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What is real is eternal

“How simple is salvation! All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be. The impossible has not occurred, and can have no effects. And that is all.”

-A Course in Miracles

Fear is the belief that something real can be lost. The compulsive urge to hold onto situations, things, or people is confusion about reality.

That which can be changed, lost, or threatened was never real to begin with. Similarly, that which is true cannot be made untrue.

The peace of God is this deeper recognition of reality. The idea of losing our status, losing a job, losing our physical health—even losing a loved one—is what keeps us up at night. That urge to hold on—it is what drives us to push through a waking life devoid of joy, pleasure, and beauty.

The problem is that everything in physical form, in the realm of our senses, in the field of matter—it all changes. Maybe slowly, maybe suddenly, but the truth is it will leave us eventually.

Salvation is the ability to accept what is real.

Your creativity is the source of value. This is what generates abundance in every situation (not one particular job). Love and connection between souls is the ultimate truth (not one particular relationship). Stay aware of what is real.

Reality is consciousness, awareness itself. It is the energy of life, the unchanging laws of nature. Love is the whole truth. This all means the same thing.

Fear, frustration, boredom, anger—all negative emotions are caused by confusion over reality. To shift focus on reality and to always forgive non-reality is to find that state of ongoing joy and perfect love, absent of fear.

We are powerless against truth / reality. All power is found in the embrace of it and the rejection of all that is false.

This is spiritual awakening, the death of the ego. Herein lies everything we truly want and truly are. What is real is eternal.

What is real is eternal.

It's time to finish this. Patience remains until the day comes that you start to focus elsewhere. Still now, I am here.

We are in the midst of World War III and people don't even see it. Explosions in the sky in Montana, Earthquake Wars in Turkey, mystery balloons, people falling dead at the mercy of a bioweapon they were tricked into injecting, actors playing roles, UFOs, all after 3 years of the fake pandemic, the war on free speech, inhumane lockdowns, and mandatory masks.

Beneath the surface of our day-to-day lives rages a covert war. The destruction of the old ego / slave world is a painful process. The undoing of error is always painful, slow, and dangerous.

People have died and still more will die for some time. Not everyone is going to make the transition. As with any war, many of the casualties will be innocent. Through these times, we must not lose awareness of our identity as consciousness, unconditional love, spirit. Only this is real and beyond threat.

Do not fear. Your real self is protected. Changes in this dimension of life on earth must come. There is no other path forward. Embrace love, health, feeling good, wanting and speaking the truth. Open your heart and mind, just as the dark forces try to lower your energy vibration. Know that everything is going to be perfect. It already is, right now.