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The future means never

To put something off until later is to give the ego more time. It is a way of resisting reality rather than accepting it, dealing with it, or experiencing it.

Too often, when the ego resists something, we fall back on language like “working toward” something or “trying to get to a place” when we are “ready”. But if there is something that must be overcome, learned, changed, experienced or dealt with; then that something must happen now or not at all.

Future projection is a trick the mind plays to reconcile the conflict between what the deeper self knows to be true and what the mind thinks it wants. It is a way of maintaining a behavior, belief or situation without justifying it or owning it.

Future projection also provides a way to temporarily cling or hold onto a person or situation that, in truth, no longer fits. We know what the situation demands of us, but the ego refuses to surrender. So, we convince ourselves and others that it is too hard, that we need more time, that we are working on it. This isn’t fair to anyone because it isn’t honest. In truth, it's never going to happen—unless, of course, you decide that it is happening now.

Better to be honest. Either do it now or not at all. Nobody can force you to accept what you cannot accept, or to do what you do not want to do, but be honest with yourself and with others. No more manipulating anyone by giving false hope…and no more clinging to false hope by believing the future promises of others. It’s now or never. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The Serenity Prayer


The things I cannot change is the stuff of the external. My actions may or may not have any impact, but what is certain is that I cannot predict or control the aspects of reality that are beyond my reach, beyond my will, beyond my responsibility, beyond myself. My thoughts, intentions and actions have no real power here, so I can let go. I can let things be and I can accept things because there is no other choice.

The things I can change include my inner state of being. I can choose to respond to my brothers and sisters in love. I can meditate. I can be present and egoless. I can take care of myself. I can learn, grow, and create. I can live my truth and claim my freedom. I can do my best, give my best, and do so without any attachment to the result.

To know the difference is to live in perfect harmony with the way things are. Here there is no frustration or disappointment—only success. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

The master takes action by letting things take their course. (Tao Te Ching 64)

I am humble and powerless as a small child. I cannot control or change anything that happens. I must learn to let things be.

I seek only to align with love each moment. In love, I am present—in union with all things because this is where all things exist.

There is nothing I need to control because the laws of the universe, the forces of nature, the balance of things takes care of itself. My thoughts mean nothing and change nothing. I surrender to the inescapable forces of the universe—the great, unchangeable truth where all things can only be as they are.

Here I surrender in total humility. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You are the authority

The politicians, the priests, the teachers, the wealthy elite, the doctors and the police all claim authority over you. Even your spouse or parents might try to claim authority. In truth, they have no authority; which is why their efforts at domination are always backed with violent threats, brutal punishments and empty rewards.

Legitimate authority requires no violence or manipulation. It does not seek domination or obedience. Legitimate authority effortlessly fills your life with good, happiness and peace. What threat is needed to impose joy? What legitimate purpose does authority claim if not the purpose of imposing joy?

You are the authority. To exercise your authority, it is enough only to know who you are. Spirituality is the teaching, learning, and knowing of who you are (despite the imperfections because we are restricted to words). Go within and know that the spaciousness, the power, the brilliant energy is your authority.

Your love, your presence, and the way you feel is authority. Intuition is your authority. Under this authority, you are free—but only free in love. Forget this and lose all authority. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.          


How do I overcome fear?


It is fear that tells us to think about it, or to try to work toward it, but to never quite do it. Fear begs us to push off into the future what is meant to be experienced in the now.

To know is to do. When we experience something while in a state of presence and acceptance, we come to realize that it isn’t scary. If we are afraid, it is only because we have resisted the path of knowing by rejecting the opportunity to do. Resistance is, therefore, the insane choice to keep fear real and knowing impossible. We keep walls up to protect ourselves, but in truth we are only torturing ourselves by choosing to remain fearful.

We do this, of course, only to keep ego alive. The strange ego-illusion is that everything happening in the external world is real, every mad thought or judgment others have about us is true, that nothing should be as it is, and we are, therefore, hopeless victims. This thought system is built with stories looping in the head—stories that you inherited from the teachings of this mad world—stores that will only remain while knowing is avoided.

Freedom is freedom from fear—and this you do want. Freedom requires a thought system of total acceptance and openness, a willingness to be not normal, a commitment to staying centered and then saying yes to what is. If you want to overcome fear, don’t let the worried mind prevent you from letting things unfold. People, situations, challenges—everything coming to you is your opportunity for growth. Go with it. Do it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   


Now when I awake

All the internal instruments play the same music:

“God, what love-mischief can ‘We’ do

For the world



Everything—all aspects of your life are to become one, to move in the same direction, and to remain that way. Here, honesty is no longer scary and vulnerability no longer real. Barriers have been broken. Doubts have been removed. Sacrifice is obsolete.

Just declare yourself free to unleash your love-mischief. You can be love when you are alone, when you are with others; when you are at work and when you are at play.

Now become one you—so that nothing you say, do, or are is out of key.

Every day, you can just play your beautiful music and have fun. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


“Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” -Tao Te Ching 60

To strengthen itself, the ego needs opposite extremes. By allowing ourselves to get drawn into ego games, we teach that the game is real.

The master sees a deeper truth and responds to only what is real. Vision is looking past ego and ignoring it so that it may dissolve under its own weight.

Nothing is ever achieved through war, fighting, arguing, attack or even debate. Respond to any of this as if it were real and make it real. See past it. Understand that it is only the madness of ego. Offer loving presence in response and the negative energy cannot survive.

Be love and offer nothing to oppose. Respond in love and oppose nothing. Become anchored in truth. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I am not afraid of relationships

We can achieve no power, wealth or abundance without human relationships. In isolation, we are limited to unrealized dreams and illusions. Here, where most people live, our unused potential remains dormant like the power slowly fading within an unused battery.

For far too long, we have hidden from, avoided, and made shallow relationships that might otherwise have become holy. This has been the cause of failure, poverty and lack.

Only in union is the stored-up, practiced and rehearsed potential that we know is there finally unleashed. Unfortunately, union is impossible under the influence of the ego. The goal is, therefore, to dissolve ego within us and within others.

The ego seeks comfort in isolation, in the promise of escape, and by projecting into the future what should be in the now. But our time here is limited and our batteries will fade.

To fulfill the potential of our lives, we must form the habit of saying yes to our brothers and sisters, we must bring our true selves into our relationships, and we must encourage others to do the same. Now, explore what you were meant to do together and do it.

We can only fulfill our potential and undo the world’s insanity by welcoming union everywhere. So we rest in union (and not in isolation) today, tomorrow and each day after that.



Is this not the way we ultimately desire every aspect of our lives to be? The day has come when it is now possible and perfectly appropriate to channel our love through everything we do and toward everyone we know.

The energy of love within radiates in many colors, takes many forms, and speaks many languages—all of them perfectly suited to meet every situation and every encounter exactly as it is.

Faith is undoing the fear-based blockages within. We undo fear with the knowledge that, if we do our best each moment, everything is going to be just fine—and our best can be nothing other than our loving response. This brings a significant advantage in the game of life. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.