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January 2024

Understanding the significance of Epstein client list

As we watch the Epstein client names slowly drip out, we begin to understand the illegitimacy of the entire system. The people who we once called "elites" are, in fact, the world's worst criminals. They have done the unthinkable at the island. What other human tragedies have they also been responsible for?

A tax system that has robbed and enslaved us? A media that lies about everything? A healthcare system designed to sicken and kill us? An educational system to brainwash us and take us away from our nature? A military that has started wars to serve only the most corrupt masters? A banking system where these same scumbags are able to print free money for themselves while we pay interest to them? Yes.

Are these the people who run our largest businesses? Who produce food that sickens and kills us? Who produce weapons that kill us? Products that pollute? Who manipulate us through marketing campaigns? Who create movies designed to mess up our understanding of love and reality? Who sponsor and promote ugly music and art? Yes.

For thousands of years, this same group of people have been in control. Now they went to far. Now we see the truth about who they are. We have it all. Nothing can stop what is coming. The great reveal followed by the great transfer of wealth from the criminal ex-elite to us. The Great Awakening, which the so-called conspiracy theorist were right about all along. We are not the fact-checkers. You're welcome.