It’s so amazing what happens when you let go
Parenting is a role, not an identity

You cannot not teach

Everything you do and say, each moment of each day, is a lesson you are teaching to others. You cannot hide from teaching others because even the act of hiding is a lesson. Realizing that you cannot not teach, the question what lesson do you believe in enough to teach? Is it the same one that you are teaching?

When you conform—saying and doing what you do not really believe in for some supposed good reason—you are bearing false witness and teaching a lie. To represent anything which makes you depressed or robs you of joy is to harm others by setting a misleading example which leads them down the same miserable path.

But when you stand up for, speak about, and openly live what you know to be good, right, and true, then you are the light of the world. You know what to do by recognizing how you feel. Fear makes you feel ill. Do not believe the false lessons of fear and do not harm others by making it real. Attack robs everyone of joy. Do not use it. Do not cut yourself off. Never hide your truth. Never judge and always forgive. Teach the path of lasting joy—not of low energy and depression.

To make guilty is to teach shame. To attack in any form is to teach violence. To hide away is to teach loneliness. To lie is to teach that fiction can be made real. To manipulate is to teach that something real can be gained by taking from or harming others. To swear is to teach that crudeness and violence are superior to kindness and gentleness. When you drink or drug yourself to sickness, neglect your body, or indulge in so much sugar that you become sick and obese, what are you teaching? With all your power, is this what you want your life to represent and teach?

You have such great power because you are always teaching. Consider what would happen if you used this power to teach unconditional love, perfect honesty, perfect health, and perfect joy. The choice is yours. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.