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War is the conflict of illusion

Follow any illusion to its extreme and the result can only be war. War is, of course, destruction.  Illusion will always be challenged with a different illusion—leading to a futile battle about which is right. When the war is over, the answer will always be neither.

Peace can only be found in truth. Here there can be no conflict because there is nothing that needs defense. Only that which is beyond debate is true. Love—our core need for love within—is beyond debate. Consciousness is beyond debate. We are alive. We observe. I am. In truth, we are all the same in oneness.

When we lay aside all illusion, we extend peace. We become love. How do we know what is illusion and what is real? Anything we feel compelled to debate or defend—that’s illusion. We let this stuff go to dwell in truth.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Relationship honesty


And if your truth is loving—expressed in a sensitive way with compassion and understanding—your relationships will live forever.

This requires a daily practice to undo the violent communication patterns which are so normal in this world.

One day not too long ago, there was a man who believed that, by protecting his wife from his truths, he was protecting her from pain. But, time and time again, the truth would surface (as it always does) and rip away all trust between them. Their pain—the undoing of their perfect love—was excruciating.

Through this experience, the wife learned that her husband’s truths were terrible. More and more, she resisted his truths and became convinced that he was an evil person. They had become strangers—sinking ever more deeply into untruth and painful isolation.

If he had found a way to speak with her truthfully and with compassion from the very beginning, and if she had found a way to open her heart and mind in return, theirs would have been a relationship so blissful as to transcend the suffering of this world.

But errors can be corrected. These are mistakes we shall no longer repeat. The lessons have been learned and the relationships of this world are being quietly transformed. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

I define happiness as the capacity to understand and to love. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

In happiness, there is no cause and effect—there is only the question of love or not love.

True understanding is impossible without love. Understanding flows from the decision to offer perfect love as our default thought system.

When we are not committed to perfect love, we fail to listen without judgment. When we fail to listen, we fail to understand. Without understanding, there is no openness because there is no unconditional acceptance.

Without love, there is no possibility for forgiveness. No true relationships. No helping each other to heal. No end to end our suffering.

This is why A Course in Miracles teaches, “Sin is where love is not.” When we fail to love, we miss the mark. Thankfully, we have established a daily spiritual practice to undo ego and unblock our perfect love within. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


I am listening without judgment

This is my 365th daily post. After a year of trying my best to pass on spiritual truths which have transformed my life, it occurs to me that there is something very important that has been missing. I haven’t always deeply listened to you.

The problem with social media is that there is no way to engage, one-to-one, in the act of listening. What I crave deeply, even more than writing and talking (if you can believe that), is to sit with you for hours, deeply engaged, just listening. Other than face-to-face in the real world or video calling, today’s technology makes no space for that.

Everybody is talking and nobody is sure whether anybody is listening. Likes are nice feedback, but in a way this is just another form of judgment (I like this but don’t agree with that). Rather than finding a way to be popular, I wish there were a way just to listen to each other without any judgment, evaluation, correction or mind-based feedback at all. We all want to feel heard and understood. This simple need is severely lacking in this world.

I do read your posts, just as I know you read mine. I cherish those few comments and interactions. If you could only see the expression on my face, you would know I am listening to you. But it occurs to me that you can’t see that. Nor can I in return.

Perhaps, after I had the chance to listen to you for a half hour, I might be able to offer some loving communication. More likely, just the act of listening would help. What is real to you is real. Your hopes, dreams, cravings, desires, frustrations, pains—whether “spiritually correct” or not—it is real.

We will continue tomorrow and each day after that, and I hope we might find a way not just to project but to also listen to each other lovingly and without judgment. What a world that would be. If you have any thoughts on this, I am listening.


Loneliness is the suffering of our time. Even if we are surrounded by others, we can feel very alone. (Thich Nhat Hahn)

Until we learn to truly communicate, there is no relief from loneliness. No amount of social interaction and no new forms of technology make any difference. We can meetup, hangout, interact online, post and like all day long—and yet still something within feels empty, isolated and alone.

This is just how the ego likes it. Separation is the foundation of the ego’s belief system and a necessary requirement for keeping the ego firmly in-tact. The unease of loneliness drives us to look to the future for gratification and to hold onto grievances from the past. We hate ourselves for our inability to fit-in, we blame others by judging and labeling them as somehow wrong—all because the ego is not our friend. This disease depends upon our misery for its very survival.

But if we might only surrender to the bliss of union, true intimacy, unconditional love with no boundaries in our communication or anywhere else—in this state of nirvana we forget about the past, could care less about the future, and see no flaws in ourselves or in our soulmates. In true union, we become egoless.

Blissful union will remain elusive—almost a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience for most people—until the consciousness revolution arrives and undoes this parasite, this anti-Christ that has overtaken humanity in just the course of a few thousand years. The good news is that, until then, the Kingdom of Heaven is always available to any two people who simply choose it. It is utterly remarkable to me…incomprehensible that this is so rare.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You are beyond the stories, illusions, and dreams of the mind.

So what, right? This sounds unexciting and not quite true to the ego. Why? Because the ego hinges on the very belief that the mind is what you are. Teaching the opposite is highly unpopular because it offends the ego and even threatens its dominance over you.

So, the mind tells you to move on to other things—anything that teaches nothing, asks nothing of you, and makes no attempt at truth will do. I understand. I am aware that this is how it goes.

These teachings are highly unpopular, which confirms only that they are rooted in truth. Today’s world is completely ego-driven—so what is popular in this world is what is popular to the ego. Just one problem: the ego, and our unexamined adherence to its insanity, is the root of all problems in this world.

Make truth popular and it becomes a religion. Get the experts to agree and it becomes a business. But I’ll stick to truth, even if it is unanimously unpopular. We continue to awaken to the dimension beyond ego tomorrow and each day after that.    


It takes an extreme spiritual practice only to achieve a somewhat sane and balanced life.

The best spiritual teachings are those that, at first sight, appear to go too far. But it is only by attempting to go too far that we stand any chance of achieving even a healthy balance.

If the intention is to completely undo ego—you will merely be left with an ego that is no longer acting as your worst enemy.

If the intention is to practice unconditional love and total honesty—you will merely be left with relationships which are no longer abusive.

If the intention is to completely undo fear—you will merely find a way to sleep at night and to go about your day without any panic, destructive behavior or illness.

If the intention is to see all material form as unreal and meaningless—you will merely become mildly aware of the formless dimension of truth, God, love, and eternal peace within.

If the intention is to live fully in the present moment—you will merely bring about more enjoyment to yourself and others as you go about your day.

Modern spirituality isn’t about being perfect or believing in anything mystical. It isn’t about holding impossible standards or retreating from this world to the mountain-tops. It is about living fully in this world while freeing ourselves from the insanity.  

While these teachings may seem lofty or impractical, these teachings are as practical as they are true. Follow love with all your heart and risk losing nothing while gaining everything that is otherwise lacking. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   


To suffer is to seek treasure where it cannot be found.

The world cannot tell you who you are, nor can it make you happy. The external world doesn’t have that power. You do.

Everything we most deeply desire originates from within. Our deepest desires are beyond form: love, wholeness, fulfillment, health, freedom, happiness, fun, and so on. Our minds are always trying to figure out what, in the external world, will satisfy these inner desires. In so doing, the mind is leading you astray because it is confused about the source of those needs and desires.

The treasure that appears to be lacking is, in fact, constantly present in unlimited abundance within. It’s just that the conditioned, unobserved mind gets so wrapped up in the external world of form that we forget to look within.

The choice is simple: either 1) rely on the mind to seek but not to find or 2) go beyond the mind to the dimension of life within. Through a daily spiritual practice, the treasure is yours to enjoy. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Non-resistance, non-judgment, and non-attachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living. (Eckhart Tolle)


We stop judging people, situations or events as good or bad. By conditioning the mind not to judge or label, we perceive the totality of what is rather than dwelling on the thought-form. Any consideration of good or bad leads to either attachment (to what is labeled as good) or resistance (toward what is labeled as bad). In truth, reality is far too complex for us to know what is good or bad—and external events are beyond our control anyway.


We refuse to become attached to that which is external and impermanent. We understand that love, lasting happiness, enjoyment and liberation originate internally—and so there is no reason to become attached to anything external.


We accept that whatever is happening this moment is simply what is happening. It cannot be argued with or avoided. Non-resistance recognizes that which is external to us as that which we cannot control—nor would we want to. Everything happening in our life is part of life’s perfect curriculum for us.

We do not know what is good or bad. There are too many variables. There is enormous wisdom and happiness found in the practice of simply accepting what is and doing our best without becoming attached to any particular result. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The source of an idea is what makes it true or false. (A Course in Miracles)

There are the ideas that originate from fear (which are false), and then there are the ideas that originate from love (which are true). How so?

Fear is the emotion of ego—the mind’s excuse for insanity. No matter how sharp a fear-based idea may seem, it is ultimately of no value because it rests entirely upon misguided intentions.

The agenda behind fear-based ideas is salvation through external situations and forms. Even in those rare cases when such a goal is manifested, nothing of true or lasting value can originate from this source because nothing conceived in fear can inspire joy or eliminate suffering. No matter how much effort, skill and dedication, fear is ultimately a non-starter.

Love, on the other hand, is the energy of life. The gentle, yet powerful force of love within effortlessly guides us to give and to create that which has true and eternal value. Operate from this source and everything you do is an instant success. Why? Because, in a state of perfect love, you begin by achieving total success within. Now extend perfect love through everything you do and inspire the truth of salvation—that everything we most deeply desire can only come from within.

To operate from the source of love, it is first necessary to undo the mind’s egoic conditioning of this world. This requires meditation and a daily spiritual practice—even something as simple as reading these posts each day with an open heart and mind. This will teach you not to take the voice in the head so seriously.

Suffering and failure is caused by doubting that which is beyond doubt. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.