Abscondo Home Concert (May 15th 2021) | Looking Forward
Abscondo Home Concert (May 15th 2021) | Candle Glow

You can escape from the ego. And must.

All the inspirational messages and teachings in the world will do you no good if you continue to believe that escape from the ego is impossible or undesirable. If this is what you believe, you are wasting your time here. If you have already awakened from the egoic state and have experienced salvation, please leave a comment as testimony. Following is mine.

To the ego, the bold claim of escaping this ego is interpreted as an expression of ego—some grandiose attempt to declare oneself special or better than others. Nothing is further from the truth. Specialness is an idea that can only be invented by the ego. Having awakened, I am not at all special. I, as a separate identity, am nothing and do not even exist. This mind and body are only humble instruments acting in alignment with unconditional love, truth, service, and creation.

The ego will try to convince you that it is normal, human nature, and necessary. Of course. If you were to believe otherwise, ego would be gone in an instant and for all eternity. The ego is another word for insanity and sickness. A mind that has decided against ego experiences no suffering, no confusion, no stress, causes no illness in the body, and experiences no problems.

I am not talking about sacrificing everything you want, agreeing to some unnatural set of rules, or limiting yourself in any way. Quite the opposite, all limitations—and everything you do not want—are all caused by the ego. Let it go, and when you do…

“God offers you the continuity of eternity in exchange. When you choose to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for joy, viciousness for love, and pain for peace.” – A Course in Miracles

Live this stuff. Do not hold back. It is all or nothing and there is no exception. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.