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When identification with mental positions is out of the way, true communication begins. (Eckhart Tolle)

There is nothing wrong with mental positions. We spend our lives observing the world. Naturally, the mind draws conclusions and has preferences. The problems arise when we try to form an identity for ourselves based upon those mental positions.

When the mind forms a position, it tries to convince you that you are that position, and you are right. You may even begin to feel superior to others who do not agree. Now there can be no true communication. Rather than listening and connecting, you focus on differences and on defending your position. If anyone challenges your position, you feel personally attacked. This is the ego.

Normal conversations in this world are a messy attempt to project mental positions; attempting to persuade others to agree with or understand you. This almost never happens. Instead, there is only ongoing debate that ends in frustration, rudeness, or anger.

To be free from ego is to avoid defending mental positions. It is enough to state your position when asked and to listen to those of others without judgment. This is how you turn relationships into a spiritual practice. Aligned with unconditional love, you can calmly and unemotionally observe your thoughts. When the mental positions of others no longer feed negative emotions, you know you are free from ego. 

True communication is beyond questions of identity. You are love and love is not a mental position. You are connected to others on the level of the soul, spirit, consciousness—where we are all the same and where we are one. True communication flows only from this dimension. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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