This is the end of ego—the final moments of a world run by fear, attack, dishonesty, and sacrifice
The master observes the world, but trusts his inner vision. (Tao Te Ching)

We can still choose freedom

No external situation or authoritarian mandate is ever real enough to take away our true freedom or our dignity.

At any moment, we can simply decide to relinquish fear. By deciding against the panicked and insane voices of fear, we unblock the limitless source of love and inspiration within. We allow love to naturally flow far and wide through our state of presence, through our beautiful words and creations, and in all our actions.

Freedom is not a right granted to us by any government. Governments and other institutions only care about taking freedom away, and they do it by making us fearful.

If we want to be free, then we can learn to be free from fear. At any moment, we can remember that what is real about us cannot be extinguished. We can choose to stand firmly in our dignity because we are perfect, loving, healthy children of God. Enjoy your day.