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The Egoless.Love video course; everything you need to be happy in your romantic relationship

If you are not happy in your relationship or marriage, I have something really exciting for you. I am currently putting together a video course called Egoless.Love. It is an in-depth video series that teaches everything you need to build a loving, joyful, fun relationship that cannot break. 

Maybe you aren't being treated fairly in your relationship. You feel controlled and manipulated, or your partner isn't trying hard enough. Maybe there's resentment, not enough sex, too much arguing and fighting, not enough honest communication or fun. It really doesn't have to be this way. Don't give up on your relationship just yet.

It isn't that you don't love your partner. The problem is that the world has been teaching us the wrong way to love. There is a better way to do relationships so that the love never dies, you are both happy, there's nothing to argue about, and everything is always good. 7 years ago, my wife and I discovered this radically different and better way to do relationships. Now we're teaching all the lessons and leave nothing out. 

In the course, you will learn about the destructive force of ego in your relationship. You will have a chance to look at how we are taught to use guilt and attack to change people (and it this never works). You will enjoy a workshop to learn the skill of non-violent communication. You will find out how to be honest and want honesty and openness in your relationship. You will even be freed from the grip of sexual jealousy. You will learn to love yourself and find lasting inner peace. 

The course also includes in-depth teaching on topics of identity and spirituality. You will overcome the fear-based, destructive ego-identity by shifting to the true thought system of perfect love. I will also teach present moment awareness, how to observe the voice in the head, and how to gain control over negative emotions.

The most exciting part is that Egoless.Love is fail-proof. If you apply the lessons, the outcome will be perfect love and joy in your relationships. The course is coming very soon.

No one can suffer if he does not see himself attacked, and losing by attack. (A Course in Miracles)

Your thoughts, words and actions can be attacked.
Your body and life situation can be attacked.
But you—your “self”—cannot be attacked.

To believe you have been attacked—and that you are losing anything by attack—is identity confusion. You are consciousness, spirit, love, being—the life force, itself. You are consciousness visiting this world of form. Your thoughts, ideas, opinions, actions, words, and life situation is not who you are. That’s just temporary stuff—ultimately unreal because it is impermanent. YOU are eternal and beyond threat.

Confusion over identity is the cause of attack. Egos attack other egos to build up a false identity. This battle of who’s right and who’s better is the ego’s foolish strategy for happiness, which never works in the end. All the roles of ego—Victim, Prosecutor, Offender, Defender, Judge, and Jailer—are all concerned with making attack seem real…as if it has any power. This is a game that never works and never ends until we decide to stop playing.

When Jesus said, “forgive them, they know not what they do,” he was teaching this lesson. To forgive is to see that attack has no power over the real you. It is only a foolish error. It accomplishes nothing real. A game that causes suffering in the world of hell. When you understand your identity—who you really are—you recognize that you are beyond attack and forgiveness becomes just a natural way of seeing.

The interesting thing is that, when you align your thoughts, words, and actions with your true identity as love, there will be far less attack on your physical form as well. Even when it happens, you will not suffer or feel anything negative. Now you can enjoy life.

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Nothing can take away your freedom

No government, no technology, nothing can take away your freedom. You were born complete, with everything you need to practice perfect freedom, and all the power to do so.

All external attempts to limit freedom—as horrifying as it always is and as much suffering as it causes—will fail in time…for the simple reason that enough of us will always remember who we are.

You can be free now, but you must know what freedom is. Any freedom that can be limited by external factors and forces was no freedom to begin with. 

To become free is to awaken to unconditional love, to humble yourself before God, and to practice true forgiveness. True freedom undoes violence and attack as you walk the path of perfect honesty and bliss—speaking only the truth and wanting only the truth—knowing that the truth is real, and it can only be love. 

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On setting rules & boundaries

Setting a rule or making anything taboo is asking another person to lie to you. Do you value knowing or not knowing? If you value knowing, then don't make knowing impossible by setting limits on truth.

In all areas of life, it is the lack of both honesty and unconditional acceptance that causes suffering. You cannot claim to want the truth and not choose unconditional acceptance--which is simply a decision for truth everywhere.

Lies will suffocate any relationship; causing mistrust, resentment, distance and loneliness. Being limited by someone else's demands—because you are afraid of what might happen, or because you want to protect someone else's feelings—also feels lousy and is completely unnecessary. 

There is nothing wrong with you and, therefore, there is nothing wrong with telling your truth and living it. Same goes for your loved ones. If you love them, let them be who they are.

When there is perfect honesty combined with love, all issues can be dealt with and worked through. As you truly communicate, that blissful, energetic feeling of love will be kept alive. You will be blessed with an open heart and mind. Youthful energy will flow through you at any age. If this is what you want, unconditional love is the only way.

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If you want perfect honesty, you will need to learn unconditional acceptance. If you place any limits on truth, you will not have it.

Relationships without rules are filled with a bliss that can continue as long as perfect honesty also continues.

What you believe to be true will be true for you

Believe anything negative is real—or that anything terrible is going to happen—and it will be so. Fearful thoughts manifest exactly that which you fear. While it sounds easy to change your thoughts, there is only one way to control fearful or negative thoughts.  

What about belief in a positive vision—believing that you will get what you want? While this works the same way (whatever you believe will come true), again, there is only one way to succeed at this.

Anything is possible in your life so long as it is not sacrificed, compromised, or negotiated away—but it is only possible after humbling yourself to that which is beyond negotiation, that which is eternally true.

There is only one way to end fear and negativity, only one way to align all thought and behavior with the positive, only one way to manifest lasting joy, abundance, bliss, peace, and safety. The way is through perfect love combined with perfect truth.

You can live life to the fullest—but only through a total commitment to unconditional love combined with a decision to always tell the truth, no matter what—and to always want the truth, no matter what. To do this is to spiritually awaken and to end the problems of your life and of this world.

Love and truth are never optional or negotiable. Believe otherwise and become lost in the insanity and endless errors of the ego. Love is as it is and cannot be defined according to your preferences. Nothing can be gained by manipulating or rejecting the truth about anything. All failure, suffering, and crisis come from getting this wrong.

A Course in Miracles correctly teaches that “sin is where love is not.” Where there is anything less than perfect honesty and truth, there is no love. Where there is lack of forgiveness or acceptance, there is no love. Where there is an attempt to get rather than to give, there is no love. Where there is attack in any form, there is no love.

Love is the one non-negotiable, the only solution to any challenge and the correct response to any situation. Learn what perfect love is, live it fully, and everything else in life is yours. 

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We are finally at the precipice

We are finally at the precipice. Those who don’t know are taking their last few familiar steps while the path before them disappears. Those who do know have left the path long ago. We have been watching in disbelief as so many of our brothers and sisters missed what we see.

Each one of us have been brought up into a system that is not what it appears to be. The life we were promised back in school is not the life we experience when we are adults. Our education has been the lesson of confusion. Our news has been fully inaccurate. Our ways of love haven’t been loving. Our healthcare has been designed to sicken and kill us. Our freedom has been slavery.

For our entire lives, and long before that, the world has been controlled—our lives have been controlled—by a group of sick, miserable people who hate us. They see us as nothing more than disgusting slaves. They believe themselves supreme, and those who do not belong to their club are worthless. This is who runs our media, our banks, our corporations, our schools, our countries. The cabal. Rome, London, Washington D.C. and all the secret networks of self-entitled elites whose life work it has been to exploit us, confuse us, and make us miserable so that they may profit. This has been our society.

Even to those who saw it long ago, the current world order felt inevitable. Those few extraordinarily brave individuals who tried to expose the truth, tried to fight it, were so easily defeated by a network of criminals controlling not only the media but the elections and court systems. It seemed as though nothing could be done, and the best we could do is attempt to live our awakened truth, to love those around us, to live in a way that aligns with God / love / truth / reality (all words meaning exactly the same thing). We lived according to the law, followed the rules of the system, but knew each moment that society was only a bad dream. Knowing the truth was enough because truth is all there is.

Then, to the great surprise of so many, came Q and the military alliance. We found out that there was a global plan to drain the swamp, to defeat the cabal. We remembered that truth can defeat lies. Every lie will be exposed in the end, for such is the nature of reality. We realized that, not only was this possible, it was happening before our eyes.

We watched the cabal in panic—bringing forth one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed in the COVID lie. Through the manipulative power of their media, they convinced the world that a common cold is something deadly. They blamed normal pneumonia deaths on COVID. They killed our loved ones with poison and ventilators in hospitals. They poisoned the believers with as many death jabs as they could manage to roll out. They shut down our lives. They stole elections. They censored and punished anyone who disagreed. These were such desperate measures to maintain their control over us.

Yet we, the ones who have known all along, watched the story unfold. We kept faith. Through love, truth, knowledge, wisdom—we overcame fear. We learned to enjoy nature and our love / family relationships like never before. We spent time with our children. We created beautiful art and new businesses. We turned off the media. We read spiritually alive books. We let go of all the fiction of the world and we went within.

Now, November 8th, 2022, as the ending to this story is about to unfold, we stand exactly where we have always been—with open arms—here to help our brothers and sisters through this Great Awakening. Nothing is as you thought it was. It is so much better.

The drama we are about to encounter is to awaken you. The only way out of a life of lies and illusion is through the experience of crisis. Through crisis, we let falseness go. We shed it all until we finally get to the truth of who we are. Not everyone will make it, but I hope you do.

In the end, we will live in a world that is still far from perfect—but so much better. A fair financial system backed by gold. A fair justice system. Honest education. True freedom. Debt forgiveness. Low tax. Peace. The end of poverty. New technologies that heal and create abundance without destroying nature.

More importantly, we will live forever in truth and reality. The eternal, unchanging dimension that is with us forever in this Holy Instant. Align with love. Know that your spirit, your consciousness, is eternally safe. Open your heart and mind. Love. Love. Love. While the slow-moving external journey toward freedom still might take a while, the inner path to freedom is now. 

You think that, by filtering what you do and say so that it is socially acceptable, you are gaining relationships and your life is going more smoothly. But by limiting your telling of the truth, you are limiting the life you were meant to live and teaching dishonesty.

You are hired for a job to play a fake role and to tell the company's lies. Then, you may come home to a relationship or family situation where telling the truth is not entirely tolerated either.

If that isn't bad enough, friends lie to you all the time about their own lives on social media or in person. During an average day, exactly when and where do you feel free to tell your unfiltered truths?

Because of all the dishonesty, you are suffering. You are sacrificing everything you want. You feel empty inside, you feel cut off and isolated, depressed at times, and for what?

What is all this sacrifice of truth for? To teach everyone an untrue version of reality? To teach them the path of misery and crisis? Is this helpful, in any way, to anyone?