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July 2021

You see what you believe is there, and you believe it is there because you want it there. Perception has no other law than this. (A Course in Miracles)

Perception is seeing only that which you want to be true. It is to first adopt an opinion or mental position, and then to interpret the world through it. 

Vision, on the other hand, is seeing only what is real. In vision, there are no mental positions or opinions. There is no labeling of good and bad, no judgment, no guilt, no naming, no debating.

Perception is identification with the mind. Vision is of the spirit.

The thought system of perception is built upon separation, observing differences, determining who is right and wrong, who is guilty and innocent. The perceiver attempts to establish truth by convincing others through indoctrination, debate, or punishment and reward. The real result of perception is never of much concern. Suffering and destruction is tolerated as long as the perception is upheld.

Vision is beyond thought. It cannot be possessed, cannot be grasped, cannot be debated, or proven. It is the knowing of the universe which manifests itself in the balance of all things. It is beyond time, beyond form, entirely beyond our control. It was true before the world exists and it needs nothing from us to remain true. In comparison, perceptions are of no concern one way or the other. They are nothing.

In perception is struggle, chaos, endless war. In vision is the peace of God. We let go of perception and release our troubled mind to vision.


Why do people find it so difficult to forgive?

People who have not yet transcended ego find it impossible to forgive. Even after a heartfelt apology, the response is often, “I’m working on forgiving you” or “you still haven’t apologized properly for what you’ve done.” Other times, they simply consider a person unforgivable. What exactly does this person mean by forgiveness?

The unobserved, egoic mind uses forgiveness as a means for domination and control. What this person wants in an apology is that the “guilty party” give up all personal freedom and concede everything. Anything short of this is considered an unacceptable and inappropriate apology.

To the ego, everything is reduced to a question of “what about me?” or “what do I get?”. The ego has no ability to empathize with, respect, or accept a person’s life journey. Instead, everything must be controlled and manipulated.

Of course, it is impossible for anyone to completely concede control over their life to such a confused person. What ends up happening instead is a fearful concession, then deception.

But a person who has awakened to the dimension beyond the ego forgives instantly. We see no sin; rather, only error to be corrected in love. We offer unconditional acceptance and respond in love. We are also free to love and will not concede to being controlled or dominated by other people’s egos.

This is one of the reasons why it is so impossible for a spiritually awakened person to coexist alongside a person who has not yet awakened. If you refuse to be completely controlled by an ego, you will be considered unforgivable and immediately discarded. Sadly, you never meant any harm. You only wanted your freedom to be love and to give love on your terms.


The human mind is sick because it has a Parasite that steals its energy and robs it of joy. The Parasite is all those beliefs that make you suffer. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

Humans have become very good at the game of spreading our emotional poison. Each time our perfect love and beautiful innocence is attacked, we feel a deep sense of injustice, hurt and grief. We are so wronged so often that we carry very deep wounds.

The weight of this poison becomes so unbearable that we seek ways to release it. We release it on the people who we have some form of power over; our subordinates or people who are less privileged in society – even our romantic partners and children who depend upon us for love and support. In this way, we teach fear and suffering; creating poison in them that is spread further in the same way.

This tragic game of ego is taught to young children by their parents, by schools, by friends, by work and by all of society. We become very bitter, damaged, and afraid to trust and open our hearts to one another because we are so afraid of their poison. It isn’t our fault. This game has been going on for thousands of years.

I don’t like this game and I don’t play it. When someone tries to give me their poison, I recognize that he or she is suffering. There is an uncontrollable need within them to get rid of their poison, and only my love can release it.


Choose freedom on this 4th of July

The same people who try to scare you
That you will get into trouble
Are the same people making the violent rules
That would cause the same trouble

We know exactly who they are
Joined together by a belief system of evil
Making all problems
Restricting freedom
Hurling fear
Making love seem impossible
Producing illness
Confusing minds
Perverting sex
Indebting countries
Undermining tradition
Making war
Only to enslave the obedient
And all for nothing
As they are lost in hell

And still your joy is only a decision away
To avoid the news and popular media
To see beauty everywhere else
Truth everywhere else
Love everywhere but in their laws, systems, and content

Cleanse your mind of their sickness
This poison fed to destroy and enslave the obedient
Awaken to reality
Withdraw your attention from the thought control weapons
Stop feeding the disease
So the world can heal
As you experience pure joy
From the moment you choose
To agree with you instead of them
Choose freedom on this 4th of July!

The side of a hill beside the sea



Now I sit quietly and still
When the people need their talking
I never mattered, never will
Still, we're the same

The same people so afraid to die
Are really just afraid to live
Death is nothing but fear made real
But still, we're the same

The same life
The same soul
The same reason for being
We are life
We are love
Do you feel what I'm saying?

Did you feel separate?
How can that be
When this is the one reality

This song was born beneath a tree
On the side of a hill beside the sea