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Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

When it comes to the world of the elite—those who have some power and influence over the laws, economics, and other aspects of our lives—I don’t really give a damn about who wins and who loses. I take no pleasure in this side winning, that side being punished, or about who is right.

What I want is for basic human rights to be returned to all the regular people of the world. Isn’t that something liberals and progressives used to want?

I know that the entire system has always been corrupted and rotten. But we learned to live with it. The elite did their schemes and robberies, but otherwise left us alone. They lied about wars, ruined countries, falsely locked people up…wait.

Maybe they never left us alone like I remember it. The people of China were not granted human rights. The people of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan saw their countries ruined by invasion. South American governments allowed gangs to brutally control the streets. Americans were imprisoned at alarming rates. Global human trafficking? Europeans controlled with so much heavy-handed government regulations and arbitrary rules. Nobody was free to decide how they wanted their children educated. I guess everything was completely messed up for a long time.

All those years before, I dreamed of a way that some of us might break free from this corrupt, unjust system of oppression. I wrote about it and talked about it all the time. I ignored the mainstream media, rejected consumerism, tried my best to love God and forgive every human being. I even started a charity and built a new social media app that was supposed to create a decentralized People Economy. But nobody wanted it.

For so long, almost everyone has been lost in the sickness of ego—blindly trusting false authority while suspicious and vicious toward other people. We were all just trying to pay the bills and maybe even get ahead a little. Meanwhile, the central banks were diluting our wealth by printing money and the governments were burdening us with heavy tax demands. It wasn’t really working. Our best efforts were never quite enough, and nobody was happy.

In 2020, things got even worse. Now many of us can only dream of making a living at all, or going outside to breathe the fresh air, or enjoying a holiday, celebrating our traditions, attending a sporting event, or traveling to see family and loved ones. With the dark threat of the Great Reset looming, now we are afraid of speaking our truths. We are told by the corrupted what is true and what is not. We are meant to believe in a pandemic that is basically just a normal flu. We are forced into tests, threatened with vaccinations, and even with the ultimate removal of our very humanity via experimental injections. The vision set forth by today’s ruling elite is like life in the Soviet USSR, only far more terrifying.

So, I guess it had to come down to this battle we are in. The world was not okay before. It certainly is not okay now. As we are all wrapped up trying to understand what is going to happen, I have a few important questions:

- May we please be allowed to take care of our families?
- May we continue to speak freely?
- May we move about the world without restrictions, threat, or intimidation?
- Can we make our own decisions about our health and make decisions about our own risks?
- Can we have some say in how our children are educated?
- Can we create and serve others without being muzzled and shut down?

Are basic human rights really too much to ask? Why?

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I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent.


Total healing requires only a single instant of unconditional love. This means loving every being as one—as an extension of the self—and then extending that love without any form of attack. Withholding forgiveness, punishing, blaming, shaming, making demands—this is faith in attack, not in love.

This lesson is that only unconditional love—which includes unconditional acceptance, total forgiveness, and perfect honesty—is healing. The lesson is easier to apply in the case of small errors. But how can we apply unconditional love and total forgiveness where there is child abuse, murder, violence, oppression, or corruption?

Start by remembering that only a single holy instant of your perfect love is enough for total, eternal healing. If you can do this fully once, you break the ego’s grip on your forever. You may occasionally get pulled back into fear or indignation, but you will never forget the higher truth of perfect, unconditional love. This will be your home.

I am thinking about the liars, the criminals, those who murder the innocent, yield fear as a weapon, those who rob populations of their livelihoods and traditions—I ask myself again, how am I to love these people unconditionally and forgive completely? After I experienced my holy instant—my awakening to spirituality—I can no longer believe that anything of the world has any power over perfect love (which is, in other words, the force of life, of creation—God). If I stray from love, I place my faith in the ego, I believe in the power of error, and in evil itself as a real threat.

The fallen and corrupted are those who believe in their black magic—their secrets, their bargains. And where has it delivered them to other than hell?

We are not bodies warring; this is not who we are. Our identity is in spirit. It is not in the realm of physical matter. Consciousness, itself—the “you” who is observing your thoughts, sensing your body, perceiving this world—consciousness is the same across us all. This is what is meant by “we are one”.

In spirit, we all have the same needs—and they are already fulfilled when we stop sacrificing to the ego. Those who identify with the ego desperately seek to fulfill their needs in the world. This strategy always fails because reality is non-negotiable.

I forgive all because I know that error and sickness is impotent. “Evil” has no power over the real me as eternal love, spirit, consciousness. Any correction or healing can only be done by teaching the true lesson: love, and do not attack in any form.

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The only thing that is required for healing is a lack of fear. (A Course in Miracles)

“Don’t worry!” It sounds easy, right? But to achieve fearlessness is to reach the highest level of success in life.

From fear flows illness, suffering, grumpiness, anger, hate, jealousy, and all negative emotions. It is only one thing, though appears to take many forms. The only antidote to fear is love. When aligned with love—in love with yourself and all of life—fear is absent. Only fear pulls you away from love, and it is impossible to feel and to experience both love and fear at the same time. You can’t serve two masters.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of fear, your impulse is to control everything. You fight everything. You attack and do whatever it takes to shape the world because you believe it will end suffering and stress. Has this worked so far? No, because it is impossible. The world is too complex to be controlled and too far outside of our control.

If you choose to view the world around you from a position of love, you find that love is truth. You learn that wanting this truth requires openness, honesty, and acceptance. Your role, as love, is to dissolve conflict, to create, and to serve. You can effortlessly bring positive energy and a cooler head to all situations. You can allow people and events to take their own course and respond lovingly, without trying to control.

But how? Not by trying to delude yourself. Not by establishing boundaries. Not through wishful thinking. This is all very fragile and is of the ego because it is separation. Separation is a choice for the values of death, and ultimately leads to more fear.

The answer: through faith. Faith in the power of love now, which is the divine force of life. Aligned with love, there is no stress. Therefore, no illness. Love allows you to ask real questions and receive real answers. As love, you have the power to look upon anything and transform it from dark to light by simply revealing its reality. Your relationships are unbreakable, your value clear, your eternal life built upon a foundation which is beyond threat. As love, there is nothing to fear.

This isn’t easy as an ongoing state, but even a holy instant spent aligned with perfect love is the miracle. Perfect love is a daily practice—a spiritual practice. This is what we are doing here.  


Posted by Abscondo

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There is nothing anyone can do that you can’t do

To believe you cannot do something is to believe that there are those above you with more authority—that they will not let you. Untrue. All authority lies within.

Or do you believe success is impossible because you were not born into the club? Trust me, that is a club you would not enjoy spending a moment in. Your true accomplishments are an honest response to your intuition—not resulting from the expectations of a community you belong to.

The only way to fail is to stop making progress. We give up when naïve enthusiasm is followed by hopeless despair. This happens when you believe that your happiness requires the accomplishment of some extraordinary goal. What you are working toward is important, but never more important than the eternal now—this moment. Find peace with the present moment. Feel good here as you keep going.

Also remember, nothing can be accomplished on your own. Anything real requires other people and a coming together. You need customers, an audience, suppliers, partners. Every tool we use to do anything was created by a countless number of people. Joining together is how things get done—but it demands openness and honesty, as well as acceptance. Trust is what happens when this goes both ways. Success is what follows.

Now, in this moment, you are free. But only in love. Only in honesty. This is how we claim our God-given authority, how we harness strength and courage, how we experience things and achieve things we could never even have imagined.


Posted by Abscondo

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Nobody gets away with anything

Nobody has ever woken up one day and said, “I’m sure glad I stole all that money, helped rig an election, or killed those people.” After committing the error of lying, cheating, or murdering, it would be impossible to look anyone in the eye and say that it was worth it. Not a chance.

Innocent people often envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We imagine how happy we would be if we were in their position. But we don’t understand the horrible deeds often required to get to that place. We imagine it in such a way that, in the end, the money is that good. We believe we will be happy.

This is the path toward corruption—the decision to put aside right and wrong for some supposed treasure or reason that is worth it. Unfortunately, committing the crime brings its own immediate and lasting punishment. Even before you are caught, you face unimaginable stress, fear, misery, and isolation. This is hell, and the treasures you sought will not be fully enjoyed and will not save you.

Become corrupt and there is no going back. Now you must fight harder to hold onto everything, to get away with it all—to the extent that you are forced to commit even worse crimes to buy yourself a bit more time. Still nothing helps. The happiness you sought always feels just around the corner. Tragically, the ending to this story is always the same: the truth is revealed.

Even the best strategies and skills are of no use unless deployed on the side of love—which is one with truth. Truth and lies cannot be equal, just as reality and delusion are not. On one side is everything, the other nothing.

The errors of the world we see now are so profoundly tragic, impossible to accept or understand, but they were all committed by people who simply did not know. These are the ways of ego, and the purpose is always to teach us that there is no other way toward anything we want except for love. Love is always truthful, honest, fearless, open, giving, creative, and accepting.

The only treasure is love and it is yours when you lose faith in other treasures. Resist this lesson, attempt to find other paths to happiness, and continue to cause suffering. The only reason for all the suffering is simple: so that we each may learn the lesson. When we learn, the suffering stops. Why resist?


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As I write daily post #650, I am reminded that these lessons are sometimes difficult for even me to follow.

With the ongoing threats and dishonesty in the media, the shocking news coming out of the political world, the confusion, the clashes between people, the escalating economic suffering and general frustration felt by almost everyone in a world that appears to have gone insane—I have had some days of low energy and depression.

I have written, again and again, that we cannot seek happiness in the external world. We cannot wait for everything to align—for the outcomes we hope for to materialize—as a condition for our joy. This is the fundamental error we have been talking about, yet I have committed it at times.

A question for any spiritually awakened person to confront is this: to what degree to I engage with the matters of the world and to what degree do I withdraw attention for the purpose of inner peace?

The thing is, I believe there are times in life when it is necessary to engage, to go to battle, or at least learn about and discuss the most important matters of the world. It would not seem right to retreat into isolation when our brothers and sisters need our contributions.

Life is connected, with each part playing a role in the larger organism. Perhaps, in this case, healed people are called to provide some immunity in a human race that is being attacked by the sickness of corruption and exploitation.

But there is a price to pay in any battle. You are pulled away from perfect joy. You must look fear in the eye. You begin to hope for this outcome or resist that one. In a word: you might slip back into ego—becoming ineffective and falling into depression and suffering.

I pray every day that I can align with unconditional love and place my full faith in it—while also honoring the embrace of truth as a necessary condition for love. I hope to never forget that our perfect freedom, joy, and bliss do not depend upon anything external. I hope we all might allow ourselves to see beauty and inspiration everywhere. If we can do this each day with high energy and passion, we will have come together as one and the problems of the external world will vanish.

To the extent that my intended truth-telling has sounded more like attack, it was an error. To the extent that I have feared anything in this world at all, it was an error. To the extent that I have let anyone down, that was my ego. I—as my true identity—humbly ask for your forgiveness just as I offer it to myself through correction of error.


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Propaganda only works until the truth is revealed

Where there are only lies, propaganda works. Where all the political parties are corrupt, or when all the sources of information are biased, propaganda works. If the truth about world events is hidden, then minds are controlled by propaganda.

The spell is only broken when the truth is known and is proven as fact. After this, the statements of any politician, or the opinions of any news show, have no power against the hard evidence of actual emails, letters, pictures, and videos all explaining undeniable events. In the light of hard evidence, hearts and minds change in an instant.

The first America President, George Washington, once said, “Truth will ultimately prevail, where there is pains to bring it to light.”  If even a single person in this world wants truth fully and above all else, and is willing to go to great pains to reveal it, then indeed the truth will ultimately prevail.

Case in point: right now, only a few fearless men such as Steve Bannon, the unmentionable one called by a single letter, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, and several others are carrying out an operation to expose the whole rotten, corrupt, sick system that has enslaved humanity since before any of us were born. They are doing it only by telling the truth and, as they do, the movement is growing exponentially.

You cannot defeat darkness with different darkness, or illusion with a different illusion, or ideology with another ideology, or one crime with another crime. If you want to defeat evil, you need to want the truth, look at the truth, tell the truth, and do so relentlessly without fear no matter what it is.

When this happens, the corrupt elite and all their institutions of slavery and suffering are exposed. Their fake news is discredited. Their lies have no power over us. Not everyone will be convinced because not everyone believes in honesty. Many will surely attempt to hang on to the old illusions for a time. But, to do so, they will need to rely on crazy conspiracy theories—none of which will explain away or discredit what is obviously real.

The truth has power even when it is unproven and is only a theory. But when it is proven and shown to the world beyond any doubt—and when this is done by people with loving intentions—the truth shall set us free.


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What is the cause of sexual perversion and sex crimes?

My answer is simple: sexual repression. Apparently, some people do not have much a sex drive. Most people do. Some do not have crazy fantasies and are not willing to experience something sexually exciting just because it feels good and is fun. Most people do and would.

But the whole world tells us that our sexual needs are bad and wrong. We are instantly punished at the mention of our sexual truths. We are forcefully driven into hiding and secrecy, where the fantasies become ever crazier and the needs ever stronger.

The healthy way to respond to a real sexual need is to enjoy it. You can be open about it with the right people. See if you can find someone who shares that fantasy or need. You can get to know each other. You can establish trust and respect. If you are both turned on, you can easily consent to doing whatever you want to and enjoy it fully.

This healthy attitude about sex never involves manipulation and certainly not prostitution or any other form of exploitation or abuse. You can have fun and try anything. You can find out what something is (or is not) and move on with life without all the obsession. You can get unstuck and free yourself from the frustrations of an unfulfilling sex life. In the process, you might even find true love. At the very least, you will form loving friendships.

Unfortunately, most people respond to sexual repression in an unhealthy way. They hide their deepest fantasies from others. The carnal drive toward human intimacy then becomes pornographic and detached from human relationships. People are objectified only as bodies to be conquered and exploited—not as sacred human beings who deserve love and respect.  

The sexually sick then manipulate people for sex. They may take advantage of their authority over people. They may cross boundaries and commit crimes. They may cheat on spouses and break families. They may use drugs to numb the pain. This is the spiral into madness, which can only end in the tragedy of crisis.

To want wild sex is normal, and there is a healthy response. If you are struggling with sexual repression, obsessed by unfulfilled fantasies, I know it can feel terribly frustrating. This very real part of you seems to make no sense from a rational perspective. You may even hate yourself for it.

But if your sexual needs are real for you, then you can embrace them. If a partner claims to love you, then this person can love everything about you—even this. You can give a partner this same freedom. Whatever turns you on is possible—but it needs to be done in truth and with love.

You cannot use people, but you can enjoy everything with them. Sin is where love is not. You can fulfill your sexual needs, but only in honesty and in truth. No cheating.     

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Stress and fear are always caused by faith in illusions. When you are ready to end this hell, know that you have all the power to dispel illusion now.

Now, in the world, we have been trapped by two different thought systems of fear. Some of us are afraid of COVID and will do anything to avoid catching it. Others are afraid of the authoritarian global government, the destruction of the economy, the removal of personal liberty or worse. This debate is only between which side to fear, but by choosing either side we are choosing the same thing: crippling stress caused by fear. Whatever position we take, what we have in common is that we are more stressed out than ever before in our lives. This is by design.

You may think I am delusional in saying that we have nothing to fear. But fear is always the illusion. Whichever side you are on, just watch the news or look at the headlines. The only consistency you see is that it is all crazy and it is all about fear, fear, fear. There is no other possible goal here. It has always been this way, but the fearful chatter once in the background has now escalated to fear warfare.  

Why would the people in charge of the media, the other corporations, and the governments want to scare us? Well, to cripple us. The planned Great Reset agenda is the reason for all of this. This is a new economy that requires us to let go of our past identities, our expectations about life, and our former obligations that we thought were set in stone.

The reason we fear is that we are identified with our life situation. These ideas about “who am I”—my looks, my status, my profession, my nationality, my possessions—this is the illusion. Believe this is the truth about you, and you are terrified by the thought that it will be taken away.

Your life situation is probably going to fundamentally change. It already has changed in a way that would have terrified you one year ago. Those who have waged this fear war against the population may have good intentions—saving the planet from climate change and destruction, advancing humanity beyond our obvious problems—but they are wrong because the solution to the problems of the world can never be found in fear.

Most people think that the opposite of love is hate. The opposite of love is fear. When we fear, our hearts are not free to love. We withdraw into a dark place where there is low energy, hopelessness—it is a slide toward death. The way to end fear is not to look at its causes more deeply or to fight it. The only way to end stress and fear is through love.

When we learn what love really is, and shift our attention toward only love—love of the self, love of family and friends, love of every person in the world and every creature—only then fear cannot exist. In the state of love, we have limitless energy, we are our best selves, we create and serve, we embrace change, and we feel safe no matter what.

They say God is love. This means love is God. It is the same thing, and in this world both words are entirely misunderstood. Everyone understands what love feels like, but what we have never learned is to harness it completely and to be love each moment of each day no matter what is happening in the world. This is entirely within your power and the only way out from this hell—but only if you commit to a basic spiritual practice of some reading, meditation, and literally putting the spiritual principles into practice with your full faith.

COVID is nothing to be afraid of, and if you are free from fear it cannot kill you. On the flip side, they do not have the technology or the authoritarian power to enslave the human soul. Consciousness, the life force itself, is what we are and is beyond threat.

Their power over us requires our compliance. We comply by making fear real. Those who cling to fear will die from it. If depopulation is one of the goals to save the world, it will be a self-inflicted depopulation caused by overwhelming stress and even suicide.

If you want a way out from this hell, withdraw your attention from world events. You can have a basic understanding of what’s going on while recognizing that it is all an illusion to make you feel that you are vulnerable and have no power, that you have everything to fear.

Immerse yourself in truly spiritual literature like A Course in Miracles, the Tao Te Ching, Eckhart Tolle, Michael A. Singer, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, or the millions of others (the work I do is partially derived from this). Begin a simple meditation practice. Read about what love truly is through writers such as Don Miguel Ruiz or Thich Nhat Hanh. Learn about your true identity as consciousness, spirit, love. Now you will no longer be enslaved by a world that uses fear against you. This is what freedom means. It is claimed within and then the external world around you changes.

There are many paths to awakening, but any awakening must be an awakening from fear. Fear is the world, fear is ego. If you are afraid or stressed, it is because your faith is in the illusions of the world and of the ego. Find out what the ego is, see it for what it is, notice your state of being, most importantly—know that this is not inevitable.

You may also be able to get to this state though traditional religions, but only if you are prepared to put into practice exactly what is taught by Jesus, The Buddha, etc. There is no magic to the rituals or words, no power to the affiliation to an organization, but all power is yours only in the lesson—and the only lesson is love. When you are ready to escape this hell, the path toward heaven is right before you.


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The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are

Is a dog lacking something? A tree? A flower? Should every life form be ashamed of themselves or aspire to be something more? Should we? Just like any other creature, are we not perfectly capable of doing what we are meant to do and being as we naturally are?

The problems of the world are not the result of people being true to who we are. The problems are caused when we are either 1) violently forced into being less than ourselves, or 2) forced in a direction that is considered better or more advanced.

Parents, schools, the church, the government, the bosses, the media—everyone is always trying to shape us. There are so many rules about what we cannot do, say, or be. When we are violently forced to become less than we naturally are, we get angry, depressed, cynical, and violent.

Those very same sources of false authority then come along and tell us that we must become more. Work your way to the top, become a doctor or lawyer, earn more money, invent some big breakthrough, save the world. How absurd that we are expected to become more within a system that first forces us to become less.

To live in a system where there is no respect for personal liberty is to be violently pulled in these two directions—toward being less and being more—while the truth about your natural balance is forgotten. Remembrance of that truth is called self-love. That feeling of love within is only the feeling of rediscovering your natural state. That feeling of positive energy, joy, and bliss is the way you were supposed to feel all along if you had not been damaged by a society designed to control you by making you less and then exploit you by forcing you to become more.

A flower does not need to be pulled from the ground. To fulfill its ultimate destiny, it only needs to be born in the right soil and then left alone to become what it is. Attempt to pull it or shape it and you can only do harm.

We are already perfect and complete—born with beautiful minds, with the ability to communicate, to work, to create, to walk and run, to reproduce, and so much more. Even without corporate computers, smart phones, vaccines, and digital security systems, we are already perfect and complete. You want to save the world and restore perfect balance and health? Stop messing with everything and leave us alone.


Posted by Abscondo

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