Unlearn the lies. Truth is within. (Majestic 12)
If you look at any religious definition of hell, it is the same as human society. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

Only by becoming vulnerable can you discover your true invulnerability. (Eckhart Tolle)

The ego believes that becoming vulnerable makes you weak. There is this fear that other people will take advantage of you or will fail to take you seriously. To become somebody special or important, the ego would have you believe, you need to be assertive. You must never let your guard down. Trust no one. Attack before you are attacked. But here there is no strength, only a slippery slope of weakness, depression and hopeless isolation.

We avoid becoming vulnerable because we feel that, if people saw us for who we truly are, they wouldn’t see much to like. Our attitudes toward intimacy or vulnerability is, therefore, only a reflection of whether we love ourselves. When we lack self-love, we avoid vulnerability and authenticity because we feel unworthy. While we may believe we are seeking approval to foster better relationships, it is impossible for any human connection to become a relationship at all if we are unwilling to become vulnerable and open.

Strength starts with vulnerability. When we are deeply honest, true communication begins. This is how strong, trusting unions are made and harmonious relationships are built. Through vulnerability, love is felt and we are lifted to that joyful, blissful place we seek.

If anyone in your life abandons you because you show who you are, then you can be grateful because the people who stay will fit perfectly. Now your relationships are grounded in truth, and truth is strength.

Becoming vulnerable is non-resistance to what is. We are all vulnerable in this life. We face the same challenges, the same fragile balance of things, and the same impending death of the physical body. But, when we practice non-resistance to all that is, when we let ourselves be as we are, we find that everything falls into place effortlessly and there was never a reason to fear. This is true invulnerability, which requires faith that is beyond the ego.