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October 2022

BDRs, Inside Sales, and Marketing professionals...something has fundamentally changed!

There has been a massive shift in the human psyche, in human consciousness. Being normal and appropriate is no longer working. People are tired of the bullshit. The only way forward is through a commitment to being totally real. Loving, honest, human. Enjoy this talk about what the Great Awakening means for Sales & Marketing professionals.

Why do we suffer?

Pain, illness, and all forms of suffering are nature’s responses to any rejection of reality and truth. The purpose of suffering is to force us to correct course so that we accept what is, always forgive, and surrender to love as the only correct response to anything and everything.

Learn only that reality is reality (which requires a daily spiritual practice of brief study and meditation) and your problems are removed as your suffering ends. For thousands of years, with but few exceptions, humans have been trying everything but this. Only this has never been tried on a large scale and only this is the answer to all our problems.

Resist the lesson by responding to suffering in any other way, and problems will escalate, suffering will increase, and further crisis is on the way. Crisis is simply what happens when our thinking and doing is not aligned with reality. This can be called error. The longer we fail to correct course, things can only get worse.

Spiritual awakening is not some sort of wacky personal preference nor a false idol or identity. Spirituality is not some sort of magic. It is the full embrace of the only solution, the humble acceptance of reality, the knowing that all wisdom and truth is found only within the thought system and energy of perfect, unconditional love.

Anything else but this always has, and always will fail. Whether you want to change your life or change the world, the answer is the same. A person aligned with lasting joy cannot become ill. A society governed by the values of love cannot contain violence. A family based on unconditional love cannot break. A business based on love for customers cannot fail. And so on.


If it is not direct communication, then I don’t understand anything

Some people expect others to understand them even without directly communicating what they are trying to say. They use gestures and facial expressions instead of words. They verbally attack verbally, or withhold response, cut communication, withhold intimacy, or pout—expecting others to wonder why, to care, and to guess correctly about the message being sent and responding accordingly.

Childish communication communicates nothing at all. If you want to be understood, say it. Explain how you feel. Reveal your true self through your deepest honesty. If your tone is sensitive and loving, others will respond with more patience, love, and understanding. Direct communication isn’t going to hurt!

Of course, those who avoid direct communication are not really trying to be understood. They are resisting true human connection for the purpose of protecting the ego.

Thankfully, there is a new kind of human being emerging. Through directness, openness, and a total commitment to honesty, we so easily live our truth—replacing confusion with perfect knowledge, isolation with union, fear with love, lack with abundance.

This is only possible after a decision to shatter the ego, to transcend it, to laugh at its destruction and place all faith in what is real, true, and honest.


Guitar chords for the song "Victory in a Landlocked Sea"

Yesterday, a listener asked me for the chords to this song. Good idea. Why not publish the chords to some of my songs. Here you go!

Capo on 1st fret

Am          Fmaj7
All those years
C              Em E7
All the same
Am            Fmaj7
All those fears
C         G7
All in vain

Am  Fmaj7                 C                                            Em E7
On a sailboat called "Victory" in a land-locked sea
Am Fmaj7          C                                    Em E7
Like a glossy image in a dull magazine
Am Fmaj7      C                                          Em E7
On a broken record sounds will just repeat
Am Fmaj7                                      C                                             G7
I've longed for something just beyond where anyone can see in a landlocked sea


Am            F                            C                                    G7
Cuz I've seen more than anything I thought I'd see
Am          F                            C                                   G7
And I've been to all the places that I'd want to be
Am       Fmaj7                           C                        G7
I guess each moment is just fading into memory
Am   Fmaj7                               C                                          G7
And yet each moment is the only that ever means anything to me

On a sailboat called Victory in a land-locked sea
I've longed for something just beyond where anyone can see in a landlocked sea


And I've seen more than anything I thought I'd see
And I've been to all the places that I'd want to be
I guess each moment is just fading into memory
And yet each moment is the only that ever means anything to me

Am Fmaj7
All those years
C Em E7
All the same
Am Fmaj7
All those fears
C Em E7
All in vain

You are not a victim

The ego builds itself up through the victim identity. According to the ego, the problem is always someone else—external circumstances. Nothing can be done about it. You are helpless. To question is way of thinking is easily dismissed as “blaming the victim.”

In this egoic world, friendship is often based on the goal of building up the victim identity. We complain. We rush to friends to share bad news. We look for sympathy...confirmation that, yes, we are indeed victims. It’s no fair and it’s all someone else’s fault. Friendship requires that we agree and never offer any insight into the situation. The world's version of friendship is devoid of love and cruel because it perpetuates a cycle of suffering.

The truth is that, in any situation, all that matters is internal—within our control. What we choose. How we react. How we learn and grow. How we forgive. How we bring light and love into the situation. That’s all we have control over.

Rather than playing the victim, we can choose to have an honest, heartfelt conversation. We can take responsibility for not bringing enough value to others in a situation. We can look at our errors—our poor choices or self-centered behavior. We can stop trying to use others for self-gratification. We can look inward, ask real questions, and correct ourselves. We can humble ourselves and take responsibility.

As I explain in the free eBook “The Switch”, all suffering and crisis is a result of dishonesty—a not wanting to openly speak or know the truth about things. To the extent that we are dishonest with ourselves and others, we suffer. If the situation is not corrected, there is an outcome that we call a crisis. It’s a law of reality.

In any situation, there is a truth. A reality. You are part of that reality—merged with it. How can any truth about any situation make you a victim? Truth can only destroy that which is false—and only ego is home of falseness. Ego only confuses us about reality.

Let ego go and watch your problems dissolve. See how you will never be a victim again. You will never complain. You will only look at and deal with reality, which is always joyful, loving, and absent of fear.


What is it like to be honest about everything?

Imagine going through life in such a way that you are never exactly honest about anything. In everything you do and say, the question is never about what's true; rather, about what you are supposed to say, how you are supposed to feel, and what you are supposed to want (all according to the opinions and expectations of others).

The underlying principle here is this: I'm faking, I'm hiding, I'm lying about everything, and I expect everyone else to do the same. We all know what is going on here, but by calling it "normal" and pretending there is no alternative to a life of faking, we go on.

As we do go on faking, we accumulate such a heavy and impossible burden; to the extent that we bury ourselves and forget entirely who we are.

I am telling you that another life is possible: your life, staring you, with truth and honesty as your guide. Yes, you can be honest with everyone, even in business, even in romance, even with your family. As you do, a miracle happens: all that you do not want disappears, and each breath of your life is filled with everything you've always wanted.

To understand this fully and have enough faith that what's real is reality is to awaken to a new life.