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Change can only happen in the mind

It is easy to pretend that your thoughts don’t have power. The truth is your thoughts are the most powerful force in the world.

Imagine, even if external circumstances (or perceived causes of problems) were to completely change, an unhealed mind would continue generating problems (symptoms). You can even treat those symptoms, but if the mind is not changed, more of the same symptoms will continue to arise from the same behaviors.

Notice how your mind never stops creating, even in sleep. Aside from during brief moments of meditation, the mind essentially never shuts off. Constantly interpreting everything, creating meaning, and telling you what to do. So change your mind, and everything you say and do changes with it. Everything you see is also understood differently.

But how, you may ask, can I know when my mind is working for me or working against me? If this is true, then what is right-mindedness? The answer is very simple, completely true, and there is no exception. If you have any fear (otherwise called stress, anxiety, or worry), then you are actively creating problems and nothing can change for the better. Notice also that, if there is fear, then you must be lacking love.

Healing (the Atonement) can only happen when you make up your mind to put all faith in love. Fear is the plague. The illusion of sickness in this world today is created by people consumed with fear and acting out those perceptions. The manifestation of physical sickness is caused by the same—a mind filled with fear rather than unconditional love.

But you don’t fully believe in the cure, which is why nothing will change yet. Your mind is so powerful that the solution is impossible if you do not change it.

To put full faith in love is to change your thoughts, to heal your mind, to fully awaken. It is salvation—a state in which your mind is aligned with the perfection, completeness, and safety of the soul / spirit / consciousness.

This shift away from the illusion of fear and toward the reality of unconditional love is the only path toward real change. To believe anything else is a choice to seek but never find. But to chose love is to find immediately, to enter heaven now, in this life, in this moment. The choice is yours. Yes, you have that much power. Total power over it all. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Understanding Love vs. Hate and Hope vs. Fear (March 17th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #101)

Getting to a good place requires that we understand the true meaning of love, hate, hope and fear.

You can also listen to the audio only version of the podcast here: 

Abscondo Podcast 101


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Joy is absent of hope and fear

Hopeful and fearful ideas do not just come to you out of the blue. These concepts are put into your mind by a propaganda system designed to control you, and they have devastating effects.

Fear convinces you that the joy is impossible now because everything good is slipping away. You are told to believe that something will go wrong any minute now. You are going to die from this or get into trouble for that. Convinced that everything is going to hell, you feel obligated to fight a battle that you have no power to win. You obsess, argue about it, blame yourself, hate others, you study and explain every detail about the future threat—entirely overlooking the fact that many of things that people once feared are already here today. All of society is already a fundamental mess, and it always has been. 

Yet now, in this moment, perfect happiness is available to everyone—but only if you release yourself from the trap of fear and exist here, now. This means blocking fear-based information sources. You cannot expect to drink a bottle of wine and not get a little drunk. Similarly, you cannot expect to consume fear and not become intoxicated with stress and anxiety. The functioning of your body literally changes (feel your heartbeat accelerate, notice your facial expression, how you move, everything changes).

If fear doesn’t get you, then hope will. Messages of hope tell you to look to the future. If this happens or if you accomplish that, then everything will be okay. The underlying message here is that things are not okay now. You are not allowed to enjoy in this moment because the situation is not right, you are lacking in something, and are incomplete. So, you wait, you hope, you pray. You analyze every detail. You work toward and sacrifice for an accomplishment or situation that never comes. If it does materialize, you find out that it doesn’t actually change anything. More likely, the entire situation is out of your control and you are left only feeling frustrated.

You cannot enjoy the momentary, drunken high of hope without the hangover of disappointment that will follow. Hope and fear are a roller-coaster of ups and downs (mostly downs).

Belief in hope and fear is a fundamental cause of suffering. To awaken is to remember that you are already complete and perfect now, and that the present moment is exactly how it I meant to be. To sacrifice this moment is to miss life. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by hope and fear. Be love, be truth and honesty, be creative, be you now.

Withdrawing attention from hopeful and fearful thoughts isn't ducking your head in the sand; rather, it is taking your head out of the sand. Be free from hope and fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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We have been manipulated by fearmongering and it stops here

In the old world (the one that is dying), the easiest way to capture people’s attention was to scare them. We know that every story in the news is intended to make us afraid, but most of the independent sources and so-called conspiracy theories are the same.

This fear-based communication has escalated into a never-ending argument about what we are going to die from, how we are going to be made slaves, and how hopeless it all is. These information sources have succeeded at capturing our red-alert level attention, but we are left feeling powerless and at the mercy of supposed forces we cannot possibly defeat.

While it is utterly impossible for any of us to either end the flu or defeat corruption and brutality in the world, we have blamed each other for a predicament that was created by the fear-based information sources, themselves. If we had not exposed ourselves to this toxic information, there would be no problem. The fear-based information is the virus, and the source of our enslavement and misery.

I have unfollowed anyone who has spread stories of doom and gloom. Facebook is impossible. I will avoid all news. I will avoid all entertainment where masks are worn (which pulls us back down into the memory of this insanity). I will turn off all content that causes fear or low energy. If they want my attention, they will need to be honest and transparent.

Is this living in an illusion? No, the opposite. The real world is the one of love, nature, beauty, creativity, openness, and freedom. For thousands of years, they have created false idols designed to steal reality from us by causing stress and fear. While their methods vary, one truth remains: the fear-based manipulators only have power if we agree to give them our attention.

In reality, you are invulnerable and eternal. Let go of any content or ideas that pull you away from joy. Your joy is your natural state, your strength, and the ultimate realization of you and your potential. All answers, all solutions, all reality is found in the light. You know you are embracing the light when you feel uplifted, when you are smiling and laughing, when you are yourself, when you are unafraid of tomorrow or what anybody might think of you. Rise up, and do not give in to the darkness of fear. Delete the fear wherever it exists. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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All confusion arises from the conflict between the reality of love and the illusion of fear

Today, I am re-committing to a life absent of fear. I recognize that, when I have allowed any fear to become real for me, then I am cut off from the divine, I am paralyzed as a creator, I am lost in confusion, and serve no purpose.

I also realize that fearful ideas and stories are no guide at all. I can easily navigate any situation and make any decision correctly without fearful details. I don’t need to understand how dangerous a vaccine is to know that I do not need a vaccine and am free to make my own choice on the matter. I don’t need to understand the sick and brutal truths about the powerful and corrupt when I know that total safety is the eternal reality for those who always forgive and do not attack.

Many try to capture your attention with fearful messages. There is always a moral justification for this, but causing fear is always cruel because it leaves you lost, stagnant, and depressed. I have only been happy in life when I have filtered out fear entirely. I withdraw attention from the news. I disengage from the dark, frightening conspiracy theories about things we cannot know for sure. I shift all my attention to the value system and thought system of perfect love.

All that is not loving is false, insane, and does not even exist. Love is truth, beauty, safety, freedom, and everything we do want. Love is light, and it cannot be conquered by the darkness of fear. But join in that darkness, and you may become lost.

My only purpose is to love, and from the perspective of love to always be creating. Raising children lovingly is one of the most creative endeavors because they, in turn, will love and create. Sharing this message with others is the same. I will create in music, in writing, in other art forms, and in my work. I will create visibly and in private, both in this life and beyond.

All confusion arises from the conflict between the reality of love and the illusion of fear. Today I am leaving no more room for confusion. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   


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How to write a great song

Most people do not just wake up one day and decide to write a song. Most importantly, songwriters are huge music fans. We are deeply moved by music—to the extent that we know exactly what we like and dislike, regardless of a song’s popularity, public status, or the opinions of our friends.

A songwriter is someone who so loves music that you constantly sing along. One day, you decide that singing is not enough. You pick up a guitar for the first time, or sit in front of the keyboard, and you begin the long, enjoyable (but at first challenging) process of learning to play the songs you love.

As time goes by, you continue to build a massive music collection / soundtrack to your life. You also learn the chords and play almost every day. Without any goals or intentions, you gradually get better over the years.

One day, you become a little bored with the idea of learning to play yet another cover song. You start playing around with some of the chord progressions used in your favorite songs. You try different combinations, guided only by what sounds good to you. Eventually, you come across something that sounds so good that you get a bit excited.

From this beautiful feeling of inspiration, and without any thought, you sing whatever comes to your mind. You play and experiment with the melodies, just as you did with the chords, until you find something that inspires you further and makes you feel even more excited. You take out the voice recorder app on your phone and capture it. Do not forget to say what the chords are at the end of your little demo (you might forget later).

Now you have the foundation for a song. On a few occasions, I was able to create an entire song that felt complete this easily. Most of the time, I take the foundation and go to my laptop to start writing. This can be done the same day, or you can wait a while and listen to the demo again to see if you still like it.

While this final stage of the songwriting process involves some work, it is important that you feel good during the process. If you are not enjoying it, just stop. Nothing beautiful can be created from a place of not feeling good—and the purpose of great music is to inspire, to invoke awareness of beauty, and to communicate in the language of emotion.

Guided entirely by your own intuition and tastes, you continue to play with the words and melodies. If what you hear is not awesome, try something else. If it feels perfect, leave it. If you feel differently about it next week, change it. Keep going between your instrument and your computer until every part of the song, all the transitions, the whole thing feels even better than the songs you like. If you hit a brick wall, just put that song aside and come back later if you feel inspired.

You may spend years writing songs and very few become so great that they are better than what you listen to. Not every song turns out. Organize them into category A, B, and C. Keep writing. Play the best songs for your friends. Play them on your own. Notice which ones you want to play most. Enjoy the music and your accomplishment. You are a songwriter.

Great songwriting is a natural, unplanned, slowly evolving journey undertaken by the true music fan. In my experience, the best songs are written by music fans, not trained musicians. Too often, professionally trained musicians have become detached from their musical taste. Their tastes are corrupted by the external authorities (teachers). The trained musician fears making a mistake, not being good enough, and the process isn’t as playful.

Through the enjoyable, slow process I have described, the required technical aspects of music are understood at a deep enough level to create beauty. Too much analysis and technical perfection detracts from what gives music its value: its ability to emotionally communicate. For example, if a song is written from ambition, it will annoy the listeners with the emotion of ambition. If a song is written to be technically impressive, it will weigh the listeners down and fail to lift them up emotionally.

You want to write songs that leave your audience feeling inspired, positive, free, playful, and confident enough to trust their own feelings. This is communication, and true communication can only happen between two people who are honest and open. Greatness must be real and genuine. There is no hack, and you cannot fake it.   

One day, you become bored with just writing. Now you decide to record. Perhaps that is a different post. Have fun with your songwriting. Check out Abscondo music anywhere you normally find music! We continue, in truth, beauty, and freedom, tomorrow and each day after that.

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What are the Top 5 beliefs that make true love impossible?

I believe every person has access to perfect love. Relationship problems result from learned errors. Here are the Top 5 beliefs and thought patters that block love and cause relationship problems:


1) Belief in guilt.

As innocent children born into an unwell world, we have been taught to feel ashamed of ourselves. The natural process of learning and growing requires that we make mistakes along the way. Rather than being encouraged to look honestly at errors, consider the consequences of our actions, and unemotionally making adjustments—most of the people in our lives make us guilty, shame us, and tell us we are no good. When we believe this about ourselves, we begin to loathe ourselves. When we loathe ourselves, it becomes impossible to love ourselves or anyone else.

Know that you are not guilty, and neither is anyone else. We have all made mistakes and have acted in ways that does not honor reality. Errors can be corrected, but only if looked upon lovingly, honestly, and without judgment. Simply notice how your words and actions made you feel. How did it make others feel? What was the result of your deeds? Is this what you want or is there a better way? Think about it, talk about it, and experiment until you get it right.

2) Belief in attacking to teach a lesson.

This is closely related to belief 1. The thought system of the world is to judge others and then to respond with reward or punishment as a mechanism of control. This is a violent, manipulative way to get others to obey us without consent. This is one form of attack. Other forms include violence, arguing, insulting, etc.

The problem with belief in attack is that it leads to rebellion, resentment, and teaches us to react in fear rather than in common sense and wisdom. The other problem is that it is impossible to feel love within the thought system of attack or a relationship based on attack (because it is violent).  

3) That there is ever a good reason to withhold honesty.

Another common blockage to our ability to love is that we are afraid to be honest and we are afraid of the truth. When we restrict honesty, we are restricting the free flow of communication. Yet, it is through open communication that love flourishes. Loving yourself is about knowing yourself and being honest with yourself about you. Loving another is just the same. Withhold or prevent honesty and you destroy love.

Practicing honesty requires a willingness for both parties to accept. There can be no judgment, no making wrong, and no attack as a response to honesty or honesty will be impossible in that relationship. What we are talking about here is unconditional love. Any love that is conditional is not love; rather, an arrangement.

4) Believing that you get love from another person.

Most people want to be loved by another person, but lasting love from another is impossible unless we first learn to love ourselves. This, of course, has become a cliché (yet, even so, it is rarely understood or practiced).

Spend some quiet time with yourself and think deeply about the ideas in this post. Remember that you are innocent, that you are good, that any shame or guilt you feel has restricted you from love—yet, at your core, you are love.

This is the process of unblocking yourself that we are talking about, and it is a necessary step before we can experience perfect love with another person.

5) Faith in time.

Most people seek love by waiting for circumstances to change, for someone to finally apologize for this or to do that. Others are waiting to meet the “right person”. But waiting is not seeking. Infinite possibilities for love exist right here, right now—and the present moment is the only dimension of reality that has ever existed.

Love yourself perfectly now. Love those in your life perfectly now. Greet new people with perfect love as well. This is how you transform your life into one that is filled with perfect love everywhere. Everyone meant for you will fit exactly where they were meant to fit. But it happens now, not in the future.

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I am not my self; the difference between your identity as consciousness and the ego-identity

Consider the expression, “I can’t stand myself anymore” or “I don’t know what to do with myself”. You might ask, who is the “I” and who is the “self” here? A person cannot be split into two identities. One must be the real identity. In these sentences, the “self” being referred to is the ego or false identity. The “I” is the true identity—or “I am”. To spiritually awaken is to identify with the “I am” and not with the conceptual “self”.

You are not your thoughts; rather, you are the entity observing those thoughts, listening to the voice in the head, and perceiving everything else going on in life. The voice in the head is mostly insane.

Imagine spending one whole day saying out loud everything that runs through your head. It would be terribly embarrassing and annoying, so we keep most of it inside. Yet we find it perfectly sane and normal to take those thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions seriously and to react to them. If you believe the voice in the head is you, you will even defend those thoughts as if fighting for your life. Unfortunately, this ego-driven state is a dangerous and ineffective way to live—a roller-coaster of drama, suffering, and crisis.

The mind will continue to do what it does, but we don’t have to take every thought seriously. We can learn to recognize the negative and fearful thoughts simply as ego—and as ultimately unreal. When I talk about escaping the ego, it doesn’t mean that all the ego’s thoughts disappear completely. I am talking about observing the thoughts and recognize them for what they are—as merely the functioning of the mind (a “useful tool” as Eckhart Tolle often puts it).

There is nothing wrong with the mind, but you are not your mind. You are consciousness, the awareness, life itself. To meditate is to learn not to constantly think, and not to chase a train of thought. What is left during those brief moments when there is no thought—that is the essence of who you are. Become aware of your “I am” here, and you have awakened. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Why Indie / Alternative isn’t cool anymore

When I lived in Seattle (2000 – 2005), I was a huge fan of indie. Non-mainstream music by obscure bands was obviously better than the radio / MTV. Independent films were interesting and exciting. Despite being a married guy working in business, I did my best to take part in the hipster scene. I went to the concerts, the clubs, and at times even dressed the part. The pic is from 2001 (you should have seen my shoes).


Why was I attracted to Indie / Alternative? Because it was all about breaking free from the norm, challenging the mainstream narrative in the corporate media, you know…sticking it to the man! That’s why it was all so cool! Hipsters / indie fans saw themselves as open-minded, edgy, and smarter than regular people. Our tastes were superior across the board (or so we thought).

When the Coronavirus “pandemic” hit, whatever “indie cool” that remained instantly evaporated. There was no questioning the mainstream narrative (not even a little). Instantly, all the oh-so-cool indie musicians, DJ’s, podcasters, and everyone fell into line. All the prominent “hipsters” lectured us to stay at home. Wear masks. No more concerts or events. In a flash, the entire movement was shattered by fake news headlines and fear of catching a cold.

When I look back on it, I realize Indie / Alternative was never very cool. The people were snobs. Judgmental jerks. Self-absorbed. Fake intellectuals. Wanna-be rebels. It was only ever about image. Much of the music was unlistenable, many of the movie narratives shallow and pointless.

Music should be beautiful. Movies should be inspiring and uplifting. People should be nice. A real movement would be one based on real values such as love, true freedom, truth and honesty. Indie / Alternative is still better than the purely Satanic, ugly shit we see in the mainstream—but not much better. Time for a total refresh, which is coming, and not a moment too soon.

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