I am ready for the truth
Let each other be

The best things in life are natural and free


Those moments of happiness, fun, and beauty are always available and in limitless supply. What we value and appreciate most in life has nothing to do with the commercial, fictitious world. We depend upon man-made systems to function, and it also provides some shallow thrills and distractions, but we look to nature to truly live.


In the fictitious world, there is always something that needs doing. Just one more step, one more thing, one more day until I can finally enjoy myself. But enjoyment is not something that automatically happens after everything is done. It is not a break from life. It is life.


We can prioritize our time according to what matters—beauty, rest, feeling good, bonding with a loved one, experiencing nature or parks, sitting still to simply observe the world, exercise, sex, music, reading, practicing an art or craft, creating something, helping someone from a place of inspiration. We can choose to do these things first.


Make sure your enjoyment level is enough so that you experience life as an ongoing state of joy. This sounds impossible to a busy mind. Why? All these things are basically free, natural, and available each moment no matter where we live. Just stop. Allow yourself some time to do what feels good. Now you can get some work done, do the dishes, clean up the mess, buy the groceries, and pay the bills—but the doing flows from a continued state of enjoyment.

Those who claim to have no time for enjoyment are simply prioritizing everything that does not matter and sacrificing everything that does. It is a trap to deplete yourself now and expect joy to come later. There is time for everything because life is only an ongoing present moment. We live in eternity; not past, present, and future. Time is not the problem.

Some people in your life may not agree, but you are free. Those who argue otherwise are using you. But you were born with free will into a world where everything wonderful is natural and free. Unblock yourself. Free your mind. Free your life. Open your heart to beauty. Align with the real world—the free and natural one. Choose love. Joy is your natural state. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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