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Those who offer peace to everyone have found a peace in heaven the world cannot destroy. (A Course in Miracles)

What do we seek in life if not this? A heaven that the world cannot destroy.

To offer peace is to offer perfect love. Learn about what perfect love is and does, then there is no confusion. Perfect love is the whole truth. Within this truth, there is never a reason or a time for attack. Never a reason or a time to cut ourselves off. Never reason or a time to judge, to prosecute, to punish, or even to defend ourselves. Only unconditional love offers total strength and complete wisdom.

Offering peace to everyone means never responding to anyone or anything in any way that isn’t loving. This does not mean that you will be manipulated, that you must sacrifice, or that you ever do anything other than what you want. It only means that the only response to anyone, anytime, is peaceful and loving (even toward yourself).

To understand love, to awaken to the dimension of heaven, is to stop valuing or wanting anything other than this. You don’t have to make any drastic changes to the details of your life, just choose perfect love always and in every situation. This is what our spiritual practice is for. It is a simple choice to enter a heaven the world cannot destroy.


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The loneliest people...

“How come no one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth”
-Kings of Convenience (song: Misread)

The more I speak the truth, the fewer people who want anything to do with me. I am grateful for a those few deep, perfect, loving relationships. However, it saddens me to think about the countless people I have known who have rejected the type of honest, open, loving, close friendship I offer freely. Why?

How is it that people hide away in depression, are overwhelmed with stress, and are burdened with seemingly insurmountable problems when the truth is that perfect joy is so easily attainable with one specific decision?

Those of us who have found the truth about love / truth / reality / ego—who have genuinely awakened spiritually—know that nobody wants to end their suffering. They so desperately cling to it that our message of love, joy, perfect health and peace is unwelcomed. All communication is then broken. They think that we don’t understand them and their “reality”. So, we no longer matter.

I find it so very sad. I offer only unconditional love, patience, and understanding. I want to celebrate and discuss everything beautiful, everything that matters. I want to smile and laugh together. To overcome the world’s darkness with our inner light. So very few are willing to accept any of this.

And yet, regardless of our individual decisions, the truth remains. You will never find lasting happiness unless you are willing to destroy / escape the ego. You will never find peace and experience true beauty unless you are willing to fully embrace and align with unconditional love. You will always suffer if lost in past and future or are clinging to an identity in this world. To experience the present moment—the only reality that ever was and ever will be—you will need to meditate and maintain a daily spiritual practice. Anything that is not loving is not real—and to experience love fear must be rejected totally.

There are specific teachings that will take you all the way to salvation—perfect, ongoing joy, eternal life, the end of your problems—and to achieve this is only to humbly surrender to the higher truth. Not my truth, just the one I was humble enough to find. It is reality and is yours now and always, in love.

How come no one told me All throughout history The loneliest people Were the ones who always spoke the truth

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Why do people find it so difficult to forgive?

People who have not yet transcended ego find it impossible to forgive. Even after a heartfelt apology, the response is often, “I’m working on forgiving you” or “you still haven’t apologized properly for what you’ve done.” Other times, they simply consider a person unforgivable. What exactly does this person mean by forgiveness?

The unobserved, egoic mind uses forgiveness as a means for domination and control. What this person wants in an apology is that the “guilty party” give up all personal freedom and concede everything. Anything short of this is considered an unacceptable and inappropriate apology.

To the ego, everything is reduced to a question of “what about me?” or “what do I get?”. The ego has no ability to empathize with, respect, or accept a person’s life journey. Instead, everything must be controlled and manipulated.

Of course, it is impossible for anyone to completely concede control over their life to such a confused person. What ends up happening instead is a fearful concession, then deception.

But a person who has awakened to the dimension beyond the ego forgives instantly. We see no sin; rather, only error to be corrected in love. We offer unconditional acceptance and respond in love. We are also free to love and will not concede to being controlled or dominated by other people’s egos.

This is one of the reasons why it is so impossible for a spiritually awakened person to coexist alongside a person who has not yet awakened. If you refuse to be completely controlled by an ego, you will be considered unforgivable and immediately discarded. Sadly, you never meant any harm. You only wanted your freedom to be love and to give love on your terms.


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Life is being, is consciousness, is love, is truth, is freedom, is abundance, is energy, is light, is knowledge, is joy, is inspiration, is now, is eternal, wholeness, is unity, is health, is God.

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All that is real about us is in life. All that does die does not exist at all in reality. Choose reality each moment and let go of the false now and forever.

Any confusion about this is a tragic attempt to make death real and to forget life. This cannot succeed because success would be the definition of failure.

Everything you are, is found in that life part. Being what you are, it cannot be taken from you.

When you forget everything that a sick world has taught you about death, you heal perfectly and completely.

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Only by becoming vulnerable can you discover your true invulnerability. (Eckhart Tolle)

The ego believes that becoming vulnerable makes you weak. There is this fear that other people will take advantage of you or will fail to take you seriously. To become somebody special or important, the ego would have you believe, you need to be assertive. You must never let your guard down. Trust no one. Attack before you are attacked. But here there is no strength, only a slippery slope of weakness, depression and hopeless isolation.

We avoid becoming vulnerable because we feel that, if people saw us for who we truly are, they wouldn’t see much to like. Our attitudes toward intimacy or vulnerability is, therefore, only a reflection of whether we love ourselves. When we lack self-love, we avoid vulnerability and authenticity because we feel unworthy. While we may believe we are seeking approval to foster better relationships, it is impossible for any human connection to become a relationship at all if we are unwilling to become vulnerable and open.

Strength starts with vulnerability. When we are deeply honest, true communication begins. This is how strong, trusting unions are made and harmonious relationships are built. Through vulnerability, love is felt and we are lifted to that joyful, blissful place we seek.

If anyone in your life abandons you because you show who you are, then you can be grateful because the people who stay will fit perfectly. Now your relationships are grounded in truth, and truth is strength.

Becoming vulnerable is non-resistance to what is. We are all vulnerable in this life. We face the same challenges, the same fragile balance of things, and the same impending death of the physical body. But, when we practice non-resistance to all that is, when we let ourselves be as we are, we find that everything falls into place effortlessly and there was never a reason to fear. This is true invulnerability, which requires faith that is beyond the ego.


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Slovakia’s cultural death

I spent the last few days camping and biking in the hills of rural Slovakia. For whatever reason, I got to thinking about the past and all the things I have enjoyed in the country that I now call home.

Following many dark decades of oppressive Communism, theirs was still a vibrant culture. Much of the Slovak culture is rooted in the ancient past, but also I suppose that, through a strong sense of culture and togetherness, they survived the evils of Communism and made life worth living. Families and friends knew how to come together, work together, celebrate together, drink together, and even sing and dance together. The discos were filled with so much enthusiasm for life. People lived fully and did things together.

As the 1990’s and 2000’s wore on—and the country became subjected to commercialism and tasteless, trash entertainment—everything gradually changed. Increasingly, people would avoid meeting or doing anything together. Far easier to stay home, take care of the house, go to the mall, and post dishonest projections of your life on social media. No more weekends at the cottage with family. No more unannounced visits. Nobody cared much about music or cultural events.

The quest for material comfort and success has led directly to more financial stress, loneliness, and isolation. During these past many years, life here became a competition to appear cooler, better, or more successful than others. A so-called “hipster” culture even emerged—which has nothing to do with the real, open-minded, fun hipster culture that I experienced in Seattle in the early 2000’s. No, this hipster culture is built upon the terrible music and art thrust upon us by mainstream culture, involves no free-thinking, no expression of emotion, and thoughtlessly rejects all of history and culture as cliché. Boring.

At the same time, the population has become so overwhelmingly elderly and dying. Right now, it all feels like a massive letting go of the past. Coronavirus was the death blow to anything cultural that remained. Sure, a few of the newer restaurants are thriving, but all the old establishments are essentially dead. Villages are now only private homes and there is nothing to do publicly other than go to church (with masks of course…so never mind).

I could be wrong, but I believe Slovakia is a microcosm, and that what I have observed here is happening around the world. I wonder what will come next. If we are to thrive again as individuals, families, and as a culture, I know that we will have to start by becoming rooted in what is real. This will require a letting go of ego—so that we value connectedness, having fun with people, appreciating beauty from our own perspectives, becoming vulnerable enough to lead others toward having a good time. We will need to stop competing, stop arguing, and stop judging.

We must rise beyond the limitations of our media / government / school conditioning and brainwashing. The way forward toward a life worth living is with an open mind and open heart. May we remember, celebrate, and keep alive everything vibrant and beautiful from our past as we create a future where everything real and beautiful is valued.

I am grateful for the love and closeness I have with my family, but we are craving much broader and deeper relationships and cultural connectedness. Change must always start with ourselves, and we are committed to doing something about this dreadful situation.





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You cannot not teach

Everything you do and say, each moment of each day, is a lesson you are teaching to others. You cannot hide from teaching others because even the act of hiding is a lesson. Realizing that you cannot not teach, the question what lesson do you believe in enough to teach? Is it the same one that you are teaching?

When you conform—saying and doing what you do not really believe in for some supposed good reason—you are bearing false witness and teaching a lie. To represent anything which makes you depressed or robs you of joy is to harm others by setting a misleading example which leads them down the same miserable path.

But when you stand up for, speak about, and openly live what you know to be good, right, and true, then you are the light of the world. You know what to do by recognizing how you feel. Fear makes you feel ill. Do not believe the false lessons of fear and do not harm others by making it real. Attack robs everyone of joy. Do not use it. Do not cut yourself off. Never hide your truth. Never judge and always forgive. Teach the path of lasting joy—not of low energy and depression.

To make guilty is to teach shame. To attack in any form is to teach violence. To hide away is to teach loneliness. To lie is to teach that fiction can be made real. To manipulate is to teach that something real can be gained by taking from or harming others. To swear is to teach that crudeness and violence are superior to kindness and gentleness. When you drink or drug yourself to sickness, neglect your body, or indulge in so much sugar that you become sick and obese, what are you teaching? With all your power, is this what you want your life to represent and teach?

You have such great power because you are always teaching. Consider what would happen if you used this power to teach unconditional love, perfect honesty, perfect health, and perfect joy. The choice is yours. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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I am ready for the truth

All of it. Hold nothing back. I will no longer tolerate the old-fashioned ways of communicating and living. The deceit, dishonesty, manipulation, calculation, control, attack, judgement, reward & punishment, and all forms of darkness. This, the withholding of honesty, is all so stupid. It is only our tolerance of dishonesty that has caused all the problems. This is the murky foundation of everything we hate about life. I am far past being done with it.

I withdraw all attention from those who withhold honesty. People, media, politicians, celebrities, the news, all of it. If you cling to the old-fashioned ways of stupidity, I can only shake my head and look the other way. The verdict is in, reality is now understood, the Great Awakening has occurred, and now life will go on very differently. This current era is to be lived in total honesty, truth, and openness. Each moment the truth is ascending and darkness is being vanquished.

All this time, darkness has remained only because we have failed to turn the light switch. There was a simple choice, and throughout history we have failed. We thought it normal and acceptable to navigate those dark rooms. Bumping into everything, still we were too afraid to turn on the switch. We became very bruised. So many people suffered and died. Yet we remained in the dark, bumping into everything and fumbling around like fools. Arguing about which version of fiction was right or better.

The meek shall now inherit the Earth. We accept only truth and this isn’t going to change. We are shining the light of reality everywhere, so get on board or learn the hard way. The confused fools of dishonesty have had their chance and have clearly made a mess of everything. Now everything is being cleaned up so that all truth and beauty can be revealed. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Times they are a-changing (May 5th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #103)

Wow, we are living in Biblically historic times. Today I talk about the new mindset for a new world. Enjoy the video podcast!

Or listen to the audio-only version of the podcast here:

Abscondo Podcast 103

You can find the Abscondo Podcast wherever you normally listen to podcasts.

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You don’t need to be anything extra

The world convinces us that we are not good enough, and that we can only become good enough by learning more, achieving more, having more, looking better, and by being more right about everything.

This game of becoming more is pointless. The more we try to add to ourselves, the more ridiculous we look. None of it makes us any more attractive or lovable. To anyone familiar with truth and beauty, it does just the opposite. By trying to be something extra, you bury what you already are—which is already perfect.

Just be what you are. Let the enjoyable and beautiful external things remain part of your life, but never try to make that your identity. You are already you, and you’ve been you since you were born. Just do your thing, smile your smile, and laugh your laugh. Now you’re looking your best because your truth is shining through.

Think of the people who you most admire. Are these not the people who are most comfortable being who they are? We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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