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FKK / nudist camping; what it's like

Last night, my family and I returned from 9 nights camping at a nudist campground in Croatia. If you are new to FKK or considering trying a nude beach, this post will hopefully prepare you for what to expect. 

Speaking from a man's perspective, as someone who originally tried this out quite late in life, I suspect that most newbies are intrigued by naturism out of sexual curiosity (i.e. let's be honest: they want to see hot, naked girls!). At first, I admit, this is quite thrilling. But what you may not expect is that this journey, like most in life, leads you in a direction you don't expect from the beginning. 

I have found that baring it all in front of strangers has a mild humbling effect on the ego. Nudity is a great equalizer. No status. No fashion. No image. It's just our bodies (and how well we take care of them or not) on display. For this reason, nude beaches and campgrounds tend to be quieter, calmer, more polite. It's really peaceful.

Going naked, while humbling in a way, has also made me feel more confident. Originally, it takes courage to, for example, walk down the street naked. Other life situations then seem a bit easier. 

As for the thrill of seeing lots of naked, attractive people, it certainly diminishes in time. In other words, there is a sort of sexual healing involved. After several experiences over the course of several years, you eventually find that bodies become meaningless. You are no longer attracted to a naked stranger. You begin to realize that sexual attraction is only about connection, love, chemistry, friendship. In this way, FKK tends to diminish overall sexual perversion.

My beautiful partner, Zuzana, also enjoys going naked (despite the countless stares she receives). No wet swimsuit, going to the shower with just some soap and a towel, throwing off your clothes whenever you get hot. And if you are a physically attractive person...yes...showing off your beautiful body can be fun as well. 

As I have discussed in different posts and talks, our relationship is devoid of jealousy. We have overcome the ego problem of sexual jealousy. We are perfectly open and honest with each other about everything. Thankfully, there is a natural compatibility between us regarding our needs and tastes. So, no, I am not jealous that a thousand other men get to enjoy looking at her beautiful body. It doesn't mean anything.

People become nudists for many reasons. Some were raised in a family where this was a typical summer vacation. In fact, the majority at our campground were families with children of all ages. We brought our nearly 3 year old son to his second stay at this campground, and we intend to visit again next year. While I am sure many people would find nudism morally questionable, our first-hand experience is that it is a positive way to mature and grow. Of course, it is important to set boundaries and to make sure everything is appropriate. As a Course in Miracles states, "Sin is where love is not." Doing something in a loving way is not against God.

We have been to a few different FKK beaches and campgrounds over the past several years. Generally, when walking around clothing is optional. Obviously, in the restaurant and market, clothing is required. If it becomes a bit too cold, of course people also wear clothing (in the evening, etc.). There is a feeling of freedom and acceptance. You can do whatever you need to so that you feel comfortable.

That said, it is not okay to visit a nude beach and remain in a swimsuit. It's creepy. And if you're going to stare a bit, don't be so obvious. Generally, there are always a few creepy guys on the beach who find reasons to walk by an attractive woman, who just happen to turn their chair in her direction, etc. However, 95% of people are more mature than this and the others are on their way to healing. 

Oh, and also prepare for the fact that the vast majority of people enjoying FKK are not in great physical shape. Many are elderly, overweight, etc. While the sexual curiosity may first spark someone's curiosity, what you find in time is that the experience isn't sexual at all; just beautiful. Give it a try. Have patience. Enjoy your journey.