FKK / nudist camping; what it's like
The loneliest people...

The best way to overcome a sick world...

I believe that the best way to overcome a sick, corrupt, fearful, violent world is to live freely and openly in love and truth.

Here are a few pics from our 10 days camping in Croatia.



Other than the perfect beach, food, and time spent together, some of the highlights were…

Watching Hungary essentially end COVID restrictions. Driving through Hungary on the way to Croatia, masks were mandatory indoors. On the way back, mask mandates had been lifted. Driving through the center of Budapest, I have never seen Hungarians so happy. No masks anywhere—not even on trollies. This tells me that nobody is afraid of COVID; rather, people wear masks because they fear the government.


Unfortunately, Slovakia went the other direction during those 10 days—suddenly requiring registration and a 2-week quarantine for anybody coming into the country. Nonetheless, we arrive at the border without registration, no PCR test, and of course no “vaccination” (we have never taken a PCR test and will never agree to the experimental vaccination). The officials at the border gave us a hard time until I said, “Do with us what you must.” Surprisingly, they immediately let us through without any further hassle.


Through these dark times, I appreciate the Slovak military and police—who have seemed to remain loyal primarily to the people rather than the insane government orders.


I wish everyone a loving, safe, beautiful, and fun summer filled with truth and inspiration. May we all be open to the truth—the whole truth. May we embrace what is coming and know that good always wins in the end. May we find strength and courage in the thought system and energy of love. May we fight for freedom by simply choosing to be free, to ignore the propaganda, to be authentic, and to love.