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Only by becoming vulnerable can you discover your true invulnerability. (Eckhart Tolle)

The ego believes that becoming vulnerable makes you weak. There is this fear that other people will take advantage of you or will fail to take you seriously. To become somebody special or important, the ego would have you believe, you need to be assertive. You must never let your guard down. Trust no one. Attack first before you are attacked. But here there is no strength, only a slippery slope of weakness, depression and hopeless isolation.

We avoid becoming vulnerable because we feel that, if people saw us for who we truly are, they wouldn’t see much to like. Your attitude toward intimacy or vulnerability is, therefore, only a reflection of how you see yourself. When we are in a deeply negative state, we avoid vulnerability to hide this from others. While we continue to look to relationships to save us, it is impossible for any human connection to even become a relationship at all if we are unwilling to become vulnerable and open.

Strength starts with vulnerability. When we are deeply honest, true communication begins. This is how strong, trusting unions are made and harmonious relationships are built. Through vulnerability, love is felt and we are lifted to that joyful, blissful place we seek.

If anyone in your life abandons you because you show who you are, then you can be grateful because the people who stay will fit perfectly. Now your relationships are grounded in truth, and truth is strength.

Becoming vulnerable is just non-resistance to what is. We are all vulnerable in this life—facing the same challenges, the same fragile balance of things, the same impending death of the physical body. But, when we practice non-resistance to all that is, when we let ourselves be as we are, we find that everything falls into place effortlessly and there was never a reason to fear. This is true invulnerability, which requires faith that is beyond the ego.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


When identification with mental positions is out of the way, true communication begins. (Eckhart Tolle)

There’s nothing wrong with mental positions. We spend our lives observing, studying, and perceiving the world. Naturally, the mind draws conclusions and has preferences. That’s just what the mind does. The problems arise when we try to form an identify for ourselves based upon those mental positions.

When the mind forms a position, it tries to convince you that you are that position and you are right. You then begin to feel superior to others who do not agree. Now there can be no true communication because, rather than listening and connecting on the level where all humans are the same, you focus almost exclusively on the differences and on defending your position. Someone challenges your position and you feel personally attacked. This is the ego.

Normal conversations in this world are merely an attempt to sort out mental positions and, ideally, to persuade the other person to swap their positions in favor of yours. This almost never happens. Instead, there is only ongoing debate that ends in frustration, rudeness, anger and sometimes even violence.

If you wish to remain free from ego, never defend a position. It’s enough to state your mental position when asked and, more importantly, to calmly listen to those of others. This is how you turn relationships into a spiritual practice. Identified with consciousness, you can calmly and unemotionally observe your mind. When the mental positions of others no longer feed negative emotions, you know you are free from ego. Now you give others space to do the same. 

True communication is all a question of identity. You are love and love is not a mental position. You are connected to others on the level of the soul, spirit, consciousness—where we are all the same and where we are one. True communication flows only from this dimension. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Love would embrace all that it looks upon.

Love looks upon everyone and everything with open arms—ready to absorb it all into its vast oneness.

Wherever love is resisted, still it patiently waits with limitless knowing and understanding.

Wherever love is made welcome comes a flow of energy so liberating.

And all is made right.


We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Ego is the only problem

We start movements, join causes, and we try to change the world. Yet even on those rare occasions when a battle is won, nothing ever seems to change.

Throughout history, there have been countless revolutions. At first, the cause seems noble and promising. In time, the new leaders and their new systems end up just as oppressive and corrupt as the previous ones. Is real change even possible? Can there be a real revolution that fundamentally changes the world by solving the core problem?

The core problem that needs to be solved goes by a name: ego. Any revolution that stops short of transcending ego is no revolution at all.

The ego is violent. Egoic institutions are violent and the people in the grip of the ego are also violent. Within the ego, there is no possibility of real love, no compassion, no understanding, no acceptance, and no trust. Everyone is treated as a criminal and our thought system is based on fear, suspicion, and belief in force and punishment as a way of dealing with challenges and organizing society.

In the grip of ego, people are badly suffering. The conditioned voice in the head is torturing us. The system is telling us to be afraid and then exploiting our fear. This creates so much stress that illness is normal and suffering profitable. Consumption is falsely offered as the remedy. So, we thoughtlessly sacrifice our own lives and the planet in pursuit of a happiness that never comes. Yet without ego, joy is our normal state.

For thousands of years, civilization has attempted to solve our existential crisis on the level of the external. We cling to false identities—fighting for our special causes, defending our ideas, and claiming that we are right and that others are wrong. Here there is no love—only more ego and endless war and conflict.

Any movement that arises from ego—religion included—fails to solve the core problem and only creates different manifestations of the problem. We continue to reinforce our belief in the material world and continue trying to solve existential issues on the level of form. This cannot work because the material realm is temporary and unstable. Here there can be no lasting truth. The history of civilization may be interesting, but so far it is only the predictable history of ego failure.

What would a true revolution look like? First—on the personal, inner level—this consciousness revolution is a massive shift away from fear and toward the thought system of perfect love. In love, we accept everyone unconditionally. All solutions to all problems are loving and never violent.

In love, we effortlessly give. We serve our brothers and sisters because that’s what love naturally does. We are honest and open with our neighbors because we know we are accepted. We create true value and abundance by working and creating consciously (lovingly). We instantly forgive and offer compassion. We solve problems rather than perpetuating them. We do whatever excites us (as long as it is loving) and it is okay.

If someone goes off course, we see it as a cry for love and we respond accordingly. We believe in one another because, on the level of spirit or consciousness, we are all the same and we are one. 

Now let’s look at this new society on the level of form. This, the only real revolution, would be decentralized. If there is no ego, then there can be no centralized authority that has any right to threaten or use violence against anyone. Legal rights, property rights, and the way we organize the functioning of our society would be fully democratized through decentralized systems.

If there is law enforcement and courts, it is by consent of all parties. They are setup not to punish but to offer the help needed to correct the problems lovingly. No entity has authority over anyone else and prisons are replaced with retreats to help us overcome any challenges related to ego. All problems arise from ego and all solutions are found in love. There is no sin, only error. Perfect love is the only correction to error.

Recent movements like the blockchain revolution have shown great potential to promote the shift toward decentralization—but most people are not yet ready for decentralization on a spiritual level. Freedom is decentralization. However, before people are ready for freedom, they will need to escape the violent thought system of ego.

Many Christians talk of the end of times—a Satan or devil that rules the world until Jesus returns. This devil is just a metaphor for ego (which, of course, does rule the world) and the “second coming” is not a battle—just a massive awakening from this nightmare. The “end of times” is, quite simply, awakening to the now (where time isn’t perceived as real). Unfortunately, the people waiting for the second coming are waiting for the man in the sky to appear. They are missing the metaphor.

It is not possible to serve two masters. Attempt to make some ego real and we continue to serve ego. Fortunately, more and more of us are choosing true purification—undoing all fear, all negative emotion, all greed, violence, and selfishness…not through willpower but through awakening from ego.

The only real revolution is a spiritual awakening. There are many different words, concepts, and paths toward awakening—but they all point to the same truth. When most people have aligned with the thought system of perfect love, then the real and only revolution will have already happened without a fight. The ego, and its systems, will have no power over us and we are free. Until then, let’s not hope for any real change. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


What is yours will come to you when you are ready. (A Course in Miracles)

Nothing happens in your life that is not part of your individual curriculum. If something comes, then it is required and you are ready.

Challenges bring change, but change is only the movement toward a natural balance. Knowing this, you can yield to a challenge rather than resisting it. Let it happen, knowing you will remain safe in the arms of your perfect love within.

By resisting change, we expend great effort trying to hold together that which has already fallen apart. You cannot permanently extend an illusion because, in the end, nothing unreal can ever be made real. Yield. Accept. Let things be as they are.

When you are ready, your curriculum also brings great gifts. To prepare for love, bliss, abundance, adventure and fulfillment—you need only align with perfect love. This is the process of purification; the letting go of ego.

The gifts come when you choose to ignore the ego, to escape the grip of it, to smile at it, to no longer take it seriously. Now you have found shelter in unchanging truth even as the external world brings constant adventure. And if you’re still resisting, that’s okay too. It just means you aren’t ready yet.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


A perfect relationship is one that is in equilibrium

In any situation, there is a true path. What prevents people from honoring it is the need to control.

When we push things in the direction of where we think it should go, we are distorting the situation by not allowing it to be as it is.

When we try to control perceptions, or to change a person, or force what we want without regard to the other person, we create discomfort, distress, and unease.

When respect for the equilibrium is lost, the relationship becomes inflexible and brittle. It becomes work. It loses its purpose—which is love.

How easily we forget that there is a true path that requires no effort, no sacrifice, no figuring anything out. It is the path of mutual and unconditional acceptance. Let each other be, and equilibrium is never lost. Neither is the love.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


All emotion comes from the loss of awareness of who you are beyond name and form. (Eckhart Tolle)

As Eckhart Tolle points out, “Observing our emotions is as important as observing our thoughts.” The mind can lie to you, but your emotions always tell the truth. Not the truth about who you are of course, just the truth about your present state of being.

Your natural state of being is love, bliss, inspiration, happiness and health. These are not emotions, this is the natural state that arises when you have discovered who you are beyond the ego. Emotions may seem as differentiated as sadness, longing, frustration, anxiety and anger. But if you look deeper, you see that all emotions emanate from the same place. There is only one emotion. While there is no perfect word to describe this core emotion, “fear” or simply “suffering” come close.


The two basic states of being are love and fear. You fall away from love and into fear when your mind forgets your true identity. You forget that you are spirit, you are soul, you are consciousness, you are essence, you are love. These and many more words all describe the same thing. Whatever you may choose to call it, your true identity exists in the invisible realm where all truth exists. Why is truth invisible? Because only form is visible. Form is matter. Matter changes, and truth cannot change or else it isn’t truth. Therefore, form cannot be truth. Who you truly are is in the nothingness, the unobservable, the non-material.

To become the observer of your mind, the observer of your emotions, the observer of your waking state, observer of your dreams, the observer of this beautiful and often challenging physical realm is to realize that who you truly are is elsewhere. You are not your thoughts, nor your feelings, nor your body, nor your name, nor your car, nor your home, nor your family, nor your bank account, nor your fame or status. There is nothing wrong with enjoying these things, but nothing from the realm of form is going to make you happy for long because it is fleeting. One day it will be gone. Your physical form too will be gone. If you attempt to possess, to cling to what is temporary, you will inevitably experience that one terrible emotion. You will exist in a state of crisis. Your life will be difficult. You will act as an enemy to yourself and others. The gift of life will have been wasted and you will have made a terrible error. It is an error that can be corrected and that is what we are here to do.

We are spirit. We are one. We are all connected. It doesn’t matter how we describe this or what we call it because words mean nothing. They are only pointers to a deeper truth. Look beyond the words to the deeper truth within. Yes, you are a body. Yes, this physical realm of form is real in some sense. But beyond this, what is life itself? What is that invisible consciousness within you? Who is the silent observer within you that has always been there?

We continue tomorrow and the day after that.

Life is not complicated. It is only a choice between two paths.

The first path is brutal and impossible—but the world has been conquered by those who would force it upon us. The second path offers everything—but is only accessible to those who would choose to look with total faith beyond the terrible noise and the brutal threats of our conquerors.

They will continue to control and attack, but we will always remain free to choose the second path at any moment. After all, we will never forget who we are. We just need to find the courage to be it.

While these two paths go by many names which all mean the same thing, the fundamental choice is between love and fear. Walk the path of love and the peace of God rests within you just as everything real, beautiful and true comes alive. But walk the path of fear to find no peace or safety at all just as you tragically fail to notice all that is real and alive.

You cannot walk two separate paths at the same time. You must make a total choice between sacrificing everything real for all that is false…or choosing all that is real while sacrificing nothing at all. While the choice is always open each moment, you must choose only one.

If you choose to still carry a little doubt, a little fear, a little ego, a little specialness that you would fight for, a little unwillingness to forgive, a little need to put up walls, or a little need to sometimes attack—then you are siding with your conquerors and choosing the path of fear and suffering that they have violently forced upon you. That is an understandable choice and there is nothing wrong with you. It is perfectly normal, but it is what it is.

But find the courage to choose the path of perfect love and make no sacrifice ever again. I walk with you, together as one, and we are perfectly complete. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.