We are finally at the precipice

You think that, by filtering what you do and say so that it is socially acceptable, you are gaining relationships and your life is going more smoothly. But by limiting your telling of the truth, you are limiting the life you were meant to live and teaching dishonesty.

You are hired for a job to play a fake role and to tell the company's lies. Then, you may come home to a relationship or family situation where telling the truth is not entirely tolerated either.

If that isn't bad enough, friends lie to you all the time about their own lives on social media or in person. During an average day, exactly when and where do you feel free to tell your unfiltered truths?

Because of all the dishonesty, you are suffering. You are sacrificing everything you want. You feel empty inside, you feel cut off and isolated, depressed at times, and for what?

What is all this sacrifice of truth for? To teach everyone an untrue version of reality? To teach them the path of misery and crisis? Is this helpful, in any way, to anyone?