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Redemption is possible only by sharing it. (A Course in Miracles)

All strategies to isolate yourself are failed strategies of a suffering egoic mind.

The ego seeks refuge in separation as a response to the suffering it generates — which it projects as the fault of the other. But isolation creates even more egoic suffering in the form of boredom and mind self-chatter. It no wonder why you see so many Instagram posts about “boundaries” and “toxic people”. This is a person who first seeks isolation, then reaches out to the world to talk about it.

To be alive and happy is to participate fully in life. But what about dealing with challenging people?

"What is a good man but a bad man's teacher? What is a bad man but a good man's job? If you don't understand this, you will get lost, no matter how clever you are. It is the great secret." - Tao Te Ching

Engage fully in life and do not isolate yourself. Open yourself to others completely, but in love not ego. In love, or presence, or consciousness, no human interaction can be painful. Nothing is taken personally. You don’t care about judgments. Attack isn’t real. Nothing negative touches you; rather, healing flows from you. 

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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5 Big Questions on Innovation (from

 Mark Manney, CEO and Founder, InfobeingInfobeing logo

Mark Manney, CEO and Founder

I’m Mark Manney, founder of Infobeing is creating the People Economy to set you free from your job. I’m also the guy who, 10 years ago, escaped corporate office life in Seattle to travel the world, start a virtual sales agency, and make music with the band Abscondo.

After earning my BS and MBA from the University of Colorado, I spent 6 mostly miserable years in Seattle selling enterprise...
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How is your team changing the game within your industry sector?

It is tempting to say that there is no industry sector for what we’re doing, but in fairness we might compare to social media like Facebook, Ello, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. These sites offer a Web 2.0 experience that is becoming obsolete for a few reasons.

Social media contributes to information overload by providing a massive amount of irrelevant information. This makes us feel physically ill. Information overload is becoming a real problem. is different because it is designed so that users spend minimum time on the site and maximum time living, doing, and becoming.

Another problem with today’s social media is that there is no real mechanism to meet new people in order to easily form mutually-beneficial relationships. These sites are designed primarily for staying in touch with existing friends or, occasionally, meeting someone new in a random way. Infobeing is designed for the purpose of helping you meet the new people you need to know in order to move your life forward.

Social media leads to stagnation and inaction. It is passive. Infobeing uses the potential of the network world to create a People economy where everyone is doing what they want, what they are good at, just as they live in freedom and maximize their earning potential. This isn’t happening on Facebook.

What are some of the biggest impediments to innovation in your organization or industry sector?

Today people remain stuck in a “corporate economy” paradigm. Our most important economic relationships are with brands, corporations, and companies. The vast majority of our purchase of goods and services are with organizations.

My view is radically different. I’ve spent the past 10 years traveling the world and living mostly in Eastern Europe. Things are done a bit differently here. Relationships between people are valued most. If you need something fixed, need to hire someone for an odd job, or need some help…people look to other people. There is a massive person-to-person economy that is based on cash transactions or even “favors for favors”.

The Infobeing People Economy replicates this in the online world. We provide a new option for people to form relationships and conduct transactions for goods and services with each other. This is a radically different paradigm where we begin to trust each other and work together based on mutual wants, needs, and skills.

How has innovation become engrained in your organization's culture, and how is it being optimized?

As Founder and CEO of Infobeing, Innovation isn’t a conscious focus of mine. I don’t set out to innovate. I simply do what I think makes most sense, with essentially no regard for what anybody else is doing. This is one of the benefits of living abroad, away from conventional wisdom, for so many years.

Beyond this, I think innovation is allowed to thrive, and will continue to thrive at Infobeing, because our goal is not only to maximize profit. We are founding Infobeing as Public Benefit Corporation.  We will be auditing our performance against a charter that includes 5 requirements for serving the public good. We’ll remain completely ad-free, we will improve the overall happiness of our users, we will help our users achieve greater freedom, we will strengthen the local community through direct-democracy, and we will aim to do no harm to the planet.

What technologies, business models, and trends will drive the biggest changes in your industry over the next two years?

I don’t care about changing an industry. I care about changing lives. People have access to amazing technology, but they don’t know how to use it to live in a better way. Infobeing is concerned with improving your quality of life in both the online and off-line world by making it easy for you to meet all of the people you need to know.

Can you share a specific innovation strategy you’ve recently encountered which you find compelling?

Follow your intuition. Meditate. Listen to your inner-voice first and let it drown-out any voices of conventional wisdom. The purpose of your life is to bring your unique perspective to the world. Failure to innovate is failure to believe in yourself and act on those beliefs.

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Interview with Floyd Bartholomew

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Abscondo Podcast - 50 - Chasing Dreams interview with Floyd

Floyd is an interesting philosophy student from Utah who has appeared on the podcast before (episode 34).

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Interview with Stephanie Campbell, author of 14 novels by age 22

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Abscondo Podcast - 49 - Interview with Stephanie Campbell, author of 14 novels by age 22

Stephanie is a remarkable and interesting young author of fiction from Utah.  I really enjoyed our conversation and wish her lots of success.


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Abscondo on Rádio Devín (full concert and interview)

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Abscondo on Radio Devin

Last night Abscondo had the remarkable opportunity of 2 hours on Radio Devin, which is broadcast across Slovakia.  The first hour is our live performance and the second hour is the interview. 

The concert took place in the Slovensky Rozhlas building, which is a fascinating piece of architecture from the Communist era. 


Here's a shot from the concert venue.

Devin Concert Pic

Devin Interview

The band was treated exceptionally well by the professional staff and it was a really special evening for all of us.  A big thank you to Kristína Prekopová for making this happen and to Rádio Devín.

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Chasing Dreams with Boyd Lemon (podcast episode)

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Abscondo Podcast - 47 - Chasing Dreams with Boyd Lemon

Retired Attorney and Author Boyd Lemon discusses his painful yet rewarding process of self-discovery through writing.

Visit Boyd Lemon's website

Boyd photo3

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