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Getting unstuck

What's true is always true and always was true

For the first time in so many years, I find myself in a state where it seems nothing more needs to be said. I could analyze every detail about what's going on in the world; but I have no firsthand intel. I will leave this to others who have access or are more inclined.

Everything I have said about spiritual awakening, perfect love, the need to shift away from fear, about freedom, truth, reality...of course it all remains true and relevant now and always. There are hundreds of posts, books, talks, and all of it remains perfectly relevant.

I have stopped living in time, waiting for the world to change. As changes happen, I am paying attention. But waiting for fiction to end only makes the fiction seem real. Instead, we can focus on what is real now and always.

What I am here to live and teach is perfect love; what it is and what it does. Bring unconditional love into your relationships and find that they become holy, eternal, blissful. Bring perfect love into your work and enjoy financial abundance. Know that perfect love means the same thing as honesty, forgiveness, acceptance, freedom, health, bliss, and reality. Live in alignment with perfect love, in the eternal present moment, and you will feel good and be freed from fear. 

This is salvation, and it is here now for anyone who chooses to recognize that you already have everything. There is nothing to wait for. If the world changes for the better, that's wonderful. If evil deeds are being stopped, we can all be grateful. If we are one day freed from this system of propaganda and debt slavery, we can celebrate. But even if current events take a turn for the worst, the truly awake remain in a place of joy and safety.

There is nothing to wait for and nothing to fear. What's true is always true and always was true.