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You don’t need to be anything extra

The world convinces us that we are not good enough, and that we can only become good enough by learning more, achieving more, having more, looking better, and by being more right about everything.

This game of becoming more is pointless. The more we try to add to ourselves, the more ridiculous we look. None of it makes us any more attractive or lovable. To anyone familiar with truth and beauty, it does just the opposite. By trying to be something extra, you bury what you already are—which is already perfect.

Just be what you are. Let the enjoyable and beautiful external things remain part of your life, but never try to make that your identity. You are already you, and you’ve been you since you were born. Just do your thing, smile your smile, and laugh your laugh. Now you’re looking your best because your truth is shining through.

Think of the people who you most admire. Are these not the people who are most comfortable being who they are? We continue tomorrow and each day after that.