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Tucker Carlson on the topic of honesty

On a lazy Sunday, I enjoyed listening to Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson talk openly for 3 hours. A recurring theme from Tucker's side was the importance of honesty. 

As I write about in The Switch, all our problems are rooted in dishonesty. When we are dishonest, our suffering is ongoing, and crisis is inevitable in time.

When we commit to telling only the truth and wanting only the truth, problems cannot exist. We are aligned with reality. We sort out misunderstandings, avoid error, and there is a lightness to life.

In this interview, Tucker is a perfect reflection of this lightness. He is having so much fun it almost appears childlike at times. I, too, have experienced this same joy for so many years now. One need only commit to perfect honesty and this is our natural state. 

This is a topic that seems so absolutely boring to the ego. But if you look at the topic of honesty from the perspective of the true identity as love, consciousness, life itself; you see that all truth and wisdom are found within it. By the way, endless fun and adventure can also be found in honesty...and can be enjoyed without negative consequences.

This is what 5D human interaction looks like. Two great beings sharing their true selves without any filter.