"Every Lie Must Go" by Abscondo (live looping performance)
"Life (Whispers)" by Abscondo (live looping performance)

"I'll Die Smiling" by Abscondo (live looping performance)

From the 2015 album Victory in a Landlocked Sea


Out of place
Some street in London's left me out of place
Looked right at you did you see my face?
Seems all of London's going separate ways
I'll go mine

To New York
No sky above me as I walk its floor
Bright lights attack me but I just ignore
Seems like New York's becoming such a bore
Waste of time
But time is still the question
What 'cha gonna do?
From infite directions
You gotta choose a few

So I've searched some sad, sad cities
I've seen some semblance of the truth
I've walked so many journeys
that I've worn these scuffed-up shoes

So I'll die smiling
And I'll die trying

Deep in love
A heart that's beating should be deep in love
She looks right at me as we float above
Seems so sudden we face questions of
These two lives

Like before
A mind that functions looks for something more
We can't stop walking through that open door
So, yes, you've got me but like I said before
This is mine

So time is still the question
What 'cha gonna do?
From infinite directions
You've gotta choose a few

I've sought some sense of newness
Heard never-ending calls of youth
I known what it means to do this
because I've shattered each excuse

And I'll die smiling
And I'll die trying
I'll die smiling
I'll die trying