing more than a useful and practical tool for coordinating the dream of life, is based only on the movement of our planet. Time is relative to our experience of life on earth, but ultimately unreal in the universal sense. To understand this changes some things.

To believe in time is to become impatient and scared of the future. We live as though we are limited by the past and we wait for miracles in the future. In time, we isolate ourselves from others and live entirely in our minds. We wait – and by waiting for anything in the future, we make it unattainable. The future is never.

“You cannot perform a miracle for yourself, because miracles are a way of giving acceptance and receiving it. In time, the giving comes first, though they are simultaneous in eternity where they cannot be separated.”

A miracle is what happens when you let the past go and realize that the future is what you make of the present. In the oneness and safety of the eternal now, you become vulnerable and open. You awaken to everything that comes across your field of awareness: the colors, the textures, the sounds, the feelings, the words, the other souls, the smiles. Fall in love with the present moment, which is life. Greet life, each moment, in only truth and absent of fear.

Now you are humble, and the ego is dormant. You are fearless, unafraid to love and to accept others. You give everything in faith and receive everything in gratitude. When you don’t receive, you accept even this. The miracle has already occurred. It is love, which brings enduring beauty, truth, freedom and joy to this eternal now.


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To love is to humble yourself completely.

If you’ve ever been truly in love, it was because you had humbled yourself to such an extent that you had no ego. You laid yourself at the feet of your lover — offering irrational, exuberant, unconditional acceptance. You broke all your rules.

If you’ve never found true love, it is only because you’ve never humbled yourself.

True love can only exist between two people who have escaped their egos. If your relationship allows ego to survive, then there cannot be true love in that relationship.

You might think that to destroy the ego sounds drastic — even violent or abusive. This is not so, because this is not about ego destruction in the other. This is about you.

To shatter the ego is the most merciful act, the most loving act, the most beautiful thing that could happen to any person because the result is perfect love. Remarkably, this is a gift you can only give yourself.

This is what is meant when they say that first you have to learn to love yourself. Now you have learned. Love is the full escape from ego, which is what we will continue to learn about tomorrow and each day after that.


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Reality is safety. (A Course in Miracles)

You cannot remain safe and secure by protecting yourself from reality. But let’s first understand what we mean by “reality”.

When people return from vacation, they often say “back to reality.” In truth, the crazy life we come back to is probably less real than the reality of lying in the sun on the beach in stillness. When we think of reality, we imagine the opposite of safety—something harsh, challenging, dangerous. That’s why we try to protect our children from reality. But what we call “reality” is not reality.

Everything in this world is upside-down. When we say something is “unreal”, we mean that it is somehow supreme or even better than reality. Yet when we think of reality, we imagine the harshest, most extreme conditions, the worst politicians, the wars, the hardship and despair. Yes, this is all happening in the physical world, but it is all a miscreation of the collective ego. Let’s call it “insanity”, not “reality”.

We cling to illusion because we call insanity reality. Reality, itself, is eternal peace and joy—nothing to be afraid of. By misusing the word as a synonym for “insanity”, we become afraid. So we attempt to construct an artificial world that is safe. But nothing real can be found in darkness; only in the light of truth.

Reality, by definition, must be forever true and unchanging. True love is, therefore, reality. The ways in which every human being is the same, every life form is the same—that is reality. Oneness, consciousness, spirit—this is reality.

We embrace reality each day as we meditate, as we read spiritual teachings, as we align with the healing power of nature, and as we connect with each other in love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Reality cannot threaten anything but illusions. (A Course in Miracles)

The process of awakening requires no sacrifice. “The only source of fear in this process is what you think you will lose.” – A Course in Miracles

Spirit will never ask you to sacrifice anything. It will, however, expose your illusions. To awaken is to open your eyes. What is real will be in your field of vision. What was imagined will vanish in an instant.

Awakening as the still observer of the mind will fundamentally change your life. Dysfunction and suffering will be repelled from you. Sometimes this takes the form of losing contact with a friend or family member. If you do experience loss after awakening, it is only the necessary loss of illusion.

Now you are a perfect expression of love and acceptance. You have also claimed your freedom to be. Those around you, who may remain in the egoic state, will not like how you have changed. Their ego is not getting what it wants. It may be shocking for you to discover that, after all, you were not loved for who you are; rather, kept around merely to play your role and to serve your purpose.

When illusion is exposed, nothing can be lost but what was unreal all along. Only the truth remains. True love endures. The value you create and the way you serve other people continue to be honored and valued. The beautiful being that you are will finally be accepted and appreciated. You are now free to fulfill the purpose of your life as you exist in perfect love, peace, freedom and abundance.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

You cannot love your partner one moment and attack the next.

If your relationship has frequent ups and downs, it is likely that you and your partner are suffering from dependency. True love is free from attack or argument and absent of blame, judgment, and guilt. Love does not struggle and knows no right or wrong. So why do couples fight?

All throughout life, the ego attempts to make itself real within us by clinging to an external sense of identity. The ego’s urge is to finally be happy and complete through the identification with status, accomplishments, relationships or possessions. It wants to be respected, listened to, and cared about. But this never quite happens because the ego is not worthy of respect, ought not be listened to, and should rightly be ignored.

All other strategies having failed, the ego finally looks to the special relationship—trying to find that one person who is yours, within your control, loyal only to you. For this, you concede the same, and the normal, monogamous romantic relationship is born. This is what people call falling in love.

Now there is a new center to your universe. For a time, you think you’ve found it—the key to permanent happiness. The problem is that your sense of identity and source of happiness is still external; dependent upon another person who is supposed to make you happy. You both need each other to behave according to strict rules in order to play along that the relationship is working. You also need to project an image out to the world as the perfect couple or family. All this requires a lot of acting, a lot of dishonesty—which causes suffering.

When the failure of this arrangement becomes apparent, the ego blames the other person rather than recognizing the falseness of the fundamental illusion being constructed. Now you frequently fight as though you are the worst of enemies. You make up, feel better, then attempt to move on. But it keeps happening again and again. The world sees a perfect couple, but it isn’t so.

Lasting love and joy are only to be found within. Know yourself and love yourself, then extend it freely. This is the holy relationship; which is based upon openness, unconditional acceptance, mutual respect and freedom. Only the holy relationship offers the kind of ongoing, endless bliss we all desire.  


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.