If you look at any religious definition of hell, it is the same as human society. (Don Miguel Ruiz)
The side of a hill beside the sea

Life is being, is consciousness, is love, is truth, is freedom, is abundance, is energy, is light, is knowledge, is joy, is inspiration, is now, is eternal, wholeness, is unity, is health, is God.

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All that is real about us is in life. All that does die does not exist at all in reality. Choose reality each moment and let go of the false now and forever.

Any confusion about this is a tragic attempt to make death real and to forget life. This cannot succeed because success would be the definition of failure.

Everything you are, is found in that life part. Being what you are, it cannot be taken from you.

When you forget everything that a sick world has taught you about death, you heal perfectly and completely.