Kyrie, I am with you. I get it. We have all been put through hell.

What you believe to be true will be true for you

Believe anything negative is real—or that anything terrible is going to happen—and it will be so. Fearful thoughts manifest exactly that which you fear. While it sounds easy to change your thoughts, there is only one way to control fearful or negative thoughts.  

What about belief in a positive vision—believing that you will get what you want? While this works the same way (whatever you believe will come true), again, there is only one way to succeed at this.

Anything is possible in your life so long as it is not sacrificed, compromised, or negotiated away—but it is only possible after humbling yourself to that which is beyond negotiation, that which is eternally true.

There is only one way to end fear and negativity, only one way to align all thought and behavior with the positive, only one way to manifest lasting joy, abundance, bliss, peace, and safety. The way is through perfect love combined with perfect truth.

You can live life to the fullest—but only through a total commitment to unconditional love combined with a decision to always tell the truth, no matter what—and to always want the truth, no matter what. To do this is to spiritually awaken and to end the problems of your life and of this world.

Love and truth are never optional or negotiable. Believe otherwise and become lost in the insanity and endless errors of the ego. Love is as it is and cannot be defined according to your preferences. Nothing can be gained by manipulating or rejecting the truth about anything. All failure, suffering, and crisis come from getting this wrong.

A Course in Miracles correctly teaches that “sin is where love is not.” Where there is anything less than perfect honesty and truth, there is no love. Where there is lack of forgiveness or acceptance, there is no love. Where there is an attempt to get rather than to give, there is no love. Where there is attack in any form, there is no love.

Love is the one non-negotiable, the only solution to any challenge and the correct response to any situation. Learn what perfect love is, live it fully, and everything else in life is yours. 

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