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In a constant struggle to make real what is not real, and true what is not true, you find only suffering

Non-resistance, or acceptance of what is, simply means allowing what is real to be what is true. This realness includes not only the external reality of what happens, not only the thoughts and feelings of others, but also the truth about our own thoughts and feelings. We can let it all be as it is and flow as it does.

While this approach to life would seem obviously superior to the alternative, to the ego it is impossible. The ego is the struggle against reality and the foolish attempt to make true what is not true. Despite the ego’s best intentions, attempting to make illusion real can only lead to ongoing suffering followed by eventual crisis.

Non-resistance is not our diminishment; rather, a decision to come alive in joy. This is love, freedom, and everything we do want. The only requirement is the decision to be honest and to want only truth.

What we are talking about is only sanity – the acceptance of reality as real. Only because of the ego’s grip, sanity is elusive, and the world remains in suffering. 


Unanswered prayers are unanswered requests for unreality. God will not make delusion real.

If you have ever prayed to God, you may have made some very specific and creative requests. Perhaps for some sort of outcome. Some success you believe is yours to be claimed. For the realization of something that would affirm your importance and give your life meaning. Maybe you asked for divine intervention related to a cause you see as most important. If these prayers have gone unanswered, it is because they are prayers of the ego—unreality, illusory, impossible in truth.

As A Course in Miracles teaches, “Any wish that stems from the ego is a wish for nothing, and to ask for it is not a request. It is merely a denial in the form of a request.” In other words, you are wrong about what you think you want. If God were to give you what you think you want, when you are wrong about what is yours to receive, He would not be God at all—only ego. It is the ego, and only the ego, that dreams up endless solutions, needs, and remedies that never quite bring eternal joy.

Ask God for what the ego wants and you are asking for nothing. But if you ask God for unconditional love, an open heart and mind, courage to speak and receive the truth, or the will to forgive—then it is yours instantly and effortlessly. Now you are asking for what you truly want, what is real. It is a prayer that has already been answered. It’s just that, all this while, your free will (your confused ego) has been denying it.

Everything happening in the world, in the story of your life, in the confused minds of those around you, is ego. Ego is a thought system that is foreign to God because it is nothing. The Holy Spirit does not get involved with the details of nothing. Learn to communicate with the divine in the language of everything and you will find that it is already yours.


The goal is to become healthy, strong and happy. The rest is bullshit. (Wim Hof)

How much of your attention each day leaks into the bullshit category? How much of it is directed at what makes you healthy, strong and happy? I am sure we all can do better.

Notice the content you consume. How much of it is fear porn (e.g., the news)? Notice your low energy conversations (small talk, gossip). How much time do you dedicate to healthy practices such as meditation, eating right, exercising properly, learning something new, and sleeping well?

Russell Brand says, “Most people don’t believe it is possible to be happy.” Yes, we’ve been conditioned by a sick society to believe in hard work, sacrifice, and that relief is found in bad habits. Life then becomes a spiral of increased suffering.

Yet ongoing happiness is possible. This is your natural state of being—not in the future, but now. The way to get there now is to focus on what makes you healthy, strong and happy. Withdraw attention from the bullshit. Yes, drop out of society and cut all ties to the sick normal. Instead, seek and experiment with practices that make you healthy.

For nutrition and exercise, I highly recommend watching the videos put out by Dr. Sten Ekberg.

To become stronger (in addition to healthy practices), work toward becoming financially independent by breaking free from the employment model. Find a way to generate income from multiple sources so you’re not dependent upon one.

To be happy, learn what love is, open your heart and mind, practice unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, and honesty in your relationships. Allow yourself some adventure, some breaking the rules, just notice how it makes you feel and make corrections.

Ongoing happiness, or joy, is impossible without a spiritual practice. Read / listen to my work, A Course in Miracles, or Eckhart Tolle. Enjoy teachings from multiple sources, even different religions. The truth is the same but spoken many ways. Embrace that which resonates with your intuition. Follow it. Put it into practice.

You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. And by changing yourself, you change the world.


MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

To understand Totalitarianism is to recognize what is happening around us. This essential video explains the mass psychosis of both our current ruling class and the ruled. Pay attention to each word and enjoy the art.

To escape from a nightmare, all that is required is to wake up. The same can be said about current world events. We can recognize it all as a nightmare. Mere delusion. Real only to an insane mind in the grip of this twisted and psychotic thought system.

Our so-called leaders are unwell. They believe they have the right to enslave, torture, and kill us. Look at what happens when a group of people (the Cabal / Communists / Globalists / Zionists) hate the rest of us while we have allowed them authority. Shockingly, this has been going on for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Anyone who believes that our current “leaders” have authority and mean well for us is a victim of mass psychosis. Those of us who are awake from the dream of hell need to help them.

Even the mentally ill victims of mass psychosis do want out from the nightmare. Their fundamental error, the reason for their insanity, is that they trust the false solutions offered by the ones who caused the crisis.

The real solution is to spiritually awaken by understanding the reality of fear and love. Meditate. Spend time with people who are mentally well. Enjoy nature, art, hobbies. Speak freely and fearlessly about the truth. Ask questions. Do your own research while ignoring every single word put out by the very people who are oppressing us: the government, the mainstream media, the healthcare system, and all institutions.

To rise above enslavement is to escape ego, to end irrational fear, to find that you were free all along, to change the dream of life into a beautiful dream of joy. If you are suffering, then it is time to join with those of us who know.

If you place any limits on truth, you will not have it

If you want perfect honesty, you will need to learn unconditional acceptance. Of course, no matter which path you choose (rules or acceptance), the truth will remain true regardless. Seen in this light, the choice for acceptance is quite clear.

Truth cannot be changed by your attempts to deny it or desire to change it. If there are rules or taboos—and particularly if there are threats of punishment along with it—truth has been forced into hiding and dishonesty is likely to emerge in any relationship.

Agreeing to any rule is, in effect, agreeing that you might eventually have to lie. Setting a rule or making anything taboo is asking the other person to lie. Do you value knowing or not knowing? If you value knowing, then don’t make knowing impossible by setting limits on truth.


His love is but an instant farther on the road where all illusions end. (A Course in Miracles)

His love is, of course, referring to the peace of God…which can otherwise be called heaven, salvation, awakening, or lasting happiness.

An instant farther on the road to where all illusions end means the moment after you have dispelled all illusions—when you have chosen the path of truth and honesty.


Everything that has been causing you misery has been constructed with lies

We live in a web of lies. There are the lies others tell us and we believe. There are also the lies we tell ourselves. Then there are the lies we tell others which seem to offer a solution to a problem or a way to get what we want. All lies end in crisis.

What is crisis other than the light of truth exposing an illusion? If there were no illusions to begin with, what crisis could there be? You would live in truth—in reality. What is real cannot change or be threatened. Align fully with what is real so that crisis, misery, and suffering become impossible. 

To live in peace is to live within the calm safety of truth. When there are no lies anywhere in your life, then you are free. But, to get there, you’ll have to start eliminating all untruth wherever it may exist in your life. You will need to be perfectly honest with yourself, perfectly honest about whether you believe any of the tired and insane lessons of the world, and perfectly honest in all your communication with everyone.

This shift toward perfect honesty, for a time, will bring about painful changes in your life. This is the undoing of ego, the shedding of all the lies that have kept you suffering. There is no way to awaken to consciousness, to enter the kingdom of heaven, to end your suffering if you do not start with perfect honesty.

Anything less than perfect honesty is belief in separation; the idea that there is still some value in keeping yourself apart from the perfect force of life, the ultimate reality, experienced as perfect love. Perfect honesty always.


Awakening is not belief in magic

The vast majority of religious people place their faith in spiritual texts and in rituals as though it is some strange magic. They believe that the physically impossible events described literally took place. That equally impossible worldly events are yet to come. Then, they claim, unless you believe in their version of magic, you are lost. These are the illusions of ego.

I believe that the Bible and other sacred texts were originally intended as a collection of stories meant to teach us something. The underlying message is to align with unconditional love. To be honest. To become fearless and recognize the truth about yourself as eternal consciousness or spirit. The words point to truth, but do not contain truth.

Why believe in magic when all of life is the miracle? Is the energy and thought system of love not one with life, itself? We are fully complete, as consciousness, existing eternally in this one present moment (though constantly shifting in form). If we look for anything other than or more than this miracle, we are chasing and believing in false, impermanent illusions.

I will wait for no events in the world for salvation. It is already so. I fear no medical tyranny because I do not comply. Their magic has no power over the eternal me. I am bored discussing the fictional insanity, the endless debate about illness (an illusion of ego), the legitimacy of the government or any centralized authority (there is none). I will not debate the endless conspiracy theories (the shape of the world is of no meaningful significance either way).

Truth is reality. Reality is eternal and already so (or it is not reality at all).

True spirituality is the total embrace of and alignment with perfect love, a wanting of only truth and honesty everywhere, and a loss of all fear through the knowledge that you, as consciousness, are eternal and beyond threat.

Herein lies the peace of God. Perfect, ongoing joy. Everything you most deeply want. Go within. You are complete now. Withdraw your faith from magic and embrace only what is real.