The loneliest people...
How to defeat Communism in Cuba and everywhere it exists

Those who offer peace to everyone have found a peace in heaven the world cannot destroy. (A Course in Miracles)

What do we seek in life if not this? A heaven that the world cannot destroy.

To offer peace is to offer perfect love. Learn about what perfect love is and does, then there is no confusion. Perfect love is the whole truth. Within this truth, there is never a reason or a time for attack. Never a reason or a time to cut ourselves off. Never reason or a time to judge, to prosecute, to punish, or even to defend ourselves. Only unconditional love offers total strength and complete wisdom.

Offering peace to everyone means never responding to anyone or anything in any way that isn’t loving. This does not mean that you will be manipulated, that you must sacrifice, or that you ever do anything other than what you want. It only means that the only response to anyone, anytime, is peaceful and loving (even toward yourself).

To understand love, to awaken to the dimension of heaven, is to stop valuing or wanting anything other than this. You don’t have to make any drastic changes to the details of your life, just choose perfect love always and in every situation. This is what our spiritual practice is for. It is a simple choice to enter a heaven the world cannot destroy.