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July 2023

Getting unstuck

Through fiat currencies backed by nothing, under such a heavy tax burden, and the cost of everything increasing, humanity has been trapped in a slave system. Then came the Great Awakening...a willingness to look at and tell the truth about everything. The widespread sickness of child-trafficking, a media that lies to us about everything, a "healthcare" system that kills, religions propagating fear, schools teaching only sacrifice and confusion, and all the rest.

Now comes a new, incorruptible financial system. No more money laundering. Backed by precious metals and other assets. No more printing money out of thin air. Wealth confiscated from the Crown, the Vatican, the child-traffickers and drug dealers, the Ukrainian mafia. No more ridiculous tax burden. Humanity is about to get unstuck.

What will you do when you are unstuck? What will we need when we are free? How can you heal and heal others? What can you do that encourages perfect love, health, honesty, truth, freedom? Imagine it because it is almost here.