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Right now, you are not guilty of anything at all

The world teaches us that guilt is real and that we are all guilty. Yes, in the past, we all have made mistakes. But is the past here right now? Here, right now, in this moment, are we not perfectly innocent?

To believe that guilt is real, one would have to believe that each moment of your life you are supposed to carry the full burden of your past. You are meant to do the hard work of constantly being ashamed of yourself for what is not here. Ignoring present reality, you are meant to pay a price for memories. For this, you punish yourself and allow yourself to be punished. In truth, your guilt is only a story—a collection of thoughts, no longer true right now, that you choose to make real.

But if you can be still. If for one instant, you can let go of the past. If you look around you, noticing the colors, the textures, the sounds, the silence, and stillness behind it all. Can you clearly recognize that you are not guilty in this moment? That you are perfectly lovable? Right now, you are perfectly innocent and perfectly lovable. This is forgiveness. This is also reality.

In an instant you can heal from guilt. Then, you can love yourself. You can even extend that love at every opportunity. You can allow yourself to feel good. You can smile. You can let that burden of your past drift away. You can fix anything in your situation that needs fixing—not from a position of guilt and shame; rather, from the certainty of your perfect innocence.

If there is ever any insane behavior in the present moment, you can correct it. But to hold guilt over yourself or anyone is to condemn to death by creating an insanity in the mind that overshadows the beauty and perfection of the present moment. You cannot awaken, you cannot heal, you cannot love if you decide that guilt is real. I assure you it is not. You are perfectly innocent.

Right now  you are not guilty of anything at all.

Lack of knowledge of any kind is always associated with an unwillingness to know. (A Course in Miracles)

To know, we need only become willing to learn and to apply the lesson. Why are we unwilling to know? Because we fear the unknown. This obvious catch-22 exposes the ego’s insanity. By not finding out about something, we remain fearful. We don’t want to find out because we are afraid. This thought pattern is a cycle of fear and ignorance—neither of which a sane person would want.

Once again: it is because of fear that the unknown exists in your life; yet fear about something no longer exists the moment something becomes known. Would you rather know without fear, or not know with fear? Fear vanishes the moment the unknown becomes known; but will slowly eat away at those who are unwilling to know.

I know, from direct experience, that the suffering can end. The drama can cease. The lack can be replaced by abundance. Stress can be gone, as can illness. You can live your dreams and fantasies without sacrificing anything. Your life can become fulfilling and meaningful. Your relationships can become free, yet eternal.

The way is to love unconditionally. Always be honest. Always be accepting. Want only truth. Have an open heart and open mind. Say yes. Try it. Talk about it. Research it. Explore it. Try different variations. Invent. Be brave and be willing. Follow your intuition.


By always choosing honesty, you allow reality to reveal itself to you as it is.

You have probably learned the world’s lesson that there is no truth, only shades of gray. Or you may think there are different kinds of truth—that there is universal truth, plain truth, and perhaps ugly truth. Some truths are considered good, appropriate, or acceptable; while others are meant to be hidden in shame. You may believe that you have your truths and I have mine; or that you would have to convince everyone of your truth for it to be considered true at all. So, you remain stuck in the mental game of argument and debate.

Truth can only be honesty. There are no orders of reality to honesty. There are no levels or different types. The truth about an error is no less truthful than the truth of love. Therefore, there is no need to judge or sort out the significance or importance of various truths. The truth about your life, your feelings, your desires, your needs, your experiences, or your fantasies are no less honest than the truths spoken by the Buddha, Lao Tzu or Jesus Christ.

All honesty is truth and can be honored equally. The philosophy of truth is simple: if you are telling the truth and you want only truth, then you are on the right path. You are allowing reality to reveal itself to you as it is.

Nobody can judge your path. There is nothing to argue or debate. There is no superior form of honesty; only honesty or dishonesty. You don’t need to discover the ultimate secrets of the universe right now, though you probably will. For now, you only need to be honest. So how do you choose honesty? By always being honest and calmly accepting the honesty of others.

–From my free eBook, The Switch.


To desire wholly is to create (A Course in Miracles)

If there is anything you want to create which has not yet manifested in your life, it is because you do not desire it wholly. You may believe you want all sorts of things: a happy relationship, children, to achieve a goal, to create a work of art or a successful business. In truth, if there is anything you want that is not present, it can only be for a few reasons:

1) You do not want it wholly

If you wholly want a happy, healthy, perfect relationship, then you will have one. Any such relationship begins with loving yourself. Figure this out, and your relationships with others can only be perfect. As for children, if you wholly wanted children, you would have children with one simple act of creation. The same goes with achieving a goal or creating anything at all. If you wholly wanted it, then this is where you would focus work and attention. It would be so.

2) You are wanting something external rather than creating

You may want world peace, or for a loved one to change, or for the world to finally recognize your brilliance. The problem here is that what you desire is not a creative desire. You are giving attention to what is outside your control, while you only have control over your creations.

Hoping, praying, and waiting for something external to happen in the world or in your life is misdirected desire. So much of what appears real and significant in this life is entirely beyond our control.

The good news is that your perfect love, joy, health, and everything you most deeply want is entirely within your control. The way to achieve it is through your God-given, God-like power to create.  There is nothing external required for you to thrive within the realm that is already fully yours.

If something is beyond your control, then you can easily accept it. If you wholly desire something within your creative control, then create it. If you do not wholly desire it, then be honest with yourself about it and find a sense of peace there.


His love is but an instant farther on the road where all illusions end. (A Course in Miracles)

His love is, of course, referring to the peace of God…which can otherwise be called heaven, salvation, awakening, or lasting happiness.

An instant farther on the road to where all illusions end means the moment after you have dispelled all illusions—when you have chosen the path of truth and honesty.


The lonely ones are those who see no function in the world for them to fill. (A Course in Miracles)

You have a function, which makes you complete in a world where incompletion rules. Yours is an individual life curriculum designed to nudge you toward the fulfillment of your unique function.

To awaken is to know your function—and to know that it can only be fulfilled once you abandon ego and align with the thought system of perfect love.

While love is oneness and so is truth, your function is unique because your way of expressing truth is unique. To escape ego is not to lose your personality; rather, to reach your potential by freeing you of the confines of a world designed to limit and control your divine beauty.

You are a unique expression of consciousness—God made flesh. To deny your divinity is to adopt the thought system of ego and to join the army of the lost and disconnected—those who demonstrate all the errors that can only lead to loneliness.

Love is the only escape from loneliness. Your purpose is to love, and to teach love to all, in the unique way that only you are capable of. Your strength can only be through love. The way can only be love—the energy of life, the good with no opposite.


When identification with mental positions is out of the way, true communication begins. (Eckhart Tolle)

There is nothing wrong with mental positions. We spend our lives observing the world. Naturally, the mind draws conclusions and has preferences. The problems arise when we try to form an identity for ourselves based upon those mental positions.

When the mind forms a position, it tries to convince you that you are that position, and you are right. You may even begin to feel superior to others who do not agree. Now there can be no true communication. Rather than listening and connecting, you focus on differences and on defending your position. If anyone challenges your position, you feel personally attacked. This is the ego.

Normal conversations in this world are a messy attempt to project mental positions; attempting to persuade others to agree with or understand you. This almost never happens. Instead, there is only ongoing debate that ends in frustration, rudeness, or anger.

To be free from ego is to avoid defending mental positions. It is enough to state your position when asked and to listen to those of others without judgment. This is how you turn relationships into a spiritual practice. Aligned with unconditional love, you can calmly and unemotionally observe your thoughts. When the mental positions of others no longer feed negative emotions, you know you are free from ego. 

True communication is beyond questions of identity. You are love and love is not a mental position. You are connected to others on the level of the soul, spirit, consciousness—where we are all the same and where we are one. True communication flows only from this dimension. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Nothing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth. (A Course in Miracles)

Everything about the world is built around a different assumption—that our worth must be earned. After we agree that our worth has been taken away, we then spend our lives driven mad by a nagging need to reclaim it.

From this one belief, our lives become a story, a game, a show, a war. We lie, we deceive, we attack, we show off, we use people—all to show that we are more important, worth more, successful. Ironically, these behaviors render us useless to other people.

Some get so carried away with this game of establishing worth that they are “above” cooking meals for themselves, cleaning their own homes, grooming their own bodies, or expressing their own original thoughts and perspectives. No, to become an “amazing person”, everything must be outsourced to someone lesser. Meals are ordered, help is hired, legs are waxed, feet are pedicured, and opinions come only from the corporate media. Doing or thinking anything yourself is seen as too common and unsophisticated—somehow diminishing your worth.

But what are you worth in this state? If you are so superior that you cannot do these things for yourself, how will you be capable of doing anything for others? Will a partner want to stay with you when you are unwilling to make him or her a sandwich, unwilling to clean the kitchen, unwilling to do a favor for fear of undermining your perceived worth? In this state, you are taking rather than giving and parenthood is out of the question.

This game of gaining worth is all about seeking approval from others. But others will never give you what you seek because they are playing the same game. Within this twisted thought system, to approve of or admire someone else would diminish a person’s worth. Nobody you know is willing to go there.

You can sacrifice so much, accomplish even more than anyone wants to hear, and in the end you will never feel worthy. You will compare your real self, your actual life situation, your real relationship, your actual bank account to the lies everyone else is projecting about these very things. You will never feel as though you have arrived. There will always be one more achievement, always one more problem that must be overcome, and you will never get there because there is this one assumption about establishing worth—which has become the foundation of your life—and it is utterly and exactly wrong.

According to A Course in Miracles, “Your worth is established by God.” You are perfect from birth and are exactly as you are meant to be. Your worth is not earned; rather, it is so absolute that it cannot be destroyed. You are life manifested, and you are divine—a spirit that is eternal beyond threat.

When you know your real value, your life is enjoyed very differently. You learn because you are interested. You create because that is what inspired minds do. You try things, you experience your wildest fantasies, you know people deeply and are unafraid (nobody can diminish you). You are self-sufficient. Beyond this, you take care of and serve everyone with joy.

Your worth need not be established; rather, it needs to be celebrated. Everything is already okay. Be here, now. Enjoy this moment. There is no destination. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it; although you may not see it at the time. (Eckhart Tolle)

The mind sees things in terms of good/bad, like/dislike, or love/hate. But to stop here is to miss the lesson. To miss the lesson is to deal with the same problem again and again.

Situations arise in our lives because an issue must be addressed. When something happens that feels negative, the purpose is to bring something important to your attention; and ultimately to strengthen you. Some challenges are given to us by the universe, others arise as an inevitable consequence of our errors—but each one of us does have a life curriculum that cannot be avoided.

In dealing with any challenge, the starting point is always acceptance. From there, the correct response is always to be loving and present. The purpose is spiritual growth, and life challenges are the best spiritual teachers. But resist spiritual growth and life becomes increasingly difficult. Learn the lesson, however, and move forward in peace and joy.

“There is only a higher good, which contains the bad.” -Eckhart Tolle

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. (A Course in Miracles)

“To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know.”

The ego’s survival requires your confusion. To become certain about anything real would free you from the ego’s control. This is why the ego convinces you to believe that everything is relative—or that the only absolute truth is that there is no truth. It would even make you believe that those who are certain of anything are egocentric. Remember, the ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find”. Exactly wrong about everything, the ego is an endless state of glorified confusion fueled by fear.

Consider this. An unawakened person is one who is afraid to question anything. An awakening person is one who has begun to question everything. While an awakened person no longer has the need to question because knowledge has already been remembered.

My job, as an awakened person, is to guide you toward your own awakening. Until that occurs, I cannot tell you what to be certain about. Though I may try, it will not be heard, will not be believed, and will at best be questioned.

Knowledge is yours to acquire, and it is done by unlearning everything blocking you from what is real and true. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

“Knowledge is timeless, because certainty is not questionable.” -A Course in Miracles