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No more good days and bad days.

The ego likes to judge the good and the bad according to its own thought system. The ego, oblivious to its own shifting perceptions, is paradoxically confident that it knows what is good and what is bad.

Most of the time, we do not know what is good or bad. Reality is too complex and inter-connected.

Has something terrible ever happened to you—maybe a breakup or loss of a job? Years later, you may have looked back upon this event only to realize that you ended up better off. Perhaps you found yourself in the right relationship or a profession you enjoy more.

Has something good ever happened to you—maybe you got that big job, you were accepted into that university, or married the person you wanted to marry? Weeks or months later, that which you thought you wanted may have become a nightmare.

So starting this week, we look upon reality not with the ego’s perception; rather, with the knowledge of spiritual truth. Whether we face smooth sailing, or conflict, or abrupt change, or unimaginable success—we no longer react as though we know for certain whether any of it is good or bad.

Instead, we just do our best each day to unemotionally recognize and calmly respond to reality. We accept what is happening fully and always choose the loving response. We no longer trust the mind’s analysis; rather, we awaken to the present moment and deal with life in the only dimension where it has ever existed and ever will exist—the now.

If we are exhausted, we rest. If we are scared, we make friends with our fear. If we are challenged, we respond the best we can. If we win, we do so humbly. This is gratitude. This is wisdom.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Life is experienced beyond the mind.

So much goes on in our heads, but nothing is ever going to happen there. Life is for the open-minded.

Openness needs only one thought: the recognition that everything real lies in the dimensions beyond thought.

People are so stuck in their heads, while I alone am alive. There is nothing to be explained, analyzed, or debated when only this one thought is necessary to come alive.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Lack of love in this world is the only problem

Ignorant of love, humans are a cancer on the planet. We destroy. We use up. We suffer.

Enough. The only priority in this life is that we learn to love. In love we create. We provide. We enjoy.

Most humans do not know what love is. Love’s energy and wisdom has been lost in this world. We have it upside-down. Everything that doesn’t matter has been made to matter; yet it still doesn’t matter because love is still all that matters.

Love is not what you find or get from anyone, it is what you are. Love is not a feeling or an arrangement, it is a way of being in truth.

Forgive yourself. Forgive it all. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing you need to become other than what you are: love. Be that.

Love does not come to you, it comes from within you. Let go of all that is blocking the love flowing from within. This is success. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Abscondo Podcast #66: Letting Go

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Who we think we are is not who we are. (Clare Dimond)

When people hear the true spiritual message—this one truth spoken in infinite ways—they become afraid.

We spend our lives defining who we are and what we believe about the world. We craft an image, we define ourselves by our circumstances (good or bad), we compare ourselves to others, we worry that nobody cares, that nobody loves us and that we don’t matter.

These are the stories of the mind, and most people’s identity is those stories. We think all this makes us interesting, but it doesn’t. In fact, it makes us normal and boring—just like everybody else. We become dull and predictable, barely noticing reality, lost in our heads juggling ridiculous and meaningless thoughts.

Identified with the mind, we think we are interesting and unique. All the while, we are blind to the fact that everything we say, think and do is so completely and utterly predictable. The ego believes it values differences; but in its inner-workings, every ego is exactly the same.

Identified with the mind, life is a chore. There is no freedom. No lasting joy or bliss. No true meaning. No deep wisdom or understanding. In the ego we are lost. Is this what we are afraid to let go of?

When we stop defining who we are, then the light of who we truly are begins to shine. To awaken is to let go of the stories, then the fears, then the rules, then the inhibitions, then the limiting beliefs, then the stress and pain, then the exhaustion, then the illnesses—constantly peeling back all that is false until the true you emerges.

“When we glimpse the truth of who we are beneath the stories, whatever remains is more real, not less.” -Clare Dimond 

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I declare myself free


Newness brings a subtle sense of aliveness, excitement and passion to life’s present moment. Life without newness feels unbearably dull and monotonous. 

So I embrace new perspectives, new friendships, new music, new routines, new situations, new challenges, new places, new possibilities, new recipes, new things.

Something about being human is this fundamental hunger and drive toward exploration. We cannot allow limits on our freedom. Happiness is approaching the present moment with an open mind, a heart that is alive, and a “yes” always on the tip of our tongues.

Doing is knowing. So we do what excites us—going all the way into wherever it leads, yet without clinging to any of it. Now we declare ourselves free to experience it, free to think it, free to say it, free to keep it or let it go.

The way we feel is far more important than what anyone thinks. Thoughts, rules, or emotions limiting freedom are unnecessary obstacles preventing the doing of what we are here to do. 

So I declare myself free. I live my freedom lovingly and allow others the same. Here we are in passion, truth, and beauty. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

Salvation is no compromise of any kind. (A Course in Miracles)

If we believe that compromise is necessary, then we find that salvation is impossible.

If we still believe it is okay to attack a little, alright to withhold forgiveness sometimes, normal to judge and condemn some people for some things, prudent to withhold truth sometimes, and possible to love only certain people under certain conditions—then faith is still in ego, not spirit.

Spiritual awakening is the easiest thing—accessible to anyone now. But first we must let go of the concepts of sacrifice and compromise. The ego believes this is the path toward happiness and success; but the ego is consistent only in that it is always wrong about everything. Doubt this and your spiritual seeking will cause only confusion.

The only love is perfect love. Perfect love is without boundaries and conditions. The only time is now—past and future are only thoughts. The only way to live is wide open—no value is to be gained in separation. Total acceptance. No judgment of good or bad because you can’t know. No belief in fear. No doubts and no exceptions.

This is the path to purification. Know this fully each day and experience true and lasting salvation. But compromise anything and sacrifice everything.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.



I am not afraid of people

Why are people so afraid of each other? Afraid to meet, afraid to connect, afraid to trust, afraid to love.

I don’t get it. We are all the same. We all have the same needs. We are all too lonely and too isolated. We all want more fun, more laughter, more understanding, more compassion, more excitement and more love.

But there is all this fear and suspicion. All this obsession with meaningless differences. All this judgment. So many rules. So much putting everything off until someday (i.e. never).

Even if we are fortunate to find ourselves in a perfect romantic and life partnership, even if we have a beautiful, loving family...why must this be our cage?

Why must we see value in separation and specialness? I must have lost my ego a while back because I just don’t get it.

I am not afraid of people, of connection, or of openness and freedom. This stuff has never hurt. What does hurt is the isolation. So I will continue trying to break the barriers tomorrow and each day after that.


Attack, in any form, has placed your foot upon the twisted stairway that leads from heaven. (A Course in Miracles)

Heaven is another word for the awareness of consciousness now. It is love. It is peace. It is truth and beauty. Truth is beyond physical form because form changes and truth, by definition, is that which does not change.

Heaven, which is only accessible to those who have escaped ego, is the dimension of everything we care most deeply about—the feeling of total aliveness within and recognition of the perfect beauty contained within this eternal present moment.

To experience heaven, we need only decide to open. We teach the mind to say “yes” to all that is, to stop taking its own thoughts seriously, to embrace all brothers and sisters fully, and to extend nothing but joy and love in all we think, say and do.

But take just one step back toward ego and become instantly lost in the world’s illusions. Heaven closes to those who would attack, judge, argue or manipulate. Those who judge the good and bad will know neither. Those who doubt surrender all power. Those who close enter a state of depression.

What difference is there between the infinite forms of illusion? Any faith in illusion always leads to some degree of misery and depression. But faith in the spacious dimension—in the oneness of the unmanifested nothingness that contains all form—this is the dimension of heaven and it is now.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.    


There is no substitute for love.

Poverty is living without love in our hearts. No amount of money, fame, status, good looks or material possessions can lift us out of poverty if love is not flowing freely from within.

When our love is blocked by fears and rejected by other insane thoughts, we suffer greatly. We may then try to cover up the hole inside with distractions and addictions, but this only temporarily relieves the suffering while causing other problems and holding us back from our potential.

This is a story we know is true because it is so often repeated. The rich and famous show us plenty of examples—the addictions, the suicides, the personal failure and misery despite all the external success. Hard to believe, but these are impoverished souls who have forgotten about love. These are great teachers and we are finally learning the lesson of love.

While there is no substitute for love, there are countless words all describing it: presence, stillness, life energy, consciousness, salvation, spirit, faith, freedom, unconditional acceptance, joy, inspiration, God, truth, beauty—these words all describe the same thing (though it really isn’t a thing because it flows from a realm of spaciousness beyond form).

Love is what we are, but the world has conditioned our minds to block it. A daily spiritual practice undoes the damage and unblocks us—re-conditioning the mind to align with the thought system of love instead of fear. What we are doing here is nothing short of ending poverty from the inside out. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.