The goal is to become healthy, strong and happy. The rest is bullshit. (Wim Hof)
Your wakeup call

Unanswered prayers are unanswered requests for unreality. God will not make delusion real.

If you have ever prayed to God, you may have made some very specific and creative requests. Perhaps for some sort of outcome. Some success you believe is yours to be claimed. For the realization of something that would affirm your importance and give your life meaning. Maybe you asked for divine intervention related to a cause you see as most important. If these prayers have gone unanswered, it is because they are prayers of the ego—unreality, illusory, impossible in truth.

As A Course in Miracles teaches, “Any wish that stems from the ego is a wish for nothing, and to ask for it is not a request. It is merely a denial in the form of a request.” In other words, you are wrong about what you think you want. If God were to give you what you think you want, when you are wrong about what is yours to receive, He would not be God at all—only ego. It is the ego, and only the ego, that dreams up endless solutions, needs, and remedies that never quite bring eternal joy.

Ask God for what the ego wants and you are asking for nothing. But if you ask God for unconditional love, an open heart and mind, courage to speak and receive the truth, or the will to forgive—then it is yours instantly and effortlessly. Now you are asking for what you truly want, what is real. It is a prayer that has already been answered. It’s just that, all this while, your free will (your confused ego) has been denying it.

Everything happening in the world, in the story of your life, in the confused minds of those around you, is ego. Ego is a thought system that is foreign to God because it is nothing. The Holy Spirit does not get involved with the details of nothing. Learn to communicate with the divine in the language of everything and you will find that it is already yours.