See the present moment with love
"Every Lie Must Go" by Abscondo (live looping performance)

All our prayers have already been answered

Did Jesus not already give us the answers to all our prayers when he spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, unconditional love, forgiveness, and eternal life? By applying exactly what he taught, God ensures lasting joy, perfect health, and total safety in this life and into eternity.

Did Lao Tzu not provide the answers to all our prayers in the Tao Te Ching? To practice Taoism is to arrive at the same destination by ending the problems of the mind. The same can be said about the teachings of The Buddha and so many other ancient sources of eternal wisdom. They have provided the correct answers to all our prayers.

But religious texts like the Bible can be confusing, and organized religions are confused institutions bound to muddy the original message. Thankfully, the answers to your prayers can be found outside organized religions. If you decide to, for example, become a student of A Course in Miracles, and practice the teachings literally, then you will find perfect health and the end to all your problems. Study Eckhart Tolle, practice what he teaches, and you will also reach the awakened state of consciousness, where problems do not exist.

Countless human beings have become awakened / saved / enlightened / spiritually conscious / found God. We have found the answers to all prayer and, by putting eternal truth and wisdom into practice, we have allowed God to end our problems. Ask any of us and, I assure you, we want nothing more than to help show you the way to stop suffering unnecessarily.

If it seems that your prayers have not been answered, it might be because you have unsure where to look, or have been afraid of walking a new path, or have been unwilling to apply the lessons. Still, the answers to your prayers are there.