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Abscondo Podcast #72: Did Eckhart Tolle just say "screw it"?

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Abscondo Podcast 72

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The collapse of the publishing, entertainment and advertising industries

While it has taken decades to play out, the Internet has brought collapse across industries and has fundamentally changed everything about how the world used to work. With the massive shift away from centralized control over things and toward decentralization, we need to be more honest with ourselves about the implications.

More than 25 years after the large-scale introduction of the Internet, most of us are still stuck in mental models of how the world was before. On some level, we still believe there is some value, prestige, or even competence to be found in what is clearly becoming an obsolete world order.

Let’s get real. Today, do music labels have any power to make a new artist successful? Are book publishers capable of or interested in making a new author famous? Does anyone even read the newspapers and magazines? Does advertising work?

Most of the documentaries on Netflix, for example, are stories that happened during the previous world order. The fictional movies we watch also reference these obsolete ideas and values. The people who we admire and want to be like—they became successful and famous under an entirely different system. Their lessons are no longer relevant. But because there are so few fresh voices getting through, this is what we are left with and the obsolete mental models are perpetuated.

The result is that we are constantly failing. Now there is an entire industry selling us books and motivational content promising that we can succeed—that we can somehow become like our heroes, even though the conventional definition of success is no longer attainable. The world is entirely different from how it was when our heroes succeeded. The problem is not our lack of talent and not our lack of ability to innovate. The problem is that we are defining success in a way that is now impossible to achieve.

Companies and creative people continue to invest in PR and advertising because we still believe that 1) people can be persuaded by such mediums, and 2) this is the way to reach a huge audience. Anyone who has tried this knows that, no matter how much money you throw at this, it doesn’t work anymore.

For the most part, it seems that only previously established entertainers, artists, writers, and companies seem capable of maintaining a huge following. How is anything new and innovative supposed to gain a following or reach a substantial audience? Does anyone know what we are supposed to do?

To start with, perhaps we need a different definition of success. Success can no longer mean becoming huge, being in the media, instantly gaining millions of customers or followers. It doesn’t work that way anymore. These types of breakthroughs just don’t happen and, even if they could, nobody is paying attention to the traditional media anyway.

Perhaps success, these days, means living in freedom, making enough money not to worry, having a happy relationship, and making a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to be known by millions of people. Maybe it is enough to mean a lot to a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand. We may not be able to change the world, but we can start a company that creates excellent value for a few loyal customers.

Furthermore, we can celebrate what is great about this massive democratization / decentralization movement. Now we can record our own music, publish our own books, produce our own videos and films, start a global business from our bedrooms—and we can do all of this from anywhere in the world. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past dozen years, and I’m tired of thinking that my “real success” is somewhere in the future. I’m declaring my life a success now because I will no longer define success by that which has become essentially impossible in this new world order.

Now that we are free from the grip of centralized media, what’s left is our person-to-person connections. Rather than trying to appeal to a system that is supposed to make us successful, we can learn the art of human relationships. We can learn to shed ego, to serve one another, to join in harmonious union, to figure out ways to build trust and closeness while also inventing ways to scale our reach in this new world order.

The world is becoming decentralized, and it is time that our thinking catches-up. This isn’t good or bad; it just is. Let’s start there. Let’s be honest. Let's appreciate one another for what's great about us even if we aren't famous. We can enjoy what’s happening now and let’s create what happens next.

Defining success

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Whenever you are with a brother, you are learning what you are because you are teaching what you are. (A Course in Miracles)

“He will respond either with pain, or with joy, depending upon which teacher you are following. He will be imprisoned or released according to your decision, and so will you. Never forget your responsibility to him, because it is your responsibility to yourself. The Kingdom cannot be found alone.”

Some people seek inner peace by labeling others as narcissists and sociopaths—then creating boundaries, attempting to rid themselves of what they call “toxic relationships”. Any time we judge or condemn a brother or sister using such labels, we are serving the ego and its belief in separation.

What are you teaching? That narcissistic and sociopathic behavior is real, that the other is condemned, wrong, flawed, sinful, hopeless? This is belief in separation, not the path to inner peace. Here you seek but do not find.

Happiness is not found in isolation and separation. This is the path toward loneliness and lack. If you desire abundance and freedom, respond your brothers and sisters in spirit. Learn to communicate, and to teach, on the level of feelings and needs.

Marshall Rosenberg says, “Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need.” Or as stated in the Tao Te Ching, “What is a bad man but a good man’s student? What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?”

To teach is to look past the error and to communicate on the level of the unmet need. Healing and growth is possible, but only if we learn to respond to each other like this: “I can see that you’re feeling angry. Is it because you have a need for more freedom, or more love, or more safety? I’d like to understand you better. Would you like to talk about this?”

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Men have learned to so easily back away from our truths



Men have been convinced to hide our truths about our wants, needs, and desires. We withhold honesty all the time because we are told that our truths are somehow wrong.

This makes it impossible for us to enjoy life. Rather than openly being who we are, we choose to suppress it. When this fails, we lie, we cheat, we do whatever it takes to be who we truly are and to fulfill our real needs in secret.

The problem is that secrets and lies are always eventually exposed. Dishonesty is the cause of crisis, because crisis is exactly what happens when the truth exposes a lie.
There is nothing wrong with us to begin with and nothing we need to hide. Every person has a right to be who he or she is. If you feel this message, check out my eBook called The Switch.
Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

"The Switch" by Abscondo available now!

The way to end your problems, to stop suffering, and to avoid crisis is rather simple: choose truth and honesty instead of withholding it.

The Switch reveals the power of undoing dishonesty everywhere it exists in your life by telling the truth.

Suffering is caused by trying to make real what is not true. This is faith in illusion — a failing and impossible strategy to get what you want and to live your dreams by hiding who you really are.

Lack of honesty is not just the cause of suffering, but also crisis. Crisis is what happens in your life when the truth inevitably exposes what you have attempted to hide.

The Switch is the eBook and Audiobook for anyone interested in awakening from illusion now to end suffering and to avoid crisis. Come out from the dark. Be who you are. You are not guilty and there’s nothing wrong with you.

For $15, get the eBook PDF + access to Audiobook version of The Switch — which provides all the insights and tools you need to find lasting happiness in your life through the power of perfect honesty. In addition, the eBook also describes how to join the new global community of awakened people who share the intention of living in perfect honesty and freedom.

The Switch smaller cover for blog

Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

If you place any limits on truth, you will not have it.

If you want perfect honesty, you will need to learn unconditional acceptance. Of course, no matter which path you choose (rules or acceptance), the truth will remain true regardless. Seen in this light, the choice for acceptance is quite clear.

Truth cannot be changed by your attempts to deny it or desire to change it. If there are rules or taboos—and particularly if there are threats of punishment along with it—truth has been forced into hiding and dishonesty is likely to emerge in any relationship.

Agreeing to any rule is, in effect, agreeing that you might eventually have to lie. Setting a rule or making anything taboo is asking the other person to lie. Do you value knowing or not knowing? If you value knowing, then don’t make knowing impossible by setting limits on truth.


Reprinted from the book "The Switch" by Abscondo.

Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

You are loved for the truth in you.

Pitch 8

To find perfect love and happiness in life, you need to do just one thing. This isn’t hard, but it is very different.

Think about this: whenever you have chosen to be less than honest about anything, you have created suffering. Not only does withholding honesty cause ongoing worry and stress, you ultimately face crisis whenever the truth is exposed, right?

I’m sure your dishonesty is well-intentioned. But it always ends up making you feel vulnerable, fearful, and unfree because you are working so hard trying to make illusion real. This is an impossible goal.

The world is suffering and very sick because we continue to choose so much dishonesty. Only perfect honesty heals by breaking the cycle of suffering and crisis.

I want to share with you a powerful new eBook that will show you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or with your truths. This book reveals a radically different thought system that enables you to live in perfect honesty.

Come out of the dark. Tell your truth and live it.

Coming soon is the new eBook and Audiobook called The Switch—which teaches all the perspectives and tools you need to find lasting happiness in your life through the power of perfect honesty. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Rest does not come from sleeping, but from waking. (A Course in Miracles).

“The world is very tired because it is the idea of weariness.” The idea of the world is that our purpose is to sacrifice. We think that our goal is to tolerate the maximum level suffering and discomfort because of rewards and punishments.

Schools keep little children in frustrated obedience for too long. Employers keep us at work even longer and pay us as little as possible. Governments make strict laws and tax us to the highest level we can stand. Relationships and marriages come with too many demands and expectations in return for too little joy and bliss. We are asked to sacrifice, always sacrifice, and we have complied as though our lives have no purpose or value.

All this sacrifice is making us so tired that sleep doesn’t even help. We live for the weekends, but just as the dark clouds of sacrifice part and any inspiration appears we are sent back into the sacrifice. In a way this is done to us, in a way we do it to ourselves.

Tolerance for sacrifice is not the purpose of your life. Furthermore, you will never reach happiness through sacrifice, rather; only still more sacrifice. The only way to break free from this dreadful cycle is to remember your spiritual identity and simply begin to live in truth.

You are spirit, not the voice in your mind. Your first priority is to feel good now, not in the past or future. Love is everything, and through love comes perfect knowledge, freedom and abundance. You forgive yourself and others. You break free from this dreadful isolation, you stop competing, attacking, and being right. You connect, you accept others, you give, you create regardless of what anybody thinks.

Now you can accept, without any judgment, the drastic changes coming your way. Now you have chosen the way of spirit and this requires no sacrifice. Rest in joy.

“You are the light of the world with me. Awaken and be glad.” We continue tomorrow and each day after that.
Quotes from A Course in Miracles


Quotes from A Course in Miracles

Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there. (Eckhart Tolle)

“Or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. It’s a split that tears you apart inside.”

That terrible feeling of stress, frustration, and anxiety is your body telling you that something is wrong. You have forgotten that now is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.

To be stressed is to believe that you need a different set of external circumstances before you can be happy. But if you are seeking liberation in external form, you will continue to seek for a lifetime—experiencing only brief, temporary relief from the agony. You’ll feel split, torn apart, like something is dreadfully wrong.

“To create and live with such a split is insane. The fact that everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it any less insane.”

When you feel that you have no power, like you are adrift on a stormy sea—it can only be that you have forgotten what is real. Your faith is in external form, in idols, in the realm of the impermanent. This is an error and it can easily be corrected. You do have power in every situation. You can either leave the situation, do something about it, or fully surrender to it and let it be. Those are your options. Why stress?

You cannot be threatened by any external situation or condition imposed upon you. You are the source of power because you are the force of life. What is real about you cannot be threatened by anyone or anything. Remember this as you go deeply into the fear, the stress, the anxiety. Access the power of now, know that everything is happening for you not to you, and stress will dissolve. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Quotes from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Little faith is put in them whose faith is small. (Tao Te Ching)


“Faith” is one of those words (much like the word “God”) that has been so badly misused it has almost lost all meaning. No word is truth, but when language is used properly, it can point to truth.

There are two basic types of words: “love words” and then the opposite, which are “fear words”. Faith is a love word and it means the same thing as awakening, awareness, consciousness, permanence, or freedom. True faith is a knowing awareness absent of doubt—an unshakable alignment with unconditional love. You know that you are spirit and not ego. This knowing is unchanging and cannot be threatened by external conditions.

The world tests us. Life is supposed to be hard so that we learn faith. Without faith, others cannot trust you. You cannot be depended upon because you can’t even rely on yourself. You attack, blame, and shame as if you were teaching something. You separate yourself from others and fall into depression. You lie, you cheat, you rationalize as you carelessly harm. These errors, this insanity is considered normal behavior because normal people do not have faith. Faith is not an abstract concept; rather, a state that is easily obtained when you escape ego.

When you know who you are in a way that is unchanging, you do not fall back to the errors of ego. You remain at the center of the wheel, calmly and quietly serving others, effortlessly channeling your energy to the expansion of creation. You have let go of fear because you are pure life—a ray of light. Now others can easily put their faith in you, they trust you, you are helpful, you can lead. Faith is success in life. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.