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When you are honest with people, you don’t have to avoid them.

Too often, we are closed to people for the simple reason that we are afraid of getting ourselves into a situation we do not want to be in. We put up walls to avoid later having to admit how we feel or state our needs.

Even when we are open, we are too polite. We agree to things to please others. We try to impress by agreeing to things we don’t agree to. So we lose our freedom and suffocate. Then we burn bridges and retreat back into separation. Better to just state our needs openly.

When we learn to tell people how we feel and what we want, then we leave it to them to decide how to respond. The reaction may be negative. Fine, then the relationship dissolves because there is no fit. More likely, honesty will deepen bonds and bring true union...without sacrificing our freedom or getting us into situations we don’t want to be in.

Open completely to all, but only if you are prepared to be totally honest and accept the same in return. Now all our relationships become a spiritual practice.


Now I am free

I will create no more pain, no more suffering.
Now I know what the ego is and have learned to ignore its insanity by not following its stream of thought.
Now I know that attack—even mild forms such as reward and punishment—only causes more suffering and teaches only more violence.
Now I know that there is nothing and no one to be possessed in this world. I let go and let all things be.
Now I know that giving and receiving is the same act.
Now I rest in the silence and stillness between all the stuff, all the events, all the noise.
Now I know that the thought system of love contains all knowing. All that is not love is error to be corrected through love.
Now I know that all the universe exists in this present moment—right where it has always been. Time is merely a way to measure the movement of matter and a practical way for humans to function.
Now I know that a stressful and fearful mind is what causes illness and disease.
Now I know that the great Tao, God, or whatever you want to call it, exists within the imperceptible spaciousness within us and throughout the universe.
Now I cannot know what is good or bad. There is a natural balance to things, there is a curriculum, and I need only respond to all of life with love.
Now I have awakened to experience heaven—the spacious dimension of peace that exists beyond human drama.
Now I am free. I will create no more pain and suffering.


The holy relationship

"When you unite with me you are uniting without the ego, because I have renounced the ego in myself and therefore cannot unite with yours. Our union is therefore the way to renounce the ego in you."

A Course in Miracles (T-8.V.4)

The lonely ones are those who see no function in the world for them to fill. (A Course in Miracles)

You have a function, which makes you complete in a world where incompletion rules. Yours is an individual life curriculum designed to nudge you toward the fulfillment of your unique function.

To awaken is to know your function—and to know that it can only be fulfilled once you abandon ego and align with the thought system of perfect love.

While love is oneness and so is truth, your function is unique because your way of expressing truth is unique. To escape ego is not to lose your personality; rather, to reach your potential by freeing you of the confines of a world designed to limit and control your divine beauty.

You are a unique expression of consciousness—God made flesh. To deny your divinity is to adopt the thought system of ego and to join the army of the lost and disconnected—those who demonstrate all the errors that can only lead to loneliness.

Love is the only escape from loneliness. Your purpose is to love, and to teach love to all, in the unique way that only you are capable of. Your strength can only be through love. The way can only be love—the energy of life, the good with no opposite.


When there is no way out, there is still always a way through. (Eckhart Tolle)

It is natural to want to avoid our fears and anxieties. If only we could just forget about our problems – if there were some way to escape.

When a life situation seems unbearable or a challenge feels insurmountable, we’ll try anything and everything to cope. We may seek distractions. We may avoid the situation or pretend it isn’t there. But nothing really seems to work.

Whatever is happening in your life is your life curriculum. Much of what happens is beyond your control, and still there is no way out. The only way is through. You are not meant to avoid challenges; rather, to accept them with loving presence and deal with them.

Surrender to the situation as it is. Greet the situation with acceptance and love. If you can’t accept the external situation, start by accepting your internal feelings. Let everything be as it is and slowly expand this acceptance until it encompasses the whole problem. This is the arising of your strength. Now respond from this place and you will move right through it.


How to defeat Communism in Cuba and everywhere it exists

Corrupt, oppressive governments—like the one in Cuba and also now in essentially every country in the world—have no authority over us other than our consent. We give consent because we fear them. If fear loses its power over us, oppression and slavery cannot occur. In other words, freedom is the absence of fear.

What most people do not understand is that there is only one way to totally abolish fear, and it is through perfect love. Perfect love forgives all error, embraces the full truth about everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and effortlessly provides the strength and wisdom to do and say what is right and good. This is freedom, and no outside authority is ever required for freedom to be granted instantly and totally.

If you love yourself fully, you cannot allow yourself to be abused or enslaved—just as you could never harm others. You will no longer tolerate manipulation and lies. So look within. Turn all the love you ever felt toward yourself. You are perfectly good, your intuition is always correct, your negative feelings are only a response to the world’s abuse—and that abuse is always fear-mongering in some form.

Love is the opposite of fear. If there is any fear in you, then perfect love cannot also exist. The choice is absolute. If there is any stress or fear about your life situation or about world events, you are not placing your faith in the true reality—which is the force of life, experienced as the energy of love, and is eternally real. When you know that this is who you are, and what you are, then the sick, lost souls trying to enslave you have zero power. To end fear is to defeat Communism, the fake media, and all forms of totalitarianism.


#revolution #communism #cuba #freedom #protests #victory #downwithcommunism

Those who offer peace to everyone have found a peace in heaven the world cannot destroy. (A Course in Miracles)

What do we seek in life if not this? A heaven that the world cannot destroy.

To offer peace is to offer perfect love. Learn about what perfect love is and does, then there is no confusion. Perfect love is the whole truth. Within this truth, there is never a reason or a time for attack. Never a reason or a time to cut ourselves off. Never reason or a time to judge, to prosecute, to punish, or even to defend ourselves. Only unconditional love offers total strength and complete wisdom.

Offering peace to everyone means never responding to anyone or anything in any way that isn’t loving. This does not mean that you will be manipulated, that you must sacrifice, or that you ever do anything other than what you want. It only means that the only response to anyone, anytime, is peaceful and loving (even toward yourself).

To understand love, to awaken to the dimension of heaven, is to stop valuing or wanting anything other than this. You don’t have to make any drastic changes to the details of your life, just choose perfect love always and in every situation. This is what our spiritual practice is for. It is a simple choice to enter a heaven the world cannot destroy.


The loneliest people...

“How come no one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth”
-Kings of Convenience (song: Misread)

The more I speak the truth, the fewer people who want anything to do with me. I am grateful for a those few deep, perfect, loving relationships. However, it saddens me to think about the countless people I have known who have rejected the type of honest, open, loving, close friendship I offer freely. Why?

How is it that people hide away in depression, are overwhelmed with stress, and are burdened with seemingly insurmountable problems when the truth is that perfect joy is so easily attainable with one specific decision?

Those of us who have found the truth about love / truth / reality / ego—who have genuinely awakened spiritually—know that nobody wants to end their suffering. They so desperately cling to it that our message of love, joy, perfect health and peace is unwelcomed. All communication is then broken. They think that we don’t understand them and their “reality”. So, we no longer matter.

I find it so very sad. I offer only unconditional love, patience, and understanding. I want to celebrate and discuss everything beautiful, everything that matters. I want to smile and laugh together. To overcome the world’s darkness with our inner light. So very few are willing to accept any of this.

And yet, regardless of our individual decisions, the truth remains. You will never find lasting happiness unless you are willing to destroy / escape the ego. You will never find peace and experience true beauty unless you are willing to fully embrace and align with unconditional love. You will always suffer if lost in past and future or are clinging to an identity in this world. To experience the present moment—the only reality that ever was and ever will be—you will need to meditate and maintain a daily spiritual practice. Anything that is not loving is not real—and to experience love fear must be rejected totally.

There are specific teachings that will take you all the way to salvation—perfect, ongoing joy, eternal life, the end of your problems—and to achieve this is only to humbly surrender to the higher truth. Not my truth, just the one I was humble enough to find. It is reality and is yours now and always, in love.

How come no one told me All throughout history The loneliest people Were the ones who always spoke the truth

The best way to overcome a sick world...

I believe that the best way to overcome a sick, corrupt, fearful, violent world is to live freely and openly in love and truth.

Here are a few pics from our 10 days camping in Croatia.



Other than the perfect beach, food, and time spent together, some of the highlights were…

Watching Hungary essentially end COVID restrictions. Driving through Hungary on the way to Croatia, masks were mandatory indoors. On the way back, mask mandates had been lifted. Driving through the center of Budapest, I have never seen Hungarians so happy. No masks anywhere—not even on trollies. This tells me that nobody is afraid of COVID; rather, people wear masks because they fear the government.


Unfortunately, Slovakia went the other direction during those 10 days—suddenly requiring registration and a 2-week quarantine for anybody coming into the country. Nonetheless, we arrive at the border without registration, no PCR test, and of course no “vaccination” (we have never taken a PCR test and will never agree to the experimental vaccination). The officials at the border gave us a hard time until I said, “Do with us what you must.” Surprisingly, they immediately let us through without any further hassle.


Through these dark times, I appreciate the Slovak military and police—who have seemed to remain loyal primarily to the people rather than the insane government orders.


I wish everyone a loving, safe, beautiful, and fun summer filled with truth and inspiration. May we all be open to the truth—the whole truth. May we embrace what is coming and know that good always wins in the end. May we find strength and courage in the thought system and energy of love. May we fight for freedom by simply choosing to be free, to ignore the propaganda, to be authentic, and to love.


FKK / nudist camping; what it's like

Last night, my family and I returned from 9 nights camping at a nudist campground in Croatia. If you are new to FKK or considering trying a nude beach, this post will hopefully prepare you for what to expect. 

Speaking from a man's perspective, as someone who originally tried this out quite late in life, I suspect that most newbies are intrigued by naturism out of sexual curiosity (i.e. let's be honest: they want to see hot, naked girls!). At first, I admit, this is quite thrilling. But what you may not expect is that this journey, like most in life, leads you in a direction you don't expect from the beginning. 

I have found that baring it all in front of strangers has a mild humbling effect on the ego. Nudity is a great equalizer. No status. No fashion. No image. It's just our bodies (and how well we take care of them or not) on display. For this reason, nude beaches and campgrounds tend to be quieter, calmer, more polite. It's really peaceful.

Going naked, while humbling in a way, has also made me feel more confident. Originally, it takes courage to, for example, walk down the street naked. Other life situations then seem a bit easier. 

As for the thrill of seeing lots of naked, attractive people, it certainly diminishes in time. In other words, there is a sort of sexual healing involved. After several experiences over the course of several years, you eventually find that bodies become meaningless. You are no longer attracted to a naked stranger. You begin to realize that sexual attraction is only about connection, love, chemistry, friendship. In this way, FKK tends to diminish overall sexual perversion.

My beautiful partner, Zuzana, also enjoys going naked (despite the countless stares she receives). No wet swimsuit, going to the shower with just some soap and a towel, throwing off your clothes whenever you get hot. And if you are a physically attractive person...yes...showing off your beautiful body can be fun as well. 

As I have discussed in different posts and talks, our relationship is devoid of jealousy. We have overcome the ego problem of sexual jealousy. We are perfectly open and honest with each other about everything. Thankfully, there is a natural compatibility between us regarding our needs and tastes. So, no, I am not jealous that a thousand other men get to enjoy looking at her beautiful body. It doesn't mean anything.

People become nudists for many reasons. Some were raised in a family where this was a typical summer vacation. In fact, the majority at our campground were families with children of all ages. We brought our nearly 3 year old son to his second stay at this campground, and we intend to visit again next year. While I am sure many people would find nudism morally questionable, our first-hand experience is that it is a positive way to mature and grow. Of course, it is important to set boundaries and to make sure everything is appropriate. As a Course in Miracles states, "Sin is where love is not." Doing something in a loving way is not against God.

We have been to a few different FKK beaches and campgrounds over the past several years. Generally, when walking around clothing is optional. Obviously, in the restaurant and market, clothing is required. If it becomes a bit too cold, of course people also wear clothing (in the evening, etc.). There is a feeling of freedom and acceptance. You can do whatever you need to so that you feel comfortable.

That said, it is not okay to visit a nude beach and remain in a swimsuit. It's creepy. And if you're going to stare a bit, don't be so obvious. Generally, there are always a few creepy guys on the beach who find reasons to walk by an attractive woman, who just happen to turn their chair in her direction, etc. However, 95% of people are more mature than this and the others are on their way to healing. 

Oh, and also prepare for the fact that the vast majority of people enjoying FKK are not in great physical shape. Many are elderly, overweight, etc. While the sexual curiosity may first spark someone's curiosity, what you find in time is that the experience isn't sexual at all; just beautiful. Give it a try. Have patience. Enjoy your journey.