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Understanding the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset

This article has been removed by the author, who no longer considers any of the ideas presented by this sick and corrupt cabal to be even worthy of consideration. They are at war with we, the people. Their only intention is to enslave, make sick, and kill us. If you support liberty and human rights, please enjoy my recent posts.

Failure is for those who are unwilling to serve and to trust.

Through my business conversations every day, it is becoming clear that a profound shift is taking place in the global economy. To stay competitive, companies are starting to question the value of paying high salaries for in-house talent.

These days, even those who have “earned it” are no longer getting by on their status, background, reputation or talent alone. Expensive mortgages and car payments be damned, in such a competitive global economy every investment needs to be clearly tied to a return. It isn’t about you anymore and what you feel you deserve; now it’s all about the value you can create through true service to others. The question is: what exactly can you do to generate a 3x or 5x return for the person or company paying you?

This shift is significant for a few reasons. Firstly, loyalty to one employer is a thing of the past because your job is not going to last. To be successful today, you cannot rely on only one source of income. For any kind of stability, you need relationships and systems in place to generate income from multiple sources.

The need for multiple sources of income requires that you scale yourself up. To do this, you’ll need to outsource the supporting work and focus only on the areas where you are uniquely capable. How? Well, what are you uniquely qualified to do which provides the greatest benefit to another person or organization? Focus only on your core competency. Any of the other pieces required for a successful outcome or to scale needs to be outsourced to someone else.

Because we are increasingly interconnected and long-term loyalty is eroding, we need to learn to trust one another by default. Now there is no time for reference checks, long contract processes, and group decision-making. Things are moving so quickly that we need to trust our intuition in business relationships if anything is going to get done. Know what you need, define it precisely as a process that can’t fail, and find someone who is excited to fill that role for the pay you can afford.

At the end of the day, business is about systems not individuals. What is a business but a way to input $1,000 into a process so that $5,000 is returned? That process may include employees, outsourced vendors anywhere in the world, or it may even be automated. This is how every investor and private equity firm thinks, how every business owner thinks, and to be successful you will need to think in the same way. Invent a system that delivers a valuable product or service and sell it.

For any of this to work, you will need customers. This is one of the pieces you should outsource because running a successful sales or marketing campaign on your own is all-consuming and will leave you no time to do what you do best. Let someone else arrange the introductions, you create the relationships with prospects and customers after they do. Be willing to invest in the areas required to scale yourself up and to allow your systems to generate an ROI.

If you can do all this with an attitude of service, patience, acceptance of others, and trust as the default operating mode—then these new challenges will be the opportunity of a lifetime. No more sitting in the office in fear of losing your job. No more 8-5 office work. No limitations on your earnings potential or time. No more faking a role. You can be you, you can be free, and you can prosper without fear.

I’ve lived this way for 10 years and I assure you it is far superior to even the best job. If you find any of this relevant to what you’re going through, I’d be happy to talk even just to share some ideas.


I love you for the truth in you. (A Course in Miracles)

“You can no more pray for yourself alone than you can find joy for yourself alone.” -A Course in Miracles

Alone, we may want, pray, or ask the universe for help. Then we wait for answers which never seem to come. A Course in Miracles tells us, “There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard.” Today’s message is one of those answers and should be read carefully.

Miracles are your birth right. The way to manifest miracles is to give to spirit. To receive a little miracle, give a little. To receive a big miracle, give more. For your salvation, give all. But do not give to anyone’s ego, only to the truth in them—which we can call spirit.

To give to spirit is to ask of spirit. If the giving is pure, spirit always answers yes. How do we know whether we are giving to spirit? You can recognize spirit by seeing the same truth in others that also exists within you. When spirit has been recognized, then give to it what is real about you to it. By so doing, you will receive equally to what you give.

It is impossible to get much for little. That which is gotten without giving is not valued and is therefore not truly received. True giving can be called love. All abundance is found in love.

“This is not going beyond yourself, but toward yourself.” We continue to connect in loving oneness tomorrow and each day after that.


The source of wealth and abundance


Money is not the source of value. It is only a storage container of value. Money naturally flows to where value is being created. The giver of money naturally expects value back. The creator of value naturally expects to be paid the right price.

Ask this question frequently and you will never be poor; what can I do or create that is most valuable to the most people?

You don’t need to get rich or to raise capital before you can do what you were meant to do. It’s the other way around: first you follow your inspiration and create value for others, then the money flows to you. You are the source of value. Value is creation and service to others.

Do everything you can to offer real value to others. If you can serve or create something that is valuable to others, equal value will inevitably flow back to you in the form of money, fulfilling relationships, favors, new opportunities, recognition and admiration.

You must go first. Limitation is an illusion seen by those who refuse to go first. Sometimes it is enough just to explain what you are going to do and the funding will come up-front.

Others may error, they may rob and steal, but nobody gets away with anything. To acquire wealth through deceit or abuse of power is to attack. To attack is to create your own hell on earth.

You who love, serve and create are the truly rich. The wealth you enjoy is a beautiful reflection of the love you give. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  

Image by Benjamin Forrest

It doesn’t matter how much you get done if what are doing isn’t your best.

You are at your best when doing one thing at a time with all your attention. This isn’t possible unless you have trained your mind, through meditation and a spiritual practice, to let go of thoughts.

Don’t do anything unless you are first present. Notice your surroundings, the details, the colors, the textures. Pay attention to the sounds. Accept everything that is. Resist nothing. Notice the energy within the inner-body. The stillness and silence.

Now calmly go about whatever it is you are doing: your work, parenting, making dinner, driving your car, reading a book, talking with your spouse. Approach it calmly from this place of stillness or “no thought”. Now any thought that you do generate will be about what you are actually doing.

Move through your day like this—with frequent breaks and 1-3 meditations. Try this for a few weeks and notice that there is no stress. You are no longer afraid to check your email or answer your phone. You resist nothing. Nothing that happens on the level of forms matters in an absolute sense. You have wisdom and knowing. You are able to calmly respond to whatever happens. Life gets easy because you have mastered it. This is the only way to master life.

Through awareness of being, your quality of doing is maximized. The value you provide everyone improves. People enjoy your presence and involvement. Abundance begins to flow into your life. You are trusted and respected—not because you demanded it, but because you deserve it simply by being exactly what you are. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.



What holds you back is your belief that opportunity is limited. You are waiting for someone to offer you abundance, but they don’t even know what you are interested in doing or what you do best.

Become free. You decide what you can do best that is most valuable to the most people. Work out how you are going to do it. Set a price. Find the best way to approach people to let them know how you can help them.

Now keep going. It may take a few months before your first signs of success, a few years before total success. Don’t rush. Just keep going. No more panic. No more living according to everyone else’s expectations.
Now you are creating value on your terms and people are paying you generously for it. No excuses. This isn’t difficult. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

To gain, you must give, not bargain.

To bargain is to limit giving by being careful not to give more than is received. If mastered, perhaps a life of bargain is just enough to sustain us. But what would happen if, instead, you were to create for the world a gift far beyond the limitations of bargaining?

Think for a moment about history’s greatest inventors, the great novelists, the world-renowned musicians and beloved leaders. It is they who have manifested the technology and culture we know.

What separates these extraordinary creators from the rest of us is that they understood today’s lesson and lived it. If any of them had bargained upfront, their creations would have been insignificant. Instead, they unleashed something of such extraordinary value—something that produced such an overwhelming gain—that these individuals eventually became rich, famous, and beloved through generations.

The ego is always willing to strike a bargain, but nothing of real value can be gained through bargain. Bargaining means that there cannot be any increase in value, only an exchange of like for like.

Embrace your unlimited power to create. Just start somewhere and continue forever at a pace that feels right. The measure of what you create is not in time and cannot be negotiated upfront. Instead, it must be believed in fully, wholly without doubt, from the realm of spirit and love. Today we live from this place, where nothing can hold us back. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Set to begin development of the "I am" mobile app

For the past 16 years, I have known my reason for being. I remember the moment (it was at a Starbucks in San Francisco). It was the year 2002, and I was on a business trip when I experienced an unexpected moment of clarity and inspiration. This idea was so powerful and revolutionary that it excited me like nothing before and nothing since. 

It was during the aftermath of 9/11, during those bleak years when it looked to me as though the Bush Administration might actually succeed at crushing truth, freedom, and justice in the USA. I was a recent MBA graduate with my first serious (yet disappointing) job. I had grown up a proud American, a true believer. I had followed all the rules and advice, I had worked hard, scratched and clawed for my education, and I believed that this was the path toward happiness...that the good life was just around the corner.

Until I realized it was all a lie. Everything we are told in school, in the media, and through every facet of mainstream culture is an interwoven series of lies designed only to keep the system going. Institutions, corporations, governments, and the people who control them deliver human misery through a never-ending, exhausting effort to organize society according to their rules. The system does not care about people; rather, it places people in service to centralized authority.

The process of true re-education is long, painstaking, and filled with despair. You are on your own, engaged in endless debates to convince people of what they are unwilling to see. Even if you succeed at articulating a truth...even if you might somehow manage to convince a few remain aware that you are powerless. You no longer fit in, yet it isn't clear where you belong. Still, part of being human is that deep desire to live your truth, to stand up for what you believe, to change the world in some way. So you go on.

People like me struggle, sometimes for a lifetime, to change the system. The problem is that the system is designed to work exactly in the way that it does work. The system isn't going to change. Any effort to reform a government or institution is effort utterly wasted. So what can we do?

We, as people, can come together. I don't mean come together to protest or fight for anything or try to change anything...just come together. When we have each other, we don't really need institutions. We can ignore all forms of centralized authority. We can use technology, we can invent, we can work together (and for each other), we can create, we can love, we can be happy. Human unity is the end of misery.

This answer is simple, and yet it isn't. The problem is that, without a spiritual awakening, people don't know how to get along. In today's normal state of human existence (the egoic state), people believe they are separate, cut-off, and in competition with each other. People take advantage of each other, they lie, they manipulate, they shame, they judge, and they blame. In the typical ego-driven state, human beings have become slaves to institutions for the simple reason that we don't know how to get along with each other. If we did get along, there would be no need for institutions to claim authority over us.

Only by escaping the ego is it possible to end toxic behavior. Only in an enlightened state of awareness can we align our lives with unconditional love, acceptance, giving, and creativity. In the state of spiritual aliveness, we immediately feel that the universe is abundant, we align with an invisible, immaterial realm that is safe and unchanging, we lose fear as we embrace our perfect freedom and happiness. We end suffering. This is the normal state of human existence, as it existed before centralized power came to be. 

This shift away from centralized power and authority is called "decentralization". It is possible to ignore centralized authority, to live in freedom. You can escape the ego completely. You can live in a continuous, connected state of conscious awakening.  I have learned to let go of all attachments, and have seen life's abundance come in to replace whatever is lost.

Humans today are going through a massive awakening. Millions of us are reading the great spiritual works, listening to talks, and reshaping our lives. But we are still too isolated, too much within the system. The next step is the introduction of a technology that connects people more easily than fate, facilitates harmonious win-win relationships, and delivers abundance in all areas of life through decentralization.

I started the I Am by Infobeing Foundation to create "I am", a mobile app which is designed to deliver a large-scale shift toward decentralization. The designs are simple, it will work, and thanks to some recent funding by a few wonderful people, we are on the verge of finally building it.

I'm not attached to what happens next. I can make no promises or predictions. But I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill what I know is my life purpose.  

No more waiting in line

Back when I grew up, Americans were taught the perils of Soviet Communism. We were outraged that people were forced to stand in line for hours due to shortages. Long lines are, indeed, an excellent symbol of a failing, centralized system. These days, the queues seem to be getting longer.

Centralization is the organization of society so that people must interact primarily with large organizations for survival. Today, we depend almost entirely upon institutions to earn a living, to buy what we need and want, for education, for entertainment, essentially for everything. When we do connect with other people, we do so through platforms controlled by large corporations who spy on us just as they advertise to us. At its best, centralization is a single point of failure, a bottleneck, a cause of scarcity, or a source of frustration. At its worst, centralization becomes an inhuman force to be feared.

The Blockchain Revolution, starting with Bitcoin and taken further with Ethereum and other decentralized technologies, is the breakthrough idea that centralization is no longer the only way to organize society. By removing a centralized server than can be breached or shut down, Blockchain technology is beyond the reach of centralized institutions. This changes everything.

We now have an opportunity to shift away from the centralization of power toward a model of decentralization—the organization of society so that people are at the center. How might a decentralized future look? Consider the idea behind a blockchain startup called “I am” by Infobeing, an Ethereum-based Decentralized Social App (DApp) for the mass-market. 

A true shift toward decentralization requires an efficient, systematic way of connecting people directly. This will be done on “I am” by describing who you are, what you want, and what you are doing in the form of structured sentences called “I am” Statements. Statements are stored in a decentralized database as follows:

I am [Verb] [Description] [Location] [Price].

Compatible Statements are matched. Users effortlessly meet the right people, form new relationships and business connections, they can even buy and sell stuff using cryptocurrency. “I am” reduces the need for people to rely so much on institutions. No matter what you want or what you are trying to do, you can do it by connecting directly with other people.

Decentralized platforms like “I am” have the potential to unlock human potential by creating a reality in which people are at the center. Institutions that survive will have to adapt to serving us (and not the other way around). If all goes well, this might mean the end of standing in line.

On November 23rd, 2017, the IAM Token will be introduced as the first cryptocurrency deriving its value directly from the unleashing of human potential. Find out more at