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March 2024

Our lives are shaped by where we put our attention. Find the source of love within, where you remember perfectly well that you are innocent and complete. Feel your positive energy growing. Stay connected to this place in all your thinking and doing, ignoring all else. The reality of love, the only reality, is the only power, the energy of life itself, which contains everything you want within it.

If you do not love yourself, you cannot love others. You cannot inspire others. You cannot create anything of value. You are cut off. Nothing is more urgent than learning to love yourself. 

Not your looks, not your story, not your situation, not your image, not your position or what others think of you. That is the stuff of ego.

Notice that the energy you feel inside is the same feeling as love. Do not cut it off with negative thoughts; just embrace the feeling. Let it grow. Recognize that it is love and turn that feeling on yourself. Accept your state of being, your body, your current situation as it is. Forgive anything that needs to be forgiven. Forgive yourself. 

Now live from that energy, that feeling of love, of life itself. Let it fill you up until it overflows to others. Do and create from this place. Exercise. Eat better. Work harder. Do something new. This is true change. Awakening. Healing.