Ego is really a thought system taught to us by a global cabal who have ruled the world for generations.

Art of War: How bankrupting the fraudulent, illegitimate government run by USA, Inc. ends the cabal

So how do you take back a country? Well, the original entity first needs to end by going bankrupt and defaulting on its debt. Patriots have been focused on the question of “when do we get the EBS" and when is justice coming, but there is a much bigger picture here.

The question is when does USA, Inc. officially declare that it is bankrupt? Consider that yesterday, Janet Yellen wrote a letter to Pelosi stating that the government will run out of money in October if something extraordinary isn't done.


We’ve heard about how the US Special Forces supposedly captured the Vatican, the City of London, the 13 families, and other tentacles of the cabal. Meanwhile, the white hats created a parallel financial system in the background (QFS) which will be tied to this massive amount of seized wealth.

The governments of most countries are not legitimate governments at all; rather, corporations masquerading as governments. The EU, Australia, UK...all these fraudulent, governing corporations are in massive debt. They can only continue if the banking cabal is able to keep printing money backed by nothing.

But apparently, in March of 2020, Trump took steps to merge the Treasury with the Federal Reserve (CARES Act). Is it possible that the Federal Reserve will no longer have the power to freely print more money to pay for the 2021 – 2022 budget? Even if a budget is approved, they then need a source of funding. Is the source of funding still there?

When the US defaults on its debt, a massive global crash ensues. Who loses? The corrupt, high-level bankers who have loaned all this money out at interest. The stock market crashes. Countries around the world default on the debt—which wipes it out. Debt is our fundamental problem because we now have a debt burden that future generations cannot pay.

Enter the white hats, offering this modern Quantum Financial System backed with all the seized assets (EO 13818) from the cabal. Countries around the world will then easily move forward, as legitimate, constitutional republics, with no need to borrow money from the banking cabal.

So we have this incompetent character, Biden, in place to oversee the final destruction of USA, Inc.—whose charter was apparently revoked in January 2021. Remember when "Washington D.C." became simply "Washington"? When the military had walls and fences up in D.C., they were probably seizing the assets of the dissolved corporation.

This needed time to play out because first the money had to run out. Is the funding for the federal government this year the money that was approved last September / October—back when the corporation was still officially active? And now it is running out.

In the meantime, actor Biden's job here was to become known as the idiot who destroys everything he touches. The way this narrative will play out in the mainstream is as follows: Biden ruined America, we defaulted on the debt and destroyed the country. The old power structure will explode, panic ensues.

At that moment, Trump comes along to assure us that we have plenty of money, a new financial system, and a constitution to govern this great nation. It is only when this all plays out that the tribunal starts. It cannot happen before their financial collapse.

The main event here is not the tribunal or the EBS. This is a massive, slow, gradual shift that involves the destruction of the illegitimate corporations posing as governments. We are replacing them with legitimate, democratic governments. When you look at it in this light, all the pieces make perfect sense. You begin to understand how, truly, NCSWIC.

Here's an article that explains some of this (there are many others as well):

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