"While You Were Asleep" by Abscondo (live looping performance)
Ego Relationships vs. Love Relationships

There is no magic in spiritual words or rituals; rather, all power is in living the teaching

When the ego attempts to embrace religion or spirituality, it does so without examining itself. The unobserved mind picks and chooses pieces of the belief system that it finds compatible with its preferences. The false identity is then strengthened by judging and condemning others who believe differently.

To the ego, a spiritual teaching is not necessarily taken as wisdom to be lived by; rather, as a strange magic. The rituals, the words, the crystals—whatever it may be—are believed to summon mysterious, divine powers to solve problems and deliver us to heaven. So much is asked in prayer, yet all the answers (which are already contained within the spiritually alive teachings) are misunderstood or ignored.

To awaken is to lose faith in magic…to become willing to live in truth. But the ego will not allow your salvation to occur. To do so would be to look at itself honestly. That would be its death and no entity would choose its own demise. Hence, for you to be saved, the ego must be allowed to die.

The true power of any spiritual faith only flows into your life when you live according to God’s reality, universal law—when you align with nature itself. The end of suffering, the New Earth, and eternal life is only possible for those willing to turn away from the devil—which is only another word for ego.

Look not at the words and rituals, but to what they teach…to where they point. Live the lesson literally to dissolve problems and to end suffering. The lesson is unconditional love, forgiveness, fearlessness, humility, honesty. Be present. Be love.